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Show 299 – August 26, 2019

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Story 1

Apple has released a firmware update for AirPods (2nd generation).

For some AirPods (2nd generation), the firmware of the AirPod service parts will be different from the customer’s AirPod. If the firmware is unmatched when setting up replacement AirPods or charging case, the status light will flash amber when the setup button is pressed and held, and will not flash white. This is expected behaviour due to firmware being unmatched. To allow the firmware transfer to happen, follow the instructions to set up replacement AirPods.


Story 2

Facebook’s ‘clear history’ tool doesn’t actually ‘clear’ anything


Story 3

Samsung DeX brings Android apps to your Mac and PC – Cult of Mac


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So 9to5 Mac reported that the price of Apple Arcade should be around $4.99 US  ( that’s about $7.50 our money) and can be used on family share which is awesome! they go on to say that the price may change before the launch date and the release of iOS 13,

apple employees are all part of An early offer program that comes with free access until the launch date in early to mid September. Then the cost to them will be 49c,  ( about 75c our money) now that’s a great price and well deserved after everything that is being launched this spring to the public. On a side note I don’t know how Guilherme Rambo from 9to5 Mac got this access as well but lucky him maybe he will add me to his family share lol! 


More about Apple Arcade of course because it’s getting closer to release date, also more from 9to5 Mac ( pfft some guys have all the luck lol! )

Ok so Jeff Benjamin was lucky enough to play about six of the beta versions of the games that will be released with Apple Arcade in the spring ( seems like my chance of getting on family share maybe slimming ) some of the games are, way of the turtle, frogger in toy land and hot lava there will be a full list of the games in our show note and a link to watch the play through. The games look amazing even if they are beta version and I’m looking forward to getting my thumbs a workout when we the public finally get them! Lol. 


Story 5

Report: Apple’s original content spending hits $6 billion, Apple TV+ launching ‘within next 2 months’ – 9to5Mac


Story 6

British Airways giving all 15,000 cabin crew members an iPhone XR for customer support – 9to5Mac


Story 7

Federal police fight court ruling a mobile phone is not a computer


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Story 8

Porsche Taycan will be the first car to offer Apple Music integration – Roadshow


Story 9

Apple’s Home app takes a step back in iOS 13 – 9to5Mac


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