Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 128

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Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael & Glenn

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Story 1

Apple USB-C Cable Replacement Program

Link to Apple Support Site

Quoting  ~  “A limited number of Apple USB-C charge cables that were included with MacBook computers through June 2015 may fail due to a design issue. As a result, your MacBook may not charge or only charge intermittently when it’s connected to a power adapter with an affected cable.”

And as an example of why you should product register with Apple ~ For MacBook owners who provided a valid mailing address during the product registration process or Apple Online Store purchase, Apple will send you a new cable by the end of February 2016.

REMINDER  ~  Duck Head from power supplies recalled

Link to Apple Support Site


Story 2

Further to our story last week “The Telstra Network was down for an extended time today Australia wide!”

Telstra Customers down loaded 1,841TB of data on Telstra free day that equivalent to 2.3 million movies

John from Rhodes downloaded 425GB, which he said he downloaded all 25 seasons of the Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made; a “few other random TV show seasons”; and synced his entire Steam computer game library – 172 games in total – to a portable hard drive.


Story 3

Google to shutdown Picasa, starting in March

Quoting the verge “Google, of course, is suggesting its own Google Photos app as an alternative to Picasa, and says that if people have a Picasa account, “the easiest way to still access, modify and share most of that content is to log into Google Photos, and all of your photos and videos will already be there.” But for people who don’t want to use Google Photos, Picasa albums will still exist on the web and are accessible for download or deletion.”


Story 4

Dr Dre said to be starring in Apple Music’s first original series called Vital Signs

So how many more shows is Apple working on?

Apple Music now has over 11 million subscribers

WS-FM in Sydney this weekend was promoting Elton Johns 32 Album being released.

And in the snippets of Elton talking he promoted his show on Apples Beats Radio station on 2 occasions


Story 5

During Interview with Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi 

Apple are handling 200,000 iMessages / sec

And when Apple release a new service they get many millions of users hit that service from Day 1

Well worth a listen


Story 6

The 1970 Bug – DON’T DO THIS

Manually changing the date to May 1970 or earlier can prevent an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from turning on after a restart.

An upcoming software update will prevent this issue from affecting iOS devices.

Don’t restore the device. A restore won’t recover the device from its current state.



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How To 1


So I got an email this week saying there was unusual action with my PayPal account

Just click here ~ up comes an awesome looking PayPal page for you to log into  ~  DON’T

If you want to check any information from a financial institution DON’T click a link, take that extra few seconds and go to the web site direct, i.e. westpac . “com . au and log in


How To 2

2 simple ones

swipe up from the bottom and turn on the torch

some people still go to a torch app because “thats what I’ve always done”


to find an app on your iDevice or search for anything

Swipe down on any home page and fill in the search box ~ this gives you the app on your device and other websites, etc



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