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Happy 30th Birthday Photoshop

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Instagram / Facebook Account Issues



Story 2

Apple is now the people’s company, Samsung is for elitists

ZDNet reports ~ It isn’t just the prices on Samsung’s new phones. It’s a muddled product strategy that makes Apple’s wares seem relatively simple — and a little more accessible.

Can snobs ever understand those beneath them?

Can someone who’s spent their whole life expressing their divine, artistic superiority find a way to commune with those they used to ignore?

Yes, of course, we’re talking about Apple.

Here we are, you see, at an especially moving crossroads in the socio-technological sphere.

Apple was always known as the company with supremely exalted design skills and supremely exalted prices.

It rather enjoyed it. Its poorly dressed executives would declaim from on high that Apple represented the peak of aspiration.

I can’t help thinking that Samsung may be desperate to take its place.

Last week, the Korean handset maker revealed a raft of new phones. Some were so big you really could build a little raft with them.

The cheapest started at $999. The most expensive sailed beyond $1400.

The Galaxy 512 GB S20 Ultra touches $1600. The Z Flip starts at $1380. And let’s not forget the Galaxy Fold which commands two whole thousand dollars and the hope there won’t be a hole in the middle of your phone.

Could it be that Samsung is craving more of that elitist glow? Could it be it’s gasping to have the world’s hoity-toity brandishing its more alluring wares? Could it be this might leave many Samsung customers a touch confused?

When Apple launched its iPhone 11 series at the end of last year, the cheapest was $699. It seemed like a mild genuflection toward those who shivered at the thought of paying more than a thousand for their phone.



Story 3

Apple considering allowing third-party apps to replace defaults on iOS, HomePod

appleinsider is reporting ~ The HomePod may be opened up to third-party music services, and Apple may also allow iOS users to permanently swap the default email and browser apps for alternatives.

Following criticism of its allegedly preferring first-party apps over that of its competitors, Apple is reportedly considering letting users change their default apps and music services. Rather than the HomePod being primarily for Apple Music, for instance, users may in future be able to default to Spotify, without specifically addressing it.

Similarly, according to Bloomberg, Apple is contemplating allowing iOS users to replace default apps with alternatives. So instead of Mail, users could have Gmail, and instead of the Safari browser, they could have Chrome.

Users can already have these apps, but they are not the defaults. That’s more significant than just Apple prominently displaying its own apps, they are baked into iOS. If a website contains an email link, tapping it on an iOS device will currently always open Apple Mail.

Following specific complaints by Spotify, Apple updated iOS to allow users to be able to ask for music to be played from that service. However, it can’t replace Apple Music as the default, as users must explicitly ask Siri to play from Spotify. Then, too, the function only works on iOS devices, not yet HomePod or Mac.

This isn’t the first time that it has been reported that Apple was considering such a move, so at present it isn’t clear if the discussions cited on Friday are new, or ongoing. More recently, and on a smaller scale, Apple has previously been reported to be considering allowing users to replace the standard Messages app with WhatsApp, though in a limited message-by-message way.


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Oceanhorn 2 knights of the lost realm

This is really cool RPG the game play itself is about 15 hours or so ,

Its not everything you want in a RPG boss fights has of side quests where you meet cool characters.

And the graphics are more like console gaming than gaming on your phone.

 3.5 apples out of 5




Nightmare farm

I’ve played better farming games which I normally like but this seem a little lacking I’m hoping there is more to come with this one, I mean the graphics are cute but the game feels unfinished was just hoping for a little more than I got.

2.3 apples out of 5




Apple announces upcoming film ‘Swan Song’ starring Mahershala Ali

Apple on Wednesday added to a slowly growing slate of original Apple TV+ content with “Swan Song,” a new film starring two-time Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali. 

Joining Ali on what is described as a “genre-bending” drama is director and writer Benjamin Cleary, who won an Academy Award for his short film “Stutterer” in 2016. 

Set in the near future, “Swan Song” explores how far someone will go to make life happier for the people they love. Ali, who won acting Oscars for “Green Book” and “Moonlight,” stars as Milo.

Adam Shulman (“Defending Jacob”) and Jacob Perlin (“The Amazing Johnathan Documentary”) are producing the film on behalf of Anonymous Content. Ali is also listed as a producer. Production is set to start in the spring. 

“Benjamin’s script for Swan Song’ immediately connected with us,” said Matt Dentler, Apple’s head of Feature Development and Acquisitions. “We cannot wait to bring Benjamin’s vision together with Mahershala’s undeniable talent to deliver this powerfully layered story to audiences around the world.”

Like other recent Apple TV+ originals, including “The Elephant Queen,” “Swan Song” will receive a theatrical release prior to availability on Apple’s streaming service. 

“I’ve been developing Swan Song’ for a while and when I sat down with Apple it was immediately clear they completely understood my vision,” Cleary said. “Once Mahershala agreed to join us I knew we had something really special. To be making this movie with Mahershala and Anonymous at Apple is an absolute dream.”

“Swan Song” is the latest addition to Apple’s catalog of original films and joins 2020 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize-winning documentary “Boys State,” “The Banker,” “Beastie Boys Story,” “On The Rocks” and more.




Journey through Nevada’s Valley of Fire in spectacular ‘Shot on iPhone’ video

Apple shows off the capabilities of the Ultra Wide camera in the iPhone 11 Pro with a breath-taking video shot in scenic Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

It’s called “A journey into the Valley of Fire — Shot on iPhone.” Apple says it allows watchers to “See how iPhone 11 Pro captured the otherworldly 4K video using the Ultra Wide camera in this deep dive into the Valley of Fire.”

Embedded in the video is the note: “Fifty miles from Las Vegas lie the remains of a monumental geological process. Sculpted by 200 million years of wind and water. An ocean of rock. A valley of fire.“


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How To 1

Bring back your Mac’s startup chime with this simple terminal command

9to5Mac informs us ~ Apple’s Mac startup chime became an iconic signature of the company’s computers over the years and then in late 2016, it was removed for all Macs going forward with the exception of the 2017 MacBook Air. In a fun development today, there’s a short terminal command that’s been discovered that will bring back your Mac’s startup chime.

Back in 2016, there was a similar terminal command discovered to keep the startup chime, but Apple killed it not too long after.

Now it seems Apple has brought back the hidden option at some point with macOS Catalina. Today, Twitter user @chaysegr shared a video showing his MacBook Pro booting up with the iconic chime. He shared the terminal command that you can run to bring it back on your Mac:

sudo nvram StartupMute=%00

Type or copy and paste that command in Terminal then press return (enter your password if required). We verified that the command does indeed work on a couple of our machines here at 9to5Mac.

Shortly after, @tempaccountnull discovered that

sudo nvram StartupMute=%01

will turn it back to the default of no chime.



Story 4 

In a non tech story  ~  Jeremy Clarkson opens own shop selling ‘non-organic’ produce from his Diddly Squat farm

Metro UK reports ~ Jeremy Clarkson has opened the doors to his own farm shop, selling ‘guaranteed non-organic’ produce from his farm. The former Top Gear host, 59, had his grand opening on Saturday, allowing the first lot of fans to try out the produce her has grown on Diddly Squat farm. Jeremy’s new venture will be filmed for his upcoming Amazon Prime series, I Bought The Farm, which will follow him attempting to run his own 1,000-acre farm in Oxfordshire. The Grand Tour host has been growing his own crops on Diddly Squat farm for a year, and his fans were all invited to stop by and pick up a bag of potatoes (cheaper than Aldi, apparently).’.


Story 5 

‘Find my’ app helps bust sex trafficker & more in the Apple crime blotter

appleinsider reports ~ Two huge Apple Store thefts in Milwaukee, Apple’s “Find My” app leads to a sex trafficker, thousands of iPhone screens taken, and a stolen iPad found among other eclectic items —all this week in the Apple Crime Blotter.

iPhone and iPad theft scheme also involved manager’s kidnapping

Two men in South Carolina were arrested this week on charges that they kidnapped the manager of a T-Mobile store, forced him to let them in, and stole dozens of Apple products.

According to ABC News 4, police say the two suspects kidnapped the manager at gunpoint from outside his home, drove him to the store, and forced him to let them in. At that point they stole 50 iPhones, 8 Apple Watches, 15 iPads, and $1,500 cash. The manager was unharmed and informed police that one of the stolen phones was equipped with a tracker, which they used to apprehend the suspects.

$25,000 in items stolen from Milwaukee Apple Stores

A trio of thieves reportedly stole more than $25,000 in items from two Apple Stores in the Milwaukee area at the end of January. According to The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the thefts at the Mayfair Mall and Bayshore locations took place only 30 minutes apart. The first theft netted 17 Apple watches, 14 Apple magic trackpads, and one Apple pencil while the second included eight Apple watches, nine Apple pencils, four Apple Airpods and five Apple magic trackpads.

Apple Watches, Apple Pencils taken from Tennessee Apple Store

In other Apple Store theft news, a pair of thieves reportedly stole 11 Apple Watches & 20 Apple Pencils from the Cool Springs Apple Store in Franklin, Tenn., on Feb. 8. According to Williamson Source, the theft totaled around $7,000 worth of items.

Stolen iPad found along with vintage newspaper and other items

A car was pulled over last week by state troopers in Indiana, who discovered a wide variety of stolen items. According to BND, the items included an iPad, more than two dozen credit and debit cards, drug paraphernalia, autographed footballs, and a newspaper from the day after the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. 

Police are working to return the items to their rightful owners.

Feud between activists, farmers includes taking of iPhone and cow

A long-running dispute between the owners of a Maryland farm and a group of animal-rights activists from Virginia has led to escalating criminal charges between the farm and the activists. According to The Baltimore Sun, one of the activists has been charged with both second-degree assault and a fourth-degree sexual offense. On top of that, the girlfriend of the farmer has been accused of stealing the iPhone of one of the activists and damaging her car. 

The dispute dates back to 2019, when another member of the animal liberation group pled guilty to stealing a cow from the farm and moving it to an animal sanctuary called Life With Pigs.

“Tens of thousands” worth of iPhone screens stolen from U.K. distributor

Mobio Distribution, a U.K.-based distributor of mobile parts, suffered a major theft of iPhone screens from its location in Banbury. According to Mobile News, the company’s co-director described the loss from the theft as “into the tens of thousands,” and added that the thieves appeared to have targeted screens specifically and left other items alone. 

Find My iPhone led to arrest of man accused of sex trafficking

A man indicted on federal charges that he coerced his girlfriend to drug and rob men over the course of four years —one of whom died —was caught after one of their victims used Find My iPhone.

According to the Justice Department press release, Randy Jonal Schenck was charged on 12 counts, including sex trafficking by force, fraud and coercion, transportation of an individual to engage in prostitution and aggravated identity theft. The Associated Press reported that Schenck was arrested at a hotel in Georgia after a victim, who had multiple smartphones stolen, used Find My iPhone to track him.

Restaurant burglaries lead to three years in prison

Elsewhere in Georgia, another accused thief is headed to prison, also thanks to tracking of an Apple device that he stole. According to The Press Herald, a 54-year-old man has pled guilty to a series of restaurant burglaries in the Augusta area. In one of the thefts, the man took an iPad which contained a tracking device, leading police to a girlfriend to whom he had gifted the stolen device. 

After pleading guilty to two counts of burglary, three counts of theft, and one count each of burglary of a motor vehicle and criminal mischief, the man was sentenced to three years in prison.



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