Aussie Mac Zone is part of the Aussie Tech Heads podcast network. Podcasts come in two flavours – Audio and Video.

It has opened the door to a whole new way people enjoy audio and video content.

What is a Podcast?
Podcasts are episodes of a programme and because they are available on the Internet, they can be played and enjoyed on various media devices and platforms like TV, Xbox, Phones, Tablets, Apple TV, Chromecast and more.

Podcasts offer each episode of the programme in the same way each time, ensuring that the consumer does not miss an episode. Podcasts can be subscribed to and automatically placed in a consumer’s device’s play list. New episodes are always available across multiple platforms very easily.

Few good reason to advertise on our network/show:

  • Hundreds of weekly listeners and viewers
  • Repeat plays via our Aussie Tech Radio Shoutcast Station
  • Listed in iTunes
  • Supplementary advert on our webpage

People listen to our show because they enjoy the content. Podcasts can be played at any time and played again and again if need be. ┬áIt’s entertainment on demand.

Rates per ad per show $25 minimum of 4. (One month)

Please contact Glenn for further information or for other or more personalised advertising needs.