Aussie Mac Zone ~ 2021 Wrap

Show Christmas 2021 Special

Run Sheet ~ Zarn & Michael                


Our Aussie Apple Ramblings are different.

We are just here to celebrate 2021’s Ups and Downs

The reason we have had no shows recently is our schedules have been changing at short notice.

Family challenges, ie hospital visits.


So our 2022 resolution ~ get back to weekly show

Story 1 ~  MS ~ Pic

Ted Lasso — The Missing Christmas Mustache

A simple little animated piece, starring the gang.

I don’t want to spoil it. You like the show you will like this.

And don’t forget to go back and watch or just watch it to get some Christmas spirit

Carol of the Bells

Ted Lasso: Season 2, Episode 4


Story 2 ~ ZK ~ No Pic

Here’s a simple one

Go the Apple Store app, not the App Store app.

And type let it snow!

The snow on the screen lasts about 3 minutes.


Story 3 ~ MS ~ Pic

My wife and I watched 

Twas the Fight before Christmas on Apple TV+

It is a documentary about a legal battle going on in The States.

It is about a guy, a lawyer, who “ really loves “ Christmas and his neighbourhood committee.

I am not taking sides, as you get to see both sides of the argument in the show.  Which pulls you one way and back.

And remember they are Americans. And yes, that’s meant to be a bit Snarky!


Story 4 ~ ZK ~ Pic

MS ~ So Zarn have you watched the New Maria Carey Special yet??

I don’t know how to answer that without offending anyone. So I just won’t answer it. ( lol )

MS ~ I’m guessing No, so what have you been watching to get in the festive spirit?

ZK we have watched home alone 1&2. The boys absolutely loved them.

We have also watched a lot of Disney Christmas movies. 

The Tim Allan Christmas movies. 

I watched my traditional Christmas movie ( Die Hard ) 


Story 5 ~ MS & ZK~ No Pic

2021 stuff we remember / want

ZK  I would really like a home pod mini. 

MS  I would like an M1 Mac mini.

ZK  The latest Apple Watch.  

MS  I want Eufy to enable HomeKit on there Door Cam like I was lead to believe was coming his year when I bought mine.

ZK  I would like Apple Arcade to bring out more driving games.

Also I would really like a decent D&D online game so my friends and I can play wherever we live in our wonderful country. 

MS  More HomeKit Accessories in Australia.

ZK  There are some really good Christmas Playlists on Apple Music covering a wide range of tastes.  And don’t forget to listen to Aussie Paul Kelly’s Christmas Album, and Delta’s if you like her.


Story 6 ~ MS

This is just a reminder to still be vigilant leading up to and during your holidays.

Free WiFi is not Free

When you are at home only your family can generally see what you are doing.

Hotel / Coffee Shop / etc WiFi, anyone on the network could see.

Remember to have a PIN / Passcode on your mobile devices before you leave home.  This stops baddies accessing you data, information, hotel room if something happens.

Remember to download all the movies you want to watch on the plane DAYS BEFORE you are leaving.  It will always be faster downloads at home and you make sure you get ALL the shows you want to watch.

If the kids are watching on your laptop in the back seat and they are rugged up. You need to explain about NOT BLOCKING the air vents on the laptop.

Think about how to protect the screens on the portable devices when packing and on day trips, etc

Think about ways of NOT leaving your portable device in the back of the seat on the plane, like I did.  I remembered after I got off the plane and then had to wait until EVERYBODY had departed before I could go back and get it. NOT TALKING MINUTES.


Story 7 ~ ZK ~ No Pics

Backyard Squirrel Maze 2.0- The Walnut Heist

So there is this guy on YouTube who is known as the Glitter Bomb man.  He started creating Glitter Bombs when he got his delivered package stolen from his door step.

So for fun he setup a squirrel maze to stop the squirrels getting his bird feed.

It is fun to watch.

His channel also goes in to depth about scammers and them getting your goods AND money!  We are talking “mules” being in the driveway when a package is delivered to an AirBNB address, then taking or shipping to an in-between person who then ships it back to the original scammers.



MS ~ Here we go again.

Remind the family to be careful.

Show them this video!!

This is one of the best videos I have seen about various scams.

And Yes it was made in Australia.

more, including other videos


Lastly in the Show Notes there will a copy of “ The Family Packing List “ for you to use.

It will be in PDF and Numbers format. You ca copy and paste the Pdf into Excel for example.


MS Show Promotion

Show notes link each week on show upload, the link being


there you will see the last 6 weeks shows notes

MS Email us at Michael or Zarn @

ZK However your listening to us please give us a rating. It helps others find us


MS Apple News ~ Aussie Mac Zone

This week we have specific email Scam alerts and how to spot them.  Please show you family.

Thanks to our supporters you our listeners! 

Have a very relaxed break if you are having time off.

And don’t give others a hard time during the extra long shopping hours!!

Over to Zarn for the sign off

ZK The now infamous “Sign Off”


2018 Holiday List

Holiday List.pdf

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