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Show 303 – September 23, 2019

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

Story 1 ~ part 2 pic

lol ~ 30 years since it began on a bulletin board


today I noticed the choice of payment method on Apple Pay.

I thought this came a few months ago but had not seen it.

When you double tap to choose Apple Pay you, in my case have a voice of credit or eftpos.

And still on Apple Pay Woolworths will automatically attach your card to your shopping, if you agree.  So they must be reading the bluetooth ID or something!


Story 2

Our New Studio

So here we are in our new Studio.

Still needs some finishing touches off camera.

We will go through the setup, with you, in a few weeks once it has been fine tuned.


Story 3



It has been a big week with the launch of Apple Arcade!


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Apple Communities wants to here from Apple Arcaders is a community forum with Apple input.

They have added an an Announcement on the from page saying “Announcing the newest addition to Apple Support Communities, Apple Arcade”


#3S ~ pic

iPhone games including Fortnite and PUBG are unplayable on iOS 13 due to gesture bug, warning players not to update

Major apps and games developers including Fortnite, PlayerUnknown: Battlegrounds (PUBG), and other titles are warning players not to update to iOS 13 due to a bug with the triple-finger tap-and-hold gesture.

The text-editing gesture is affecting gameplay as it steals touches from the game, even though there are no textfields visible. This affects lots of apps but especially games that involve players regularly having three fingers on the display, like first-person shooters. The problem is so bad that PUBG is even displaying a warning message in the game.

I am not saying this is Apple’s fault or the game developers BUT the iOS13 gesture was announced in June at WWDC and the issue is still not resolved!! WHY


Story 4

MS new iPhone 11

So finally I have only 1 phone to carry around with both my numbers on it.

I was hoping for this to happen earlier in the year but could not get that elusive eSim! ( more next )

So I went to my local Apple Store at about 7:45am on Friday to pick my pre-ordered iPhone 11.

There was about 30 people in 2 lines, 1 for pre-orders and one for try their luck.

By the time the store opened at 8:00am there was about 50 people.

And I was out with my new iPhone and case by 8:10am.

A BIG THANKS to my Apple store staff for a fun morning and to those there on what would be normally a day off, we Apple users thank you!!

Some photos, and an unboxing video at our Aussie Mac Zone Apple News page.


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Story 5

Michael’s Telstra Experience

Telstra now have eSim available for Phones, not just iPads and WATCH

I was made aware, earlier last week,  that Telstra would have eSims available on Friday, the iPhone launch day.

So first I placed an order online hoping have one delivered by / on Friday.  I got an email when I placed my order say I would be notified when it shipped. As I was transferring my number from a Telstra re-seller, who have no idea what an eSim is ( I rang them), to Telstra I had to fill out some forms.

I then got an email on Friday morning cancelling my order as they could not identify me.

So I went down to my Telstra store and and the staff and I went through the learning process of signing up for an eSim.

Took my eSim home and waited for the porting process from my current carrier to Telstra to start.  Couple of hors later got a text asking if I requested to port number and to confirm.

A few minutes later it was done.  So then I tried to scan my eSim with my iPhone, a BIG point here you don’t have to line it up very well so don’t panic.  When I scanned my card it said “Sorry already in use”.  What the heck!

So back down to my Telstra store to show them.  It was then noted one of the staff during the train showed another staff member how they work.  They had scanned the card with their phone BUT not attached it to an account.

So new card, scan, do want it to be primary or secondary number, primary, done, test, working.

I don’t have any complaints about Telstra with this time consuming process as I was probably their first paying eSim phone customer.

So thanks to the staff at my Telstra store.


Story 6

MS Challenges I had with my upgrade

So I made a decision to clean install no just backup and restore.

So all my iCloud stuff just turned up, great.

But working out what apps I really wanted and what apps I NEED was a challenge.  I had been thinking about this for a few weeks now but when I comes to the crunch, WOW.

I have cut down to about 30 apps from about 200.

My biggest hassle was having to setup my WATCH from scratch, Emergency Contacts, Banking, Special apps because I did not have the WATCH backup as it is in the iPhone backup!

So I hope as we now have a seperate WATCH store we will soon have a backup process.

NOW while I’m talking backup I had 2 customers this week who NEEDED there data!!  Getable yes, costly HELL YES!

PLEASE BACKUP. Not sure how send us an email of your needs & setup and I will advise best measures.


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