Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 130

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Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael

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Story 1

Apple refuses FBI request to unlock iPhone

Further to last weeks story, A US Federal Judge has ruled in favour of Apple, saying an obscure Colonial era law did not authorise hime to force Apple to attempt to lift data from the iPhone.

Also the husband of one of the victims, who survived, has told the judge that  his wife also had a iPhone issued by the county BUT did not use it for any personal communications!


Story 2

Swift Programmers take note

Data shows that Swift is the most in-demand developer language.  There has been a 600% increase in requests for Swift programmers and a 267% increase for HTML programmers.


Story 3

Qualcomm Catches Apple As iPhone Retains Advantage reports Forbes

With handsets like the LG G5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7, the pairing of Android Marshmallow and Qualcomm’s SnapDragon 820 is already being talked about as the pedigree combination that can rule the smartphone world in 2016.

Yet behind the avalanche of good news I want to make an observation. In the time it has taken Qualcomm to bring the 64-bit SnapDragon 820 chipset to the public, Apple has been shipping devices with its own 64-bit chips for nearly two and a half years. It has a huge amount of experience with the hardware, it continues to push the technology with vast amount of real world data, and all of that is going to be poured into the A10, extending the advantage that Apple already has over the competition.


Story 4

Netflix is cracking down on VPN services

Just be aware, if you start getting an error message when trying to watch your next show.

ps no one else’s happy either – except Foxtel, Stan, etc


Story 5

Taiwanese Earthquake nearly flattened the iPhone 7

Forbes says Facilities for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC), Apple’s sole supplier for the A10 processor integral to its forthcoming iPhone 7, were impacted. Fortunately stocks of delicate wafers, which are central to semiconductor production, survived relatively unscathed and only 1% of deliveries were expected to be disrupted. But some orders face delays of 10 – 50 days. The sensitive machinery to produce them however escaped undamaged.



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How To 1

Safari on your iDevice tricks

say you have copied a web address / URL from another app

Just Tap and Hold in the Safari Navigation Bar and select Paste and Go – this does not have to be on an empty page


say you have just copied some text from a book and you want to search on that text

Just Tap and Hold in the Safari Navigation Bar and select Paste and Search


How to 2

iOS 9.3 allows apps to add content from Apple Music directly to your library

In his security and privacy post regarding iOS’s current music library, Ben Dodson adds a small addendum explaining that with iOS 9.3 apps can now add music that currently exists in the Apple Music catalog directly to a user’s music library. While a small and under-discussed feature, it opens up further possibilities for many different kinds of apps and application developers. Looking at the framework’s revisions, we see that the additions brought in with iOS 9.3 now allow apps to add Apple Music tracks to the user’s music library and play it. The app would first have to check if the device is even allowed to access the Apple Music catalog, for example the user may not have signed up for Apple Music, or may reside in a country where it currently isn’t supported. Then the app could fetch the track and even play it by using it’s iTunes product ID.


How To 3

Sending Messages with photos i.e. MMS to non-iPhone users

I’m giving away a $20 iTunes voucher to the first person to send in the answer that fixes my customers issue AND credit will be given here of course

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