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Story 1

International Business Times reports ~ Apple Leads Industry Not Because Of Its Trademark Innovation

Apple is currently enjoying the lead with the massive success of the iPhone 11. However, the company achieved this through pursuing customer interests rather than rocking the competition with a whole new feature on the smartphone. However, fans are hopeful for the company’s work on 2020.

As seen on a report from CNBC, Apple used its knowledge about what customers want to make the iPhone 11. The smartphone camera is noted as one of the important part of the device according to many customers. With this in mind, the iPhone 11 has crowning feature is its multi-lens camera with all of its features geared toward camera modes.

Apple’s known design about their devices is that it offers something new and better against its competition. The company was not the first to offer such a camera feature but definitely leads in the quality of it. So far, Apple’s new devices this year are definitely better than its competition.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold still has problems with its durability as its hinges still has problems. Meanwhile, Huawei’s new smartphones barely has a chance in the U.S. due to the government banning the company from doing business in the country. Apple’s current situation is great for fast growth and it currently is.

As of now, Apple’s smartphone shares 41 percent of the market sales in the U.S. Their choice to not innovate and play it safe for this 2019 can’t be contested if it contributes to the growth of the company. Many analysts see that investing on camera and hardware are one of the safer upgrades.

While many longtime Apple fans won’t be seeing any new features for iPhone 11, many fans are expecting to see the innovation next year on the 2020 iPhone generation.

Apple has yet to confirm new features or any news on its next iPhone but it is said that Apple is planning something big for the next generation. Longtime Apple designer Jony Ive’s departure from the company is noted to be one of the reasons why the iPhone 11 didn’t have any innovative feature.

For now, we’ll have to wait on Apple to see if it’ll release an innovative follow-up to the iPhone 11 on 2020.

Apple Leads Industry Not With Its Trademark Innovation — International Business Times


Story 2

It is still all about updates

Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iOS, iPadOS & macOS

Here are the full release notes which are basically the same for Pages, Numbers and Keynote:

      • Enable Dark Mode to emphasise your content.
      • On iPadOS, use Pages in multiple spaces or edit two documents side by side in Split View.
      • Support for new iOS 13 and iPadOS text editing and navigation gestures.
      • Set the default font and font size used for all new documents created from basic templates.
      • Use custom fonts installed from the App Store.
      • Capture a screenshot of an entire document, mark it up, then easily share it as a PDF.
      • Access files from a USB drive, external hard drive, or file server.
      • Listen to an audio representation of your chart using VoiceOver.
      • Add accessibility descriptions to audio, video, and drawings.
      • Improved accessibility of exported PDFs.
      • Support for HEVC-formatted movies, enabling reduced file size while preserving visual quality.
      • Select multiple objects by pressing Shift or Command on a hardware keyboard.

iWork iOS apps get the feature we’ve been dying for


Story 3

Geeky Gadgets reports ~ First Case Of Apple Card Fraud Has Been Reported

One of the main security features of the Apple Card is the lack of numbers printed on the card itself. Aside from your name, the Apple Card does not have the credit card number printed on the card, or a CVV. This is to help prevent fraud because even if people don’t have access to the card, those numbers could still be used to authorise purchases.

Well, no security system is perfect and it looks like the first reported case of Apple Card fraud is here. This comes from 9to5Mac. One of their readers, David, tells how his Apple Card was used to make a purchase several hundred miles away and how an Apple rep responded to his case.

David discovered that there was a fraudulent purchase made using his Apple Card. When he reached out to Apple, the rep was quoted as telling him, “I do not know how this could of happened.” The rep also states that it is “very rare” for instances in which the Apple Card could have been in two places at once, and that they will be investigating the issue to see how it happened.

Despite the lack of numbers on the card, it still contains a magnetic strip and a chip and that makes it susceptible to skimming devices and cloning. That may be how David’s card might have been copied and used.

First Case Of Apple Card Fraud Has Been Reported

First Case Of Apple Card Fraud Has Been Reported


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Inmost, ShockRods, Mind Symphony, Decoherence, and Stela are Just 5 of the 8 games that were dropped over the last week on Apple Arcade from music based shoot em ups to puzzle games there is definitely something for everyone. 

Published by Chucklefish, Inmost is a spooky-looking “story-driven puzzle platformer” with three playable characters “within one dark, interconnecting story.” Players will have to fight their way through an abandoned castle to escape the game’s pixel-art world. 

Shock rods is a shooter car game like  Carmageddon the maps look awesome you can pretty much design your own car.

And it’s has lots cool weapons. 


Story 4

Google Maps Gains Detailed Voice Guidance for Visually Impaired Users

Google Maps has gained a new detailed voice guidance feature to help users with impaired vision get where they’re going to on foot. 

With a launch timed to honour World Sight Day, the feature continually reminds the user that they’re on the correct route, the distance until their next turn and the direction they’re walking in. 

Detailed voice guidance also provides the user with warnings when approaching large intersections, and lets them know if they’ve accidentally left their route by offering a spoken notification that they’re being re-routed. 

The new accessibility feature will be a welcome addition for users who are blind or who have moderate-to-severe vision impairments, but the reminders could be handy for people with normal eyesight, too.

To enable the accessibility feature in Google Maps, go to the Settings section of the app and tap Navigation. At the bottom of the list, beneath the “Walking options” heading, is an option to turn on Detailed voice guidance. 

Detailed voice guidance for walking navigation is rolling out now on Android and iOS, and is initially available in English in the United States and Japanese in Japan, with support for additional languages and countries on the way. 

As Google notes in a blog post: 

While this new feature can be enormously helpful to people with visual impairments, it can also help someone who wants a more screen-free experience on their next walking trip. Similar to the announcements you might hear at crosswalks or on a bus, everyone can benefit from it. Not everyone will need this level of assistance, but it’s great to know it’s available and only a tap away.

Google Maps Gains Detailed Voice Guidance for Visually Impaired Users


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Story 5 ~ pic

Catalina for Mac

The 15th version of macOS 10 came out of Beta this week.

So here are my comments.

      • Get Go64 form St Clair Software
        This checks if ALL of your apps are fully 64bit unlike the Catalina install
         ~ for example some Adobe apps although 64bit have components that are still 32bit, and so crash
      • After the install be prepared for a barrage of security questions
         ~ especially from apps you have launch at startup / log in
      • Also a each time you request a download, even form Apple, it asks “do you want to download from this website”
         ~ this is to stop malicious sites pushing stuff to you unaware
      • DON’T UPDATE your notes and / or your reminders unless your on iOS & iPadOS 13, AND prepared to wait for your lists to update, SLOWLY
      • Lots of things are still “ a bit iffy “, I think most of this on Apples side is due to the changes happening behind the scenes in iCloud Drive.
      • Find My app now list People – shared friends / family members, Devices with battery charge – old and current ( I should delete some of those now ) and Me – with some settings and a “ Help a Friend “ section that guides your helping a friend find their device using iCloud.
         ~ So if you loose your iPhone at the beach we can starting looking for it while we are still at the beach!
      • We have the new Music app, very similar to the Music app on the iPhone or iPad
      • We now back up our iPhone and iPad by connecting them to our Mac via cable and selecting our device in the Finder
      • I had to update a Citrix app to work with Catalina and this was released about an hour after the Apple release, thank you Citrix!

Overall I have not had any major issues BUT I can’t emphasise this enough this is not for the faint hearted.


Story 6

imore reports ~ macOS Catalina review: Apple Arcade

With macOS Catalina, Apple’s new subscription gaming service comes fully to the Mac, and that’s kind of a big deal.

iOS has never had a problem with games, quantity or quality. Though it’s always been skewed almost completely towards the casual. The Mac, though, has spent pretty much all of its existence in the shadow of PCs and consoles both.

Arcade doesn’t change the latter. There’s nothing new that would really appeal to the hardcore shooters or simulators, custom rig builders or VR drivers. But it does begin to address the former.

So, you probably won’t get the biggest, baddest franchises in the game, but you are getting some of the biggest labours of love by indies and studios both.

And you can play them with the keyboard, the mouse or trackpad, and in many cases, the Xbox or PlayStation controllers macOS Catalina has just added support for.

For years, developers had to worry about whether or not their more creative, more experimental, more up-front game ideas could even survive in the increasingly free-to-play, franchise-driven, micro-transaction laden economy of mobile app stores. Never mind when or if they could one day even think about bringing a version to the Mac.

Now, with Arcade, indie and even studio developers are being incentivised by Apple to not just make the games they want to make, great games, but to make them great across all of Apple’s platforms — including the Mac.

That includes its own tab and placement opportunities in the App Store, some of the most valuable real-estate in software.

I’m not sure how many people will pay the AU$7.99 per family subscription fee just to have Arcade on the Mac, but I think a lot of people who subscribe for iOS will find that, like Apple TV, also having Arcade on the Mac is an absolute delight.


Story 7 

Apple Watch’s health focus took Apple by surprise

Apple didn’t predict how important health-tracking tech would be to the Apple Watch, COO Jeff Williams said in an interview published last weekend.

“It was very organic,” he said. “Most people think we had this major health initiative, well, we had some notions in the beginning but no idea where it would lead. And honestly, it’s a situation where we started pulling on threads and the more we pulled, the more we realised there’s such a huge opportunity for us to impact people with the information that’s on their wrist.”

Apple initially marketed the Apple Watch as being a fashion item that did some tech stuff. It invited fashion bloggers to its unveiling event, debuted it at Paris Fashion Week, and created the ultra-pricey Apple Watch Edition — aimed at the luxury crowd.

But something changed. The first Apple Watch had a heart rate monitor because it was a better way to have accurate step detection. However, it didn’t take long for Apple to realise what it had. Williams continued:

“The first letter that we got about it saving somebody’s life with just the heart rate monitor, we were surprised, because anybody can go watch the clock and get their heart rate. But then we started getting more and more and we realised we had a huge chance and maybe even an obligation to do more. That led us down the path to do everything including medically regulated apps. Health is such an important dimension.”

Apple has doubled-down on the health capabilities of the Apple Watch with features like its ECG reader and more. A Stanford University study shows that the Apple Watch can be used to accurately identify atrial fibrillation. Three new studies will follow later this year. These will focus on menstrual cycles and gynaecological conditions, heart rate and mobility, and hearing.

Tim Cook has said that he thinks Apple’s focus on health will prove to be its lasting legacy.

Future Apple Watch health-focused glucose sensor:

Apple typically doesn’t comment on rumours about future devices. Williams doesn’t break with tradition. But he does express caution at the suggestion that a future Apple Watch could come with a glucose sensor:

“Non-invasive sensing of the human body is incredibly challenging. You mention glucose, people have been talking about non-invasive glucose sensing for decades. I read every year that somebody has a non-invasive glucose sensing monitor ready. And what I’ll tell you is, it’s hard enough to detect glucose when you can access the interstitial fluid, it’s way harder to do it with photons. And so, of course, we will be interested in more sensors down the road.”

Apple Watch’s health focus took Apple by surprise


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