Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 141

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

Apple debunks rumours that it will stop selling iTunes downloads

Apple issued a rare statement on Wednesday debunking rumours that claimed the company has plans to discontinue iTunes music downloads sometime in the next four years, ostensibly in favour of an all-streaming service powered by Apple Music.


Story 2

Apple Health Labs still operating 6 days a week

9to5Mac reports you might have thought that the health & fitness labs Apple created to help develop the Apple Watch might have been closed once the product had launched, but a piece in Time reports that they are still operating 12 hours a day, six days a week.

Recently able to visit one of Apple’s labs dedicated to sports and health. For 12 hours a day, six days a week, Apple brings in Apple employees of every shape, condition and ethnicity to do various exercises and monitor them with the most sophisticated medical systems available. Apple has seven full-time nurses in the facility I visited, using medical monitoring equipment that can determine all types of heath related data points.

Analyst Tim Bajarin says that unnamed Apple execs on the Watch team told him that Steve Jobs experience of the healthcare system was a key motivation behind the development of the Watch.


Story 3

Apple unable to repair iPhone of teen lost at sea

A team of Apple engineers worked “around the clock” to return missing Florida teen Austin Stephanos’ iPhone back to working order after it was submerged in sea water for some eight months, but on Wednesday the device was deemed unrepairable.

Austin and his shipmate Perry Cohen, both 14 years old, went missing last July during a fishing trip off the coast of Jupiter, Florida. The U.S. Coast Guard found the pair’s 19-foot boat in an initial search and rescue operation last year, but the vessel was set adrift before salvage teams were able to tow it ashore. In March, a Norwegian supply ship rediscovered the boat 100 miles off the coast of Bermuda. Stephanos’ iPhone 6 was later found in a stowage compartment.

Investigators had hoped the device held clues as to the missing boys’ whereabouts, though concerns were raised regarding whether or not to subject the sensitive electronics to potentially risky data recovery techniques. In the weeks following the phone’s recovery, the Cohen family sued Stephanos and the

Florida wildlife commission in a bid to keep the iPhone in government hands.

Ultimately, both families reached an accord to send the device to Apple.

Shout Out to Matt also from SA

Thanks for the feedback and support email this week. Glad we make your drive a bit easier.

Drive safe and thanks again!


Story 4

Forbes Crowns Apple the Number One Brand of 2016

Despite the gloom-and-doom sentiment surrounding Apple’s first bad quarter in over a decade, Forbes saw through the smoke and mirrors of the media and market bears and still found Apple to be the most valuable brand and in a class by itself with a value of $154 billion, 87% more than the second-ranked Google. It is the sixth straight time Apple has finished first since Forbes began valuing the richest brands in 2010.


‘Brands get their value from how customers perceive them,’ says David Reibstein, professor of marketing and branding expert at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. “What makes it valuable from a company perspective is that customers are willing to pay a higher price or are more likely to buy.’ The Apple brand hits a home run on both fronts.”


Forbes writer Kurt Badenhausen then states that “Apple-philes will cry blasphemy, but Apple phones are not that distinct from the latest Samsung gadget. Yet, Apple commands a premium price and accounts for nearly half the smartphones sold in the U.S. along with 75 million sold globally during the December holiday quarter.”

1 – Apple 6 – Toyota

2 – Google 7 – IBM

3 – Microsoft 8 – Disney

4 – Coca Cola 9 – McDonalds

5 – facebook 10 – GE


Short Stories

Apple’s Siri was entered as a speaker in an official Australian Parliament transcript

Apple acknowledges reports of personal music files being deleted, iTunes update coming next week to hopefully fix

Apple’s bet on Uber’s Chinese rival makes plenty of sense



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How To 1

“4 Steps to creating a mobile development strategy.”

Appcelerator has published a white paper, “4 Steps to creating a mobile development strategy.”

“Companies now have a window of opportunity to think about how mobile can transform their business as radically as the web did,” says AppCelerator. “By making mobile a part of their overall digital strategy, companies can transform their relationships with their customers in even greater ways than they did with the web.”

The white paper tells you how this can be accomplished. Appcelerator ( is a company that helps web developers create mobile, tablet and desktop applications.

THIS WAS NOT AN ADVERT – just something I came across this week


How to 2

Using Google Maps when you don’t expect to get a signal – preparation is key to this trick

Search for the area you will be going to – e.g. Springwood NSW.

Now in the search field, where you usually dictate or type in your destination address, simply type “ok Maps” to start the process.

You’ll get a screen that asks if you want to download the area. Tap on the Download button, then give your area a name. Google Maps will give you a helpful hint if you don’t know what to name it.

Once you hit OK to confirm the name, your iPhone or Android phone will download the area you’ve named. Google Maps will show the download progress with a percentage. Once it’s done, you’re good to go; head off into the wilderness with your saved digital map. You can zoom in and out, ask for directions, and

anything else you’d do with the online version of Google Maps.

Now you’ve got a way to make sure you’re always able to get to where you want to go with Google Maps, even if you end up somewhere far away without any data service.

Thanks to LifeHack for this tip which works on both iOS and Android phones

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