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Show 253 – Sept 03, 2018
Run Sheet ~ Garth, Zarn & Michael

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1
Digital driver licence trial announced

A trial of the NSW digital driver licence has just been announced for November in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. The digital driver licence is free for all licence holders (including L’s and P’s) who live in the trial area. Participants will be able to test the new licence and give feedback. During the trial drivers will still need to carry their physical driver licence card.

The digital licence will sit within the Service NSW mobile app and will be optional once it is available statewide in 2019 (drivers can keep using their physical card). To take part in the trial sign up to a MyServiceNSW Account. Further information will be announced in November.

Story 2
Apple is Offering Free Photo-Editing Lessons Over the Phone

Although, currently, only available in the States reports ~ Want a free photo editing lesson? Apple wants to give you one. The company is offering 30-minute one-on-one training sessions over the phone on how to edit photos using Apple’s Photos software.

Through the “guided phone session” with a Photos expert, “you’ll learn how to make all your photos phenomenal with the app’s powerful, intuitive editing tools,” Apple says. “Our specially trained Apple Support Advisors are experts in using Photos to transform pictures from good to amazing — and they’d love to show you how !”

In addition to photo organisation, Apple Photos provides a set of built-in editing tools for improving your photos. There’s both simple one-click enhancements as well as features for fine-tuning your edits.

After you get connected to one of Apple’s Photo experts, they’ll speak with you and tailor the session to your personal skill level.

“Your session guide will cover all the editing tools Photos offers — from the one-click fix of the Auto Enhance tool, to detailed light and colour adjustments,” Apple says. “We’ll even help you edit your Live Photos and images taken in Portrait mode. You’ll also learn how to crop and filter your photos, and revert your adjustments if you want to start over.”

Photographers are also invited to “bring” their favourite photos and any questions they may have to the personal lesson.

Apple’s photo editing phone lessons are currently only available in the United States. If you’d like to receive your free one-on-one lesson, start by scheduling your session.

Apple is Offering Free Photo-Editing Lessons Over the Phone


Story 3
Apple explains latest MacBook Pro update

MacRumors reports ~ Apple pushed out another supplemental update for the 2018 MacBook Pro lineup this week. Its release notes didn’t tell us much about the release, but the company has now explained exactly what users can expect it to do.

It’s not great news for MacBook Pro owners who have suffered crackling speakers.
Apple was forced to roll out a supplemental update for its latest MacBook Pro in July to address a nasty thermal throttling issue. Other problems with the high-end machines have been discovered since then, so another patch was required.

Here’s what you can expect from it.


“Apple said the Supplemental Update improves system stability and reliability across a number of areas, and addresses several issues, including crackling audio and kernel panics,” reports MacRumors, which received clarification from Apple.

But it doesn’t look like it will be the last fix the MacBook Pro needs.

Some users have already taken to social media and online forums to confirm the 1.3GB update has eliminated their speaker issues. However, others say the speaker issue remains after the update has been installed.

A handful say they have also experienced at least one kernel panic since updating. It appears the MacBook Pro’s T2 chip, which is responsible for things like secure boot, Hey Siri, and encrypted storage, is still the main cause of the problem.


Apple published some workarounds for these issues prior to issuing an attempted fix. These included disabling FileVault and the Power Nap function. It has also asked some users to return their machines so that its engineers can investigate the teething troubles.

If you’re still suffering problems after installing the latest supplemental update, contact Apple Support for assistance. If you’re already running macOS Mojave on your machine, the update won’t be available.

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Story 4
Apple AirPort Express 2 gets AirPlay 2 support ~ and its awesome

It’s possible you have an old AirPort Express 2 wireless router in a box somewhere. Dig it out and set it up, because it can now be used as part of an AirPlay 2 audio system.

Even though it’s been discontinued, Apple just issued a firmware update for the second-generation AirPort Express that adds AirPlay 2 support.

A page on Apple’s Support website says it all, “Firmware update 7.8 adds AirPlay 2 support to 802.11n AirPort Express base stations.”

This despite the fact that Apple hasn’t refreshed the AirPort Express line since 2013.

Story 5
Hacker sentenced for ‘Celebgate’ iCloud phishing scam

Cult of Mac reports ~ The fourth hacker responsible for leaking nude images from hundreds of iCloud accounts, belonging to Hollywood celebrities and others, has been sentenced to prison.

Connecticut-based George Garafano was sentenced to eight months, after which he must serve three years of supervised release, as well as performing 60 hours of community service. He plead guilty back in April.

Garafano helped to steal photos and information from around 240 people, several of whom are well-known celebrities, including the actress Jennifer Lawrence.

The incident came to light in 2014, although the thefts took place over a period of 18 months. Garafano’s fraud involved posing as a member of Apple’s security staff, and sending phishing messages asking for usernames and passwords. This information was then used to break into their accounts, before the images were published on websites like 4chan.

Prosecutors had argued for a sentence of 10 to 16 months. Other hackers involved in the case have been given sentences of between nine and 18 months in prison, making this the most lenient of the sentences. Jennifer Lawrence, who had photos leaked as part of the malicious hack, has described the incident as a sex crime. In a 2014 interview with Vanity Fair, she said that:
“The law needs to be changed, and we need to change … Just the fact that somebody can be sexually exploited and violated, and the first thought that crosses somebody’s mind is to make a profit from it. It’s so beyond me. I just can’t imagine being that detached from humanity. I can’t imagine being that thoughtless and careless and so empty inside.”
Story 6
Telstra turns on 5G in Toowoomba

Backed up by Ericsson commercial 5G radio base stations

CIO reports ~ Telstra has switched on another 5G site, this time in Toowoomba, Queensland as part of plans to have more than 200 5G ready sites by the end of 2018.
The telecommunications giant has used Ericsson commercial 5G radio base stations as part of the Toowoomba deployment.
“Telstra provides more network investment and mobile coverage across Australia than anyone else and regional Australia is an essential part of our 5G plans,” Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said.

However, as Penn addressed, there are no current devices in order for the people of Toowoomba to enjoy Telstra’s 5G services.
“5G devices are around the corner and when they are commercially available this network upgrade means the people of Toowoomba will be among the first people in the world to enjoy access to 5G services,” he added.

“Bringing the transformational technology of 5G to Toowoomba, a key regional centre and one of the fastest growing cities in the country, is exciting for the possibilities it will enable, be it in education, health, community services, business and agriculture.
“For a sector like agriculture, the fibre-like data speeds, low latency and high performance and capacity of 5G open up fantastic opportunities for growth.
“It’s an incredibly exciting time as we start to expand 5G coverage in capital cities as well as more regional centres over the coming months.”
This is the second 5G ready site Telstra has launched, with the telco announcing it had switched on its 5G network technology across selected areas of the Gold Coast in Queensland in 15 August.


Story 7
Gold Coast announces IoT network

In addition to its fibre-optic broadband expansion and its 5G access via Telstra and Optus, the City of Gold Coast has announced that it is building an IoT network with NNNCo.

The City of Gold Coast has announced that it will be building out an Internet of Things (IoT) network covering more than 1,300 square kilometres, with plans to use the connectivity for digital water metering, waste management, and support for parks and fields.

The LoRaWAN network, being built and operated by Australia’s National Narrowband Network Company (NNNCo), will be Australia’s largest and is part of the city’s digitisation program.

“We’re developing a secure, scalable, commercial-grade IoT network that will enable infinite use cases by businesses, enterprise, and the council,” Gold Coast chief innovation and economy officer Ian Hatton said.

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How to 1
What Are the Best ‘Back to My Mac’ Alternatives? gives us Tech 911 David Murphy’s rundown of some choices

Google Chrome Remote Desktop
Enable iCloud Drive

How to 2
iOS What Is & How to Enable Lost Mode

When you use Find My iPhone to locate your lost iPhone, you’ll see the option Lost Mode. Lost Mode, when enabled, will remotely lock your device, display a custom message with a phone number to contact if found, and turn on location tracking. Even if you had location services disabled, putting your iPhone in Lost Mode will turn location services on until the phone is recovered and taken out of Lost Mode.

Lost Mode requires that your iPhone be alive to work. If your iPhone is dead, you can still turn it on but it will only be able to enter Lost Mode if it’s powered back up and connects to the internet. If you suspect your iPhone still has battery power, I would recommend using Lost Mode.

How to 3
Our trip down memory lane this week

Screen shots of every version of OS X from 10.0 beta to 10.14, now with a night version as well.

Aqua Screenshot Library

Story 8
I suppose we should also mention that Apple has sent out invites for something on September 12

The invite, with a Gold Apple Park Logo and the words Gather Round!

With a massive leak, a couple of hours after the announcement, showing 2 Gold iPhones. That may explain the Gold in the invite BUT what does gather round mean?????

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