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Show 255 – Sept 17, 2018

Run Sheet ~ Garth, Zarn & Michael

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Story 1

Australia’s Consumer Data Right rules to be shaped around banking

ZDNet reports ~ With banking the first sector to be overhauled under the impending Consumer Data Right, the ACCC will be shaping its rules framework on the new data-sharing requirements of financial sector.

The federal government is hoping to reform the Australian data system, in May announcing it would be investing AU$65 million on initiatives such as the country’s new Consumer Data Right (CDR), which will allow individuals to “own” their data by granting them open access to their banking, energy, phone, and internet transactions, as well as the right to control who can have it and who can use it.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has been charged with oversight, specifically responsible for rule-making, consumer education, and eventually the enforcement of the CDR.

The ACCC is now seeking feedback from consumers, businesses, and community organisations on the approach it should take regarding setting up the CDR rules.

“It is important to the success of the Consumer Data Right regime that consumers, businesses, and stakeholders have transparency over the ACCC’s approach in setting up these detailed rules,” ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said.

“The overarching principle the ACCC will take is to implement the Consumer Data Right in a way that provides benefits to consumers, without compromising data security,”

The first sector of the Australian economy to which the CDR is to be applied is the financial services sector, through an Open Banking regime.

As a result, the ACCC said it will be shaping the CDR rules around the financial services sector and its new legislative requirements.

The consumer watchdog expects the other industries to fall under the CDR will be governed by the same rules determined for banking, but they will be tweaked where required.

“The ACCC will work toward developing frameworks tailored to specific industries as they are designated and added to the Consumer Data Right regime,” Court continued.

It is expected energy and telecommunications will be the next sectors included.


Story 2

They’re here: Australia’s first driverless vehicle unveiled

The Age reports ~  Australia’s first on-demand driverless car was revealed in Perth on Wednesday afternoon.

RAC WA bought the $490,000 ‘Intellicar’ from driverless car maker Nayva and will start trials at its private Perth Airport facility before taking the car on public roads in the first half of 2019.

Looking like something out of Blade Runner, it’s hard to tell what’s the back and what’s the front of the car, especially because there’s not a steering wheel in sight and the six seats face each other.

The car is scattered with cameras and RADARs to help it navigate roads without the help of a human.

RAC group chief executive Terry Agnew said Perth was one of only three cities in the world where the car was being tested in what was a significant milestone for transport in Australia.

“How we move around is rapidly evolving and being able to test emerging vehicle technologies right here in WA will help us adapt to these changes in the safest way possible,” he said.

Mr Agnew said driverless vehicles had the potential to remove 90 per cent of on road crashes and expected them to become the dominant vehicle on Australian roads within two decades.


Story 3

Apple Highlights Benefits of App Subscriptions With New Developer-Focused Video

MacRumors tells us ~ Apple last week shared a new “Insights” video on its developer site that is designed to highlight the benefits of using App Store subscriptions as a payment method for apps. 

The video focuses on the developers behind Elevate, Dropbox, Calm, and Bumble and how these apps “create great customer experiences by continuing to provide value throughout the subscription lifecycle.”

“The value for a user is that you’re not just buying this one thing at this one point in time, you’re actually buying something that’s evolving,” said Elevate developer Jesse Germinario. 

“If you’re a subscription business, your incentives are actually perfectly aligned with your customers, because they need to continue to get value out of the product in order to keep subscribing, which means that you have to continue making the app better,” said Calm developer Tyler Sheaffer. 

Apple’s efforts to push developers to embrace subscriptions were first highlighted last month when Business Insider shared details on a secret meeting held in April 2017. 

At the meeting, Apple hosted more than 30 software developers and encouraged them to adopt subscription payment models. 

Apple told developers that the app model is changing, with paid apps representing just 15 percent of total app sales, a number that is declining. Successful apps, Apple said, need to focus on subscriptions and regular engagement from users rather than one time sales.


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Story 4

Boring Company steers its latest machine with an Xbox controller

engadget explains ~ It might not be all that exciting to dig tunnels, but The Boring Company may have a way of livening things up a bit: give the operators a gamepad. The Elon Musk-owned outfit has posted a video showing a test that used an Xbox One controller to steer the company’s latest boring machine. It’s not as riveting as using Xbox 360 controllers to steer submarine periscopes, but this is certainly one of the largest pieces of gamepad-guided machinery.

It’s not hard to see why Boring Company developers would go this route. You can easily map PC-based controls to the Xbox One pad, and it takes care of many of the engineering and ergonomic concerns that would come with building controls from scratch. Our only question right now: could you dig tunnels a little bit faster by using an Elite controller?


Story 5

When did “Google it” become the norm

The American Dialect Society chose “Google” as the “most useful word of 2002.” It was added to the Oxford English Dictionary on June 15, 2006, and to the eleventh edition of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary in July 2006.

Also Today I learned that, beyond the success Buffy the Vampire Slayer entailed for Joss Whedon—late of Avengers-directing fame—it has a nerdly milestone of its own.

According to Charles Arthur in his book Digital Wars, the first use of to google on television appeared in Buffy. On October 15, 2002, in the fourth episode of the show’s final season, the character Willow turns to the eponymous slayer and asks, “Have you googled her yet?”


Story 6

Apple Music adds “Top 100” charts for all subscribers, everywhere

Mashable reported ~  Want to know what people are listening to right now in Belize? How about Macau? Or Uganda?

A new Apple Music feature rolled out a week ago introduced a large collection of Top 100 charts to the service. There are 116 of them, to be exact: One global chart, and then one more for each country where Apple Music is available.

Each list shows the most-streamed songs in whichever region they cover. They’ll all be updated once per day at 12:00 a.m. PT, and they’re grouped together under the app’s “Browse” section whether you’re viewing Apple Music from a mobile device or your desktop

While we are on Music Apple last week released a new version of iTunes for Windows users

This update supports iOS 12 devices and includes new features for Apple Music subscribers:​

Search with song lyrics. Find songs by using some of the words you remember.

New artist pages. Start a customisable station with any artist’s music with one click and browse the artist catalogs more easily thanks to its enhanced design.

Friends mix. Follow friends to listen to a playlist of songs you will love from all your friends listen to.


Story 7

Apple announces new policies to aid law enforcement worldwide

Digital Trends has reported, In 2016, Apple and the FBI went to court over the company’s unwillingness to hand over private data. Now the company is working to find a better way to handle law enforcement requests for data and information pertaining to criminal investigations. According to its website, the company is building an online portal that will make it easier for law enforcement to submit requests to Apple regarding such data.

Apple’s website says that, by the end of the year, it hopes to have created an” online portal for authenticated law enforcement officers globally to submit lawful requests for data, track requests, and obtain responsive data from Apple.” However, a letter sent to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), seen by CNET, provides some more information on the company’s plans.

Many of Apple’s recently announced policies were made in response to recommendations from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, which suggested that Apple make changes to the way it works with law enforcement on investigations and training.

This new training is outlined on the company’s website, where it discusses Apple’s plans for a revamped relationship with law enforcement, which includes providing better training in technology and data-gathering. The company is working to create an online training program which will make it easier for law enforcement worldwide to receive Apple’s support in digital forensics.


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