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Show 313 – December 02, 2019

Run Sheet ~ Zarn & Michael ( re-recorded after a major audio issue )




Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

It was pointed out to me today that iTunes only had to Episode 310 on some devices BUT for example Overcast had up to Episode 311 and some 312.

I will try to find out what is going on and how to resolve it.  Reminder you can listen to the youtube video feed.

What a few months it has been with our audio and video and now download issues!  Can not wait for the new year!!!

Story 1

So I got an email during the week

I’m reaching out because we have just published “Internet Safety 101: The Ultimate Parents’ Guide”. It’s an easy-to-follow and super-practical parent guide that distills all the essential knowledge into one “magazine-style” webpage (ie, beautiful design, imagery and typography).

You can see it here: 

Our aim was to create something less “dry” than the usual internet safety stuff – something that busy moms and dads can engage with and digest. 

And would you be interested in linking to it? I wouldn’t ask unless I was sure it was a valuable resource. 

With care, 


P.s. I’d love to set this up before Xmas when a huge number of kids and young people will be gifted their first digital device. I’m hoping we’ve got time, and (of course) that you actually like it. (The Canadian gov’s education department did and they just featured and linked to us from their website!)

Neve Spicer

Founder & Director


Story 2

Steve Jobs signed Apple floppy disk can be yours for more than $8,000 — Pocket-lint

Here a bit of Apple history

An Apple floppy disk signed by Steve Jobs from the late 80s has popped up on an auction site. And, it can be yours for a mere US$8,800 (£6,805).

The disk for Macintosh System Tools version 6.0 – an early precursor to macOS – has been verified (pre-certified) as genuine, as has Jobs’ signature.

It is thought to be extremely rare, as the late-CEO and founder of Apple didn’t autograph much during his lifespan, so RR Auction describes it as a “museum-quality piece of computing history”.

It placed an initial estimate of $7,500 although that has now been exceeded. The bidding currently stands at $8,000 (at time of writing) so the next bidder will need to commit $8,800.

However, even that might not secure the disk. The auction does not finish until next week, with a “30-minute rule” starting at 7pm ET Wednesday 4 December.

In addition, a 25 per cent “buyer’s premium” will be added to the final hammer price. Commission, basically.

So, if you really want a slice of Apple history, you’ll need to have fairly deep pockets. That said, it’ll probably end up working out to be the cost of, roughly, two of the highest end MacBook Pros that are currently available on the Apple Store.

That’s not so bad, when you think about it.


Story 3

Federal Government announces trials to stop phone scammers — ABC News

Federal Government announces crackdown on Australia’s $500m phone scam problem

Authorities are predicting phone scams will leave Australians a record $500 million out of pocket this year alone, prompting the Federal Government to announce a crackdown.

Key points:

The communications authority launched a review into phone scams 18 months ago

The first of three recommended trials into combating phone scams has already been launched

Telcos have backed the trials and are creating an enforceable industry code to fight scammers

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) says phone scams have been growing in prevalence since it launched a review 18 months ago into how to better combat the problem.

Scam phone calls can involve scammers purporting to be from a well-known organisation like the Australian Taxation Office or the National Broadband Network and are aimed at deceiving people into handing over their information or paying money.

Another common technique, known as the “wangiri” method, which in Japanese means “one ring and cut”, involves a scammer calling and immediately hanging up. Those who call the number back are charged an expensive premium call rate.

Regulator recommends three ‘scam-busting’ trials

ACMA has now recommended the roll out of three trials.

The first will use a “do not originate” list which compiles a list of numbers scammers use when they try to disguise their calls as if they’re coming from trusted organisations.

The second trial will look at whether telecommunications companies can identify and block wangiri-style calls.

The third will try to pinpoint overseas phone numbers being used for scams.

Federal Communications and Cyber Safety Minister Paul Fletcher said the first trial was now underway, and the Government would start the two other trials early next year.

“This has been a growing problem, with scammers using the phone numbers of organisations like the Australian Tax Office and the National Broadband Network, so the telcos will be trialling measures to block this,” Mr Fletcher said.


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Way of the Turtle

What a great little game it reminds me of Mario or Banjo-Kazooie it was just fun to play. When I lost all my lives I died and had to start back at my last saved point. 

It was almost relaxing.

I’m going to give it 3 apples out of five for  nostalgia.




Big Time Sports,

I laughed at this game so much!  The over sized body’s and little heads were awesome!

Each mini game is just such great fun.

I did find that once you reached a certain score it didn’t go up any further, but this was a minor detail to me because I was having so much fun playing it.



Connected 270: Best Trees in the Country — Connected

Apple have released Apple Music Replay

It will load up Apple Music – possibly in a web version that could take a moment to load, and ask you to login – that will then show what you’ve been listening to through out the year.

The longer you have been listening using Apple Music the more variation will be there. And it updates each week.

How I heard of this, with extra insights and Siri shortcuts. Was part of a Podcast “Connected” Episode 210

The link to Apple’s site


Story 4

How to Take Great Holiday Photos

How to Take Great Holiday Photos

There is a link in the notes to an AWESOME writeup by photographer Erin Brokes

It starts ~ Holiday photos are all about mood. It’s a warm and bright season with so many fun get-togethers, events, colours, and lights. In many places around the world, it’s also colder and darker, which means shooting lots of photos indoors. Here are my tips to capturing beautiful memories that reflect this cozy and festive time of year.

With sample photos and advice on how to achieve these quality pics!


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Hello Steve overseas

Story 5

[Tech Ad-ons] Apple “Holiday – The Surprise”: Heartwarming, but not surprising — TechPP

Apple’s Christmas Video 2019

Again a video that is heart warming and yes gooey.

It shows the fun of having kids (parents will get what I mean here) and the creativity the kids can come up with!

No spoilers here, you will have to go and watch it yourself. And for those of us who work to much at our screen, catch up with last years Christmas video as well.

2019 Christmas video

2018 Christmas video


Story 6

Force restart your iPhone

Now I’ll start with the premise that your normal power off method does not work.

When my wife called and asked how to turn off here iPhone and she only had a screen with a spinning wheel.  I first suggested the normal shutdown method which showed nothing on the screen BUT dialled emergency services!!

There are 3 methods depending on your model iPhone

Force restart iPhone X and later, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus

        1. Press and release the volume up button.
        2. Press and release the volume down button.
        3. Press and hold the side button.
        4. When the Apple logo appears, release the button.

Force restart iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

        1. Press and hold both the volume down button and the Sleep/Wake button.
        2. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

Force restart iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, or iPhone SE

        1. Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button.
        2. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.


Story 7 

Apple Watch Siri awkwardly interrupts on-air meteorologist and contradicts his forecast — 9to5Mac

Apple Watch Siri awkwardly interrupts on-air meteorologist and contradicts his forecast

Apple Watch recently made an unplanned appearance on a BBC broadcast this week after a meteorologist accidentally activated the assistant.

Meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker was delivering his forecast on BBC Thursday when Siri chimed in to help. Schafernaker was describing the cold and snowy conditions around many parts of the United States, but Siri had other ideas.

As Schafernaker was talking about the snow throughout the United States, and outlining the possibility of snow in Europe, Siri chimed in to say that there was “no snow in the forecast.” While Schafernaker tried to quickly move on, the BBC anchor didn’t let the blunder slide.

“There is snow in your forecast, I thought,” the anchor pointed out. “Yeah, but it probably doesn’t know what place I’m talking about,” Schafernaker said.

You can watch the awkward interaction below:


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