Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 214

Show 214 – November 06, 2017

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1

My iPhone X so far


So I don’t just sit here and rave about my iPhone X here’s the next story


Story 2

Q4 Finance Report

Apple says wearables up 75 percent year-over-year in Q4, Watch up 50 percent vs. Q3, helping to make it the size of a Fortune 400 company, CEO Tim Cook said during Thursday’s results call.

Apple’s Q4 iPad sales signal second quarter of resumed growth

apple insider reports, The results run through the end of September and include the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus launch, though Apple did not break down sales of those specific models. Total iPhone sales for the quarter were 46.7 million, exceeding the 46 million expected on Wall Street, and growing from the 45.5 million iPhones Apple sold a year ago in the iPhone 7 launch quarter.

Notably, this year, Apple staggered its iPhone launch lineup, and there were concerns that the debut of the iPhone 8 might not be enough to boost sales. In particular, some investors were concerned that buyers would wait for the iPhone X, which launches on Friday.

In Apple’s other businesses, the Mac also demonstrated year over year growth, reaching 5.4 million units in the three-month span. That bested the 4.9 million Macs Apple sold in the same period last year.

iPad sales were up, too, to 10.3 million, pushing higher than the 9.3 million iPads Apple sold a year prior.

Revenue was $52.6 billion, and net profit for the quarter reached $10.7 billion.

Earnings per diluted share was $2.07, up 24 percent, and international sales accounted for 62 percent of the quarter’s revenue.


Story 3

Now seriously – my opinions so far about the iPhone X

Those of you who have watched the unbox video on our youtube and Facebook channels or on the Aussie Mac Zone home page saw that face ID works great.  I have not had an issue and the unlock speed is fine.  Now I was not one of those who would hold their thumb on the home button when taking the iPhone out of their pocket.

Does that little notch bother me when watching youtube or videos, when the iPhone is sideways, NOT at all.

And H e y Siri command is faster and more accurate, and AWESOME!! Remember I’m coming from an iPhone 6.

And the iPhone X even has its own ringtone

Another little aside is the iPhone X with a case on now fits in my car holder were as the iPhone 6+, same style of case, does not, its to big.

If you have any specific questions I will be happy to answer then just email or Facebook or Twitter


Story 4

Some more insight about the iPhone X launch

I know, because I checked that the Apple Penrith store had about 200 people lined up at opening time.

One of which was the IFIXIT man who had come out here so they could do the iPhone X teardown first.

The flagship Sydney and Adelaide stores also had good crowds. As did Chadstone, in Vic.  I only know of these from TV News reports.


Story 5

And for those of you who are Woolworths Rewards Card holders

You can now add it to your Apple Wallet on iPhone 6 or newer.  You can even use your watch

Open this link on your iPhone (ps you have to be a member and have a login)

Now I have even more reason to fully move over to ANZ!!  Tap Tap rewards AND Apple Pay Payment.


Story 6

If you give your sibling your iPhone X Passcode, Face ID isn’t being fooled by them. You’ve already turned off security and are now letting Face ID be retrained — by them.

There have been some fun if silly videos making the rounds over the last couple of days that claim to show twins, triplets, or non-identical siblings “fooling” Face ID into unlocking iPhone X. And, this being iPhone X launch weekend, they’re getting a predictably high amount of attention.

Unfortunately, in everyone’s rush to be sensational, claim the next controversy, and rack up views, the facts are often being left behind. So, let’s back up for a moment, take a breath, put our thinking caps back on, and review just how Face ID works again.

Face ID and twins: Evil and otherwise

When Apple first introduced Face ID back in September, a month before launch, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller mentioned on stage that identical twins, triplets, etc. could generate false matches through Face ID and that, if you had an evil identical sibling, you might want to use a Passcode instead.


Story 7

email I received Sunday from Apple ~ Sign up for your free 30-minute online session.

Thank you for your recent Apple order.

In this customised interactive session, you’ll be speaking on the phone with an Apple Specialist, while watching a video on your computer. Whether you’re new to Apple or an experienced Apple customer, we will help you go further with your new Apple product.

Your session will cover some of these topics and more:

Useful tips and tricks, and ways to make your Apple product work for you.

Questions about and advantages of your AppleID, iCloud and other Apple services.

And if needed, help getting set up.

Schedule your session

After scheduling, you’ll receive a confirmation email with additional details of your session.*

For technical support, such as how to transfer data to your new device, please visit Apple Support.

If this was a gift for someone, please forward this email to them so they can schedule a session.

Thank you for shopping with Apple. We look forward to our time together.



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Story 8

One final iPhone X story

The animoji’s can be a heap of fun.  Even if it is just until the newness wears off.  I had Karen almost crying with laughter yesterday.


How To

How to see Completed Reminders on the Mac

In the Reminders App in iOS at the bottom of the screen is Show Completed – easy right

On the Mac you click on the list and slide the page down.  You can see the number of completed items and a Show button

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