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Story 1

Winners Announced at 2019 Australian Podcast Awards

May 18, 2019


SYDNEY, Saturday 18 May 2019 – The biggest celebration ever of Australian podcasting took place last night, attracting over 400 people from across the country to Sydney’s Seymour Centre. 

Podcast hosts, producers, judges and fans were in attendance to network, and celebrate the local podcast industry, and see over $10,000 worth of prizes and trophies awarded.

Wrong Skin, a true crime podcast from The Age, about the 1994 disappearance and death of two Indigenous young adults in the Kimberley, took out the award for Investigative Journalism & True Crime, Presented by Stitcher. 

Wrong Skin also won the inaugural Podcast of the Year award, beating out Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales’s Chat 10 Looks 3. Sales and Crabb accepted their awards for Literature, Arts & Music, as well as TV, Film & Pop Culture, via video, as their Federal Election broadcast commitments saw them otherwise engaged. 

The third podcast to receive multiple accolades was Tony Martin’s SIZZLETOWN, which won both Comedy and the Yamaha Prize for Outstanding Podcast Production.

Still Jill, which brings listeners inside host Jill Emberson’s personal account of living with ovarian cancer, won Documentary & Storytelling, Presented by Zoom. 

On a night where the Federal Election dominated political narratives outside the Seymour Centre, Russia, If You’re Listening, a podcast about Trump and the Mueller investigation, won Political, Social & Cultural Affairs.


Podcast of the Year – Wrong Skin

Investigative Journalism & True Crime, Presented by Stitcher – Wrong Skin

Documentary & Storytelling, Presented by Zoom – Still Jill

Independent True Crime – Let’s Talk About Sects

Literature, Arts & Music – Chat 10 Looks 3

TV, Film & Pop Culture – Chat 10 Looks 3

Comedy – Tony Martin’s Sizzletown

Yamaha Prize for Outstanding Podcast Production – Tony Martin’s Sizzletown

Popular Vote – Shameless

Best Fancast – Eyes On Gilead: A Handmaid’s Tale Podcast

Business & Marketing – Lady Startup

Best Interview Show – The Five of My Life

Lifestyle, Health & Wellness – The Pineapple Project

Branded Podcast – Tough Conversations with Henry Rollins

Technology – Download This Show

Political, Social & Cultural Affairs – Russia, If You’re Listening

Sport & Recreation – Zwift SBS Cycling Central Podcast

Best New Podcaster – STAGES with Peter Eyers

Acast Award for Diversity & Inclusion in Podcasting – Queerstories

Family & Kids – Fierce Girls

Science & Medicine – Science Friction

Career & Industry – Teachers’ Education Review

Fiction – The Fitzroy Diaries

Gaming – Pixel Sift

Best Audiogram, Presented by Headliner – Across the Aisle

MS ~ From all of us at AMZ and ATH Podcasting a BIG congratulations to the prize getters and an even bigger well done to everybody who made the finals


We are thinking about having a live call in period in the show.

We will give you a number to call and that will put you in a room where you can still hear the show and then we get you to ask your question, make comments etc.  We just have to work out the delay button!


Story 2

9TO5Mac reports ~ Apple shares ‘Behind the Music. Behind the Mac’ video highlighting the British music scene

Apple has, last week, shared a new video on its UK YouTube channel highlighting the British music scene, specifically artists who use or have used the Mac to create, compose, record, and mix.

The new one-minute video features a simple slideshow style highlighting various UK artists in black and white photos. Some of the musicians include Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Apple’s Zane Lowe, and many more.

From bedroom studio to stadium tour, the British music scene is alive. See the emerging and the iconic, the graft and the glory, a glimpse behind the scenes and behind the music.

The video is set to the poetic rap “What We Do” by Swindle feat. Rider Shafique, P Money, D Double E & Daley. Apple also highlights its Behind the Mac microsite that promotes all the ways Mac and its software are a great fit for artists.

Apple also has an interview with Swindle, whose song is featured in the video, along with many other artists on its Behind the Mac page on iTunes.

the video

the story

And I have a prize for the first to email us with the answer, and the first to tell us in the Facebook Group the answer ~ What was the first Apple iOS game?

eMail me the answer at with the subject ~ Prize

First launched in the App Store in 2008 with a $4.99 price tag, the “Texas Hold’em” game developed by Apple.

Removed from the App Store

November 2011


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Story 3 

Japan’s Seven-Eleven stores will sell Apple’s own iPhone accessories

The majority of Japan’s 20,925-strong chain of Seven-Eleven convenience stores will stock official Apple iPhone accessories including cables, power adapters and EarPods.

Beginning on May 22, the convenience stores owned by Seven-Eleven Japan Co. are stocking a series of iPhone accessories made by Apple. It appears that this is the the first time a Japanese convenience retail chain has stocked Apple-made accessories, at least with Apple’s blessing.

This is also a particularly significant move because the plan is believed to be for some 90% of the country’s 20,925 stores to stock Apple items ranging from Lightning cables to EarPods.

“By selling Apple accessories at Seven-Eleven throughout the country,” announced the company in a translated press release, “we will provide many customers with the convenience of being able to purchase at ‘when they want,’ ‘immediately,’ and ‘nearby’ stores.”

The accessories will appear first in stores that are chiefly in central Japan, specifically Seven-Eleven outlets in Tokyo, the Nagano Prefecture, and the Yamanashi Prefecture. The initial release will also include the northern island of Hokkaido.


Story 4

Our Gaming Section 

Warren Buffet’s Paper Wizard 

Zarn, I don’t know if it’s the fact that I loved Paper Boy, on NES and Atari, when I was a kid but I love this game.

It is a simple re-make of the classic and is only has 2 levels but it is a game to play anywhere anytime. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there, simply as! Simple Fun!!

Harry Potters: Wizards Unite 

What a shame, I had high hopes for this game.  I love Pokémon and when it first came out I had a blast with it.  But this just seems like Niantic aren’t even trying. This is honestly just Pokémon with a simple character swaps.  I can not express how disappointed I am!!  Two Thumbs Down


Story 5

Apple facing renewed boycott efforts in China following trade war escalation

The increase in tensions between the United States and China in its ongoing trade war, as well as restrictions against Huawei, is fuelling anti-US sentiments in China, prompting more online calls from critics of the political manoeuvres to boycott Apple products. 

On May 10, U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration followed through with promises to penalize Chinese goods imported to the country, raising tariffs for goods including some Apple accessories from 10 to 25%. The administration is also planning to implement expanded tariffs by the end of June, which could affect Apple’s core products, including iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. 

Chinese tech giant Huawei is also facing increased scrutiny from the United States, including an executive order on May 15 that bans U.S. businesses from using telecommunications equipment from companies considered a national security risk. Another order effectively banned Huawei from buying US technology without prior government approval, making it harder for the company to do business. 

The tensions between the two countries has led to an expected rise of anger from Chinese internet users against the United States, reports Buzzfeed. As a symbol of American capitalism, Apple has again been caught in the crossfire, becoming the target for the criticism, and an attempt to encourage a boycott of its products. 

Posts on Weibo urge others to consider buying Huawei smartphones and devices instead of Apple, hyping the local company’s hardware and attacking the Cupertino rival. 

This is not the first time Apple has become the subject of an attempted boycott. In December, amid tensions triggered by the arrest of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou, companies attempted to show solidarity with the company by encouraging employees to buy Huawei goods, while simultaneously threatening to confiscate Apple devices from employees and inflicting other punishments to urge a shift away from the iPhone.

the story


Story 6 tells us ~ The plight and conspiracy behind the dreaded green texting bubble

In the world of text there might not be a bigger divide between green and blue text bubbles, and it’s impacting people’s love life.

As humans we have an instinct for tribalism that can manifest itself in some strange ways — but this has to take the cake.

I’m talking about iPhone users who hate on Android. Those who have ever been shamed for their green text bubble will understand this all too well.

The big divide in the smartphone world is between Apple’s iPhone and phones that run on Google’s Android software. And on one side, that has given rise to a type of texting caste system.

The iPhone’s default messaging app iMessage runs over the internet and recognises users by identifiers like their iCloud account and email address to relay the text. The message gets a dark blue background, comes with a read receipt, doesn’t have a character limit and (because it happens online) it doesn’t incur any charge.

But if an iPhone user is texting a non iPhone user, iMessage relies on the standard SMS protocol and the message turns up in an arguably less appealing bright green bubble.

Who cares right? It turns out, a lot of people.

In the latest episode of tech podcast Why’d you push that button, Ashley Carman took a deep dive into the judgmental world of texting.

She started with a story and it went like this:

She was looking for love on the dating apps and was hitting it off with this guy. They exchanged numbers but then he kept texting her via the dating app. When they met up at a bar, one of the first things he said was to apologise for persisting in the dating app and explained, or rather confessed, that he was an Android user.

“I have an Android phone and that’s why I didn’t message you,” he apparently told her. As it turns out, he’d been burned before.

“I’ve previously messaged woman … before I’ve told them I have an Android phone and then they ghost me or tell me ‘see you later’ because they don’t want to text someone with a green bubble,” he told her.

Is that ridiculous? Absolutely. But for Android users in a world of iPhone lovers, the curse of the green text bubble is apparently real.

He’s not alone. Tech writer Michael Nuñez wrote about how he felt compelled to buy an iPhone because he was “ashamed” of his green bubble after a love interest took umbrage with his non Apple device.

Jokes or not, this texting apartheid has become somewhat of a meme among iPhone users.

This seems to be a big thing among people in the US where iPhones are particularly popular and iMessage is widely used as a default texting app. In other parts of the world, apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are more popular for group messaging and people live in blissful harmony.

As noted above, the technology of the SMS protocol is pretty clunky compared to internet based messaging apps and offers a worse user experience — a reason some Android haters cite for not wanting to text with green bubble people for fear of miscommunication.

It also means Android users can’t be included in group messages inside the iPhone app, sometimes leading to disjointed conversations.

For this reason it makes sense for Apple to differentiate the type of texts to users can be aware. But nonetheless conspiracy theories abound about the colours used by Apple — the warm and inviting blue versus the artificial green — as if they’re designed to provoke some emotional reaction to make users think less of non iPhone owners.

Maybe they’re right and someone at Apple is an evil genius subtlety driving a wedge between society to boost iPhone sales.

If you’ve ever been judged for your Android and you want to understand your tormentor, it’s worth listening to the podcast episode because the range of emotions people admit to feeling about the dreaded green bubble is rather astonishing.

Or alternatively if you’re looking for an excuse to ghost someone, maybe blame it on the green bubble.


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Story 7

GadgetGuy c/-Apple News ~ Can an iPhone fast charge? GadgetGuy tests reveal a surprising outcome.

Can an iPhone fast charge? GadgetGuy Val Quinn put four iPhone XS Max and different genuine Apple chargers to the test. The answer is yes, and no!

Short answer – an iPhone can fast charge if it is an 8 or later (X, XR, XS), but not with the 5W (5V/1A) charger supplied in the box. 


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