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Show 335 – May 19, 2020

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings

How is it starting back to normality? 

Story 1 ~ 

New Apple Security Blow: If You Have An iPhone, Look Away Now

Forbes reports ~ Apple had been hoping to move past its recent run of security warnings—but no such luck. After a dreadful April, here we are in May with yet another security blow for the hundreds of millions of iOS users around the world. And this time, it’s more than just an overblown exploit that can be downplayed, this time it’s confirmation that a glut of new security exploits are targeting iOS users.

After some torrid security disclosures last year, the first sign of trouble for Apple this time around came with a claim from security researchers at ZecOps that a zero-day vulnerability with Apple’s native mail application had been exploited in the wild, combining with other vulnerabilities to compromise devices. Apple denied the exploit had impacted users, but some security officials were not convinced, warning users to remove the mail app until the issue is fixed.

Then, just a couple of days later, we had reports of a new “text bomb” that exposed Apple devices running iOS 13 to a remotely triggered crash following the receipt of a message containing a crafted text string. Apple is patching both flaws—but the confidence of users was shaken by the scale of the security flaws, coming in the wake of all the stories of Apple’s buggy iOS 13 release.

Then, five days after the text bomb news, Google’s researchers decided to pile on more pressure, with Project Zero’s bug-hunters reporting “numerous new vulnerabilities” with Apple’s handling of obscure image formats. The disclosed flaws were patched by the time Google reported, but the researchers warned there would be other flaws still hidden away, just waiting to be found.


Story 2 ~ Pic

Apple unveils biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X

Apple has unveiled a major update to Logic Pro X with a professional version of Live Loops, a completely redesigned sampling workflow, and new beat-making tools. With its collection of powerful creative features, Logic Pro X 10.5 will be a massive release for all musicians, including those producing electronic music.

“The Mac and Logic Pro X are essential tools used by the world’s top musicians and producers to create the music that we all love,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Apps Product Marketing. “Logic Pro X 10.5 represents the biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X, with powerful new tools that will inspire every artist — from those just getting started with Logic, to those already using it to produce Grammy Award-winning albums. We can’t wait to hear what these artists create next.”

Pro musicians and producers are already expressing their excitement for Logic Pro X 10.5, saying:

“Logic Pro X has always been my one and only DAW. The workflow is unmatched, and the built-in sound libraries have been essential to my music from the beginning. Now with the addition of Quick Sampler and Drum Machine Designer, I’m getting back hours I used to spend in the studio building sounds and kits. This lets me spend more time writing new verses and editing 70-take vocals.” — Finneas O’Connell, Grammy Award-winning producer: Billie Eilish, “Bad Guy” and the album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

“Logic Pro X 10.5 has changed the way we approach making music. We’ve been working with all the new features, from recording sounds with the MacBook Pro’s built-in mic directly into Quick Sampler, to quickly arranging a song while simultaneously recording artists using the Live Loops grid. Logic has been used for years on all our productions and the new version will make it even faster for us to create lasting songs.” — Denzel Baptiste and David Biral of Take a Daytrip, Grammy-nominated producers: Lil Nas X, “Panini”; Sheck Wes, “Mo Bamba”; Travis Scott and Kid Cudi, “THE SCOTTS”; Juice WRLD, “Legends”; Dua Lipa, “Good In Bed”; and YBN Cordae, “Kung Fu.”


Good Products for when were Stuck Indoors


Gaming #1 ~

I’m a little disappointed this week I tried 2 games.

Both of which I couldn’t work out. I honestly don’t know if I’m getting to old for this or if the games were just not ready. Lol! 

Now the first game is called ChuChu Rocket universe. 

I couldn’t get past the play screen.


Gaming #2 ~ 

Beyond Blue

It had promise 

With the trailer show a diving game where you would play with Whales and dolphins. 

Well if you can control it you’re doing better than me. 

So that’s been my week in gaming.


Entertainment #1 ~ 

YouTube to stream Tribeca, Cannes, Sundance films for free starting May 29

The 10-day We Are One festival will feature movies from 20 of the world’s most famous film festivals.

cnet tells us ~ In light of the closures surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, YouTube announced on Monday a global film festival called We Are One. The free online festival will begin May 29 and run through June 7 on YouTube. 

Twenty of the world’s most famous film festivals will feature their content. The Berlin International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Jerusalem Film Festival and Venice Film Festival will all be presenting. The digital festival will feature films, shorts, documentaries, comedies, music and conversations. A full schedule of events will be posted on the festival’s YouTube page soon.

“One of the most unique and inspiring aspects of the world staying home is our ability to come together and experience an event as one, and We Are One: A Global Film Festival is just that,” Robert Kyncl, chief business officer of YouTube, said in a release. 

The film festival will benefit the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

“We often talk about film’s uniquely powerful role in inspiring and uniting people across borders and differences to help heal the world. All of the world needs healing right now,” said Jane Rosenthal, Tribeca Enterprises and Tribeca Film Festival co-founder and CEO. Tribeca also organised and produced the festival.


Entertainment #2 ~ Pic

Apple TV+ ‘Mythic Quest’ special shot entirely on the iPhone airs May 22

“Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet” will return to Apple TV+ on May 22 with a special episode that was written, filmed, and edited remotely entirely on iPhones

“Mythic Quest” is Apple TV+’s imaginative, sometimes hilarious look at life in the offices of a gaming company. The series has a pedigree that’s heavily associated with the long-running cable comedy series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Like most TV productions, “Mythic Quest” had been put on the back-burner as a safety measure during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, the series will return to Apple’s streaming service on May 22 for a special episode titled “Mythic Quest: Quarantine,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Entertainment #3 ~ 

I have been enjoying simple old YouTube

This afternoon I watch Don Adams do stand up comedy in 1957. Get Smart ran from late 1965 to late 1970. 

Also some Carol Burnett with Robin Williams. And Harvey Korman and Tim Conway. Awesome!!!


How To #1

iPhone Scroll Bar

        1. 1.Open any app that uses the scroll bar, such as Safari or Photos.
        2. 2.Locate the scroll bar on the right hand side of the screen.
        3. 3.Long press and hold the scroll bar.
        4. 4.Holding down with your finger, you can now drag the scroll bar up and down the screen.


Story 3 ~ 

European Heart Journal: Apple Watch ECG detects signs of coronary ischaemia missed by hospital ECG

9to5Mac explains ~ Since the Apple Watch added the ECG app with the Series 4, numerous stories have surfaced about how the app has contributed to saving people’s lives. Now, a new article from the European Heart Journal tells the story of an 80-year-old woman in Mainz Germany whose Apple Watch detected evidence of a heart condition missed by a hospital ECG.

The woman arrived at University Medical Center Mainz complaining of chest pain, irregular heart rhythm, and lightheadedness. At the hospital, doctors performed a traditional 12-channel ECG, which revealed “no evidence for ischaemia.”

The patient then showed doctors the results of ECG tests that she took with her Apple Watch, which included “tracings with marked ST-segment depression.” In these results, the doctors did see evidence of myocardial ischaemia. The patient was transferred to the catheterisation lab which showed “a left main stem stenosis and a left anterior descending/diagonal bifurcation lesion.”

The article from the European Health Journal concludes that the Apple Watch can be used to detect myocardial ischaemia:

The development of smart technologies paves the way for new diagnostic possibilities. In the case of the Apple Watch, after the mobile application is installed, the records an ECG when a finger is placed on the watch’s digital crown. A 30-s tracing is stored in a PDF file that can be retrieved from the application.

Thus, the Apple Watch may be used not only to detect atrial fibrillation or atrioventricular-conduction disturbances but also to detect myocardial ischaemia. An apple a day may keep myocardial infarction away.


Story 4

Alexa Developer Rewards Expands to Australia, and New Zealand

We are announcing that we have expanded the Alexa Developer Rewards program to Australia and New Zealand. From April, you can make money for eligible skills published to the Australian Skill Store that garner the highest customer engagement each month, as well as in the US, the UK, Germany, Japan, India, France, Italy, and Spain. You can learn more about Alexa Developer Rewards by visiting our local page.

Get Started

We evaluate customer engagement and determine skill rewards on a monthly basis. You can increase customer engagement and potentially earn more rewards by improving your existing skills and publishing new ones. You can also read about best practices for promoting your Alexa skills to reach more customers.

Eligible skill categories include:

Education & Reference

Food & Drink

Games, Trivia & Accessories


Health & Fitness


Music & Audio



To date, the Alexa Developer Rewards program has paid millions of dollars to developers in more than 20 countries. You can read about how Gal Shenar, David Markey, and Oscar Merry earned Alexa Developer Rewards on the Alexa developer blog.

There is no need to apply for the program. If your skill qualifies for rewards, you will receive an email from the Alexa team. The email will cover the next steps for your registration and payment account setup. Make sure your profile section is up to date in the Alexa Developer Console.

For more information, visit our local page about Alexa Developer Rewards in Australia/New Zealand.


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