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Show 336 – May 25, 2020

Run Sheet ~ Zarn & Michael


Our Aussie Apple Ramblings 

Story 1 ~ 

As Pride goes virtual, Apple Watch Pride Edition helps community and advocacy continue worldwide

Like most high school seniors, Elle Smith hasn’t had the year they imagined. Prom was cancelled. A graduation ceremony is up in the air. But one thing Elle hasn’t compromised on is weekly virtual meetings of their Austin, Texas, high school’s Genders and Sexualities Alliance, a club for LGBTQ students and allies to come together and find community. Elle restarted the club in their freshman year and has led it ever since.

“Not everyone has a safe and supportive family situation,” Elle explained. “We’re all missing out on a lot of different life events. It’s about honouring the changes in people’s lives, and marking the milestones we want to mark, while still being safe. We’re trying to make sure that students have access to fun and relaxation, too.” 

It’s this commitment to community and advocacy that led to Elle’s being named Student Advocate of the Year by GLSEN, a US-based LGBTQ organisation that has inspired and helps lead a global movement to end discrimination, harassment, and bullying in schools. GLSEN supports student advocates like Elle and provides the resources that help them change their communities, one conversation at a time. 

“Pride season is a time where it feels safer to be authentic. It’s the ideal world where you’re able to be safe, you’re able to be yourself, and you’re able to be loud.” 


That work is particularly important during Pride month, observed every June in the US. Normally a time of parades and protests, organising and advocacy, festivals and community, Pride gatherings in many places have been cancelled because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But the work done by advocates like Elle hasn’t disappeared — it’s adapted to meet an urgent need. 

“Pride season is a time where it feels safer to be authentic. It’s the ideal world where you’re able to be safe, you’re able to be yourself, and you’re able to be loud,” Elle said. “I think everyone who’s involved with LGBTQ organisations has done a great job shifting our programs and outreach to a virtual format. We want to keep our momentum going and make sure everyone has access to resources just as they would have pre-COVID.”

GLSEN is just one of the organisations whose work on behalf of LGBTQ people Apple directly supports with its annual Apple Watch Pride Edition band and face collection. Apple not only aims to help users celebrate Pride in their own lives, but it also directly supports the work of organisations like GLSEN and advocates like Elle. 

This year’s artfully unique Pride Edition Sport Band is joined for the first time by the new Apple Watch Nike Pride Edition Sport Band. Both are available from, the Apple Store app, and Apple stores, and pair beautifully with new matching Pride Watch faces that are coming soon as a part of watchOS 6.2.5.

Through this effort, Apple and Nike are proud to support LGBTQ organisations doing vital advocacy and community-building worldwide, including GLSEN, PFLAG, The Trevor Project, Gender Spectrum, The National Center for Transgender Equality, and ILGA World, which brings together more than 1,500 member organisations in more than 150 countries and regions.


Story 2 ~ Pic

AusPost reported 300 cyber incidents this year, but nothing to cause major disruption

ZDNet reports ~ Australia Post has seen around 300 cyber incidents so far this year, but it said none were enough to cause the government-owned entity to suffer the same fate as the likes of Toll.

Addressing the Joint Committee on Public Accounts and Audit on Tuesday, Australia Post chief information security officer Glenn Stuttard said from January 1 to March 30, the organisation had no incidents that were considered to be of “extremely high” impact.

“But we did respond to over 300 individual cyber incidents that we see in our systems and most of those come from things like SMS phishing campaigns,” he said. “Text messages that bad actors might send to you try and get you to click on a link and give up your credentials and similarly through email phishing campaigns, so we’re dealing with these types of things on a daily basis, and defending those.”

He said it was quite a substantial number and that the postal service didn’t have any “high” or “extreme” impacts over that period of time.

Stuttard said Australia Post has not specifically seen any evidence in the past few years of state actors attempting to “hack” or “attack” its systems. But he did say there would be a substantial disruption to its functions should it fall victim to a serious attack.

“Obviously our obligation to deliver a letter service under our obligation would be one business interruption … we run one of the larger parcel logistics businesses in the country and so our ability to be able to function as our parcel business does, if we were impacted by an attack, that service may be impacted and degraded … similar to what you’d see with Toll,” he said.

Australia Post was appearing before the committee as part of its inquiry to consider the cyber resilience of government entities prioritising information security.

Specifically, the committee is examining two Auditor-General’s reports: Cyber Resilience of Government Business Enterprises and Corporate Commonwealth Entities and Implementation of the My Health Record System.

The first report followed the Australian National Audit Office’s examination of Australia Post, Reserve Bank of Australia, and ASC Pty Ltd, an Australian government business involved with naval shipbuilding.

The audit labelled Australia Post as not effectively managing cybersecurity risks, with the report highlighting weaknesses in the postal service’s implementation of its risk management framework.

Since the recommendations were made, Stuttard said Australia Post has taken a number of steps under a program of work which is due for completion by June 30.

He said it includes conducting maturity level assessments against the Essential Eight controls for mitigating cyber attacks, reconfirming its critical application list and control scope for assessment of business critical and security ranked critical applications, and conducting reviews internally.

“We’re working very, very quickly to establish that baseline of controls against our critical applications, have the appropriate risks weighed, and have the appropriate actions taken where we’re finding critical-high gaps,” he said. “So that’s the work that we’ve been doing off the back of the recommendation.”

John Cox, Australia Post EGM of transformation and enablement, said that from a cultural perspective, staff have been undertaking formal online training, as well as participating in simulations to ensure frontline staff have “good cyber awareness”.

“As with all organisations, Australia Post continues to monitor the fast-evolving cyber threat landscape … continually reviewing and adjusting our tools and our processes to ensure that we have that right strengths and protections in place to prevent those cyber attacks,” Stuttard added.

“Some of those techniques include ensuring that we have the best of breed, next-generation tooling in place to limit risk and impact of cyber threats such as ransomware.”

Stuttard said he was confident that the postal service has “good, broad coverage” in terms of its protective capability.

As a non-corporate government entity, Australia Post isn’t required to adhere to the Information Security Manual or the Essential Eight, but it has chosen to voluntarily incorporate some aspects.

“It is clearly not something that we are required to do, however, we certainly see it as sound practice, and we take a commercial lens as a corporate entity that looks at the risks and assesses it based off our overall investment portfolio, and as a consequence, we’ve been gradually working through our cyber risks and building towards the Essential Eight,” Cox explained.

“However, because of some of our business risks that don’t require that, just because of the nature of them, we haven’t applied that consistently everywhere, we’ve been quite targeted in applying it, but continuing to work towards it because it is a good standard.”


Good Products for when were Stuck Indoors


Gaming #1 ~ Pics x2 G1 & G2

Beyond Blue,

After setting up my Apple TV I knew what I had to do…. It was time to game!! 

First off the long list of games to try was Beyond Blue I was super looking forward to trying this with a controller on my big screen. 

Graphically it didn’t let me down it was stunning. 

I got to swim with Humpbacks,

Play with Dolphins, and be careful around reef sharks. 

All while playing as Mirai a diver and  scientist.


Gaming #2 ~ 


Rocket universe 

I didn’t expect this to be so addictive I honestly couldn’t stop playing it. 

This puzzle game starts off pretty fun and easy but grabs you in and get you thinking straight away. 


Entertainment #1 ~ 

Apple’s “Little Voice” from Emmy Award winner J.J. Abrams, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson to debut globally Friday, July 10 on Apple TV+

First look revealed for new half-hour coming-of-age drama series featuring original music from Sara Bareilles

“Little Voice” follows Bess King (O’Grady), a uniquely talented performer struggling to fullfill her dreams while navigating rejection, love and complicated family issues. Featuring original music by Grammy and Tony Award nominee Sara Bareilles, this is a story about finding your authentic voice — and the courage to use it.

“Little Voice” is produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions in association with Warner Bros.


Entertainment #2 ~ Pic


One person’s story can change the world. From Emmy-winning filmmaker R.J. Cutler, Dear… profiles game-changing icons and the people whose lives they’ve inspired.

All ten episodes will debut June 5, exclusively on the Apple TV app with an Apple TV+ subscription.

Inspired by Apple’s groundbreaking “Dear Apple” ad for the Apple Watch, Dear… is an inventive approach to biographies of the influential people who are shaping culture and society today using letters that fans have written to them.

Dear… focuses on key moments from subjects’ lives and their work that has profoundly impacted not only the individuals who have written letters, but the world at large.

MS I have watched the trailer and it looks inspiring.  Even Big Bird gets a say!


Entertainment #3 ~ 

Binge, Foxtel’s new streaming service, wants to ‘kill the scroll’ as it bids for your subscription 

ABC News reporting ~ There’s a new player in the TV streaming market and it wants to make life easier for you.

Foxtel’s new subscription platform Binge launches today, boasting 10,000 hours of content, scaling up to 20,000 in the next 12 months.

One of its drawcards will be much-discussed US shows like Succession and Game of Thrones from cable channel HBO.

Content deals with Warner Bros, Sony and the BBC will also give subscribers a wide range of popular movies and documentaries.

But Binge will face strong competition for your dollars from established players Netflix, Stan, Apple TV, Disney+ and Amazon, which are already duking it out in a crowded market.

To that end, aside from its content offering — TV series Big Little Lies and The Wire, the DC Universe collection and the Fast & Furious films — one of its key selling points will be its promise to “kill the scroll”.

A ‘surprise me’ feature that harks back to old-school TV

Streaming services are bulging with content, and data suggests people will subscribe to more than one.

That can mean decision paralysis.

“Consumers want to avoid feeling regret,” Adrian Camilleri, a consumer psychologist and senior lecturer in marketing at the University of Technology, Sydney, who studies judgement and decision-making, told the ABC last year.

“Regret comes from choosing to invest in an option such as a new TV series that turns out to be unsatisfying.”

In a briefing for media, Binge said it would bolster its personalisation algorithm by adding sections curated by humans.

“Everybody loves the algorithm — to an extent,” Brian Lenz, director of products for Binge, said of streaming services generally.

An over-reliance on algorithms that do not give you an indication of quality — i.e. whether one action film is better than another — has been a source of criticism for streaming platforms.

Recently, Netflix, by far the largest platform in Australia, indicated it was looking to address that by having sections of its platform include staff picks.

Netflix also recently introduced a daily top 10, designed to give you an idea of what other Australians are watching.

Part of Binge’s strategy is a section called “surprise me”, which will bring up a random show or movie. If you don’t like what you get, you can roll the dice again.

You can get a 14 Day Free Trial now.  Binge is from $10/m.

MS Binge is owned by Foxtel BUT Foxtel is more than twice the price.  So will I be able to get Binge shows on Foxtel?? Doubt it!!


How To #1 ~ Pic

iOS 13.4: How to share iCloud Drive folders from iPhone and iPad

Improved collaboration for iCloud Drive arrived with iOS 13.4, iPadOS 13.4, and macOS Catalina 10.15.4.

Shared folders has been a long-requested feature from iCloud Drive users and the latest iPhone, iPad, and Mac software offers up an easy way to share with others, including multiple folders at a time. There are also some handy permission options that come along with the new feature.

If you remember seeing this feature last year, that’s because it debuted with the iOS 13 betas back in June but was then removed from later betas as well as the public release of the software in the fall. In any case, it’s great to see this valuable functionality arrive!

Sharing iCloud Drive folders from iPhone and iPad

      1. 1.Make sure you’re running, at least, iOS 13.4/iPadOS 13.4


      1. 2.Open the Files app and navigate to iCloud Drive
      2. 3.Long press on a folder then tap Share
      3. 4.To share multiple folders, tap Select
      4. 5.Choose multiple folders, tap the Share icon (square with up arrow)

To quickly share one folder, long press and use the share option toward the bottom of the list.

You can also swipe up on the share sheet as shown below and choose Add People. This will allow you to share the same folder with multiple people.

At the bottom of the screen, you can dial in sharing permissions like who can view the folders and if they can make changes. The default is set as “Only people you invite” can access the folders, and “Can make changes” for permission.

Pictures to help walk you through


Story 3 ~ 

Former iOS Chief Scott Forstall Shares Intriguing Story of His Interview With Steve Jobs at NeXT

MacRumors yFormer Apple executive and iOS chief Scott Forstall made a rare public appearance this week at’s virtual Code Break event, and in between classes, Forstall shared the intriguing story of how he was hired by Steve Jobs.

Forstall revealed that he had been considering working at Microsoft when he went to interview at NexT, the company started by Jobs after he had left Apple. Forstall described the NexT interview as “intense,” involving seventeen people over the course of the day.

However, ten minutes into the first interview, Jobs burst into the room and grabbed the interviewer and took him out into the hallway. The two had an animated discussion as Forstall waited. Eventually, Jobs came back into the room to personally conduct the interview with him.

“He just started peppering me with question after question, and after about 15 minutes we really clicked – on design, philosophy, and a bunch of other things,” Forstall recalled.

“Eventually he stopped, and said, ‘I know you have to interview for the rest of the day. I don’t care what anyone says, at the end of the day, I’m giving you an offer. But please, pretend you’re interested in everyone’s questions throughout the rest of the day.’ Then he looked at me and said, ‘I’m sure you’re going to accept this offer.’ So this was his way to convince me.”

Forstall went on to reveal that he’d also had an offer from Microsoft, which he subsequently turned down that day. The next morning, he found a dead fish in a box on his doorstep.

Reminded of the mafia’s use of a dead fish delivery as a threat, Forstall checked the box for a return address: It was from Microsoft. So Forstall called up his contact there, but it turned out the company had sent him a fresh king salmon from Seattle’s Pike Place fish market, implying that he wouldn’t be able to buy fish like that if he moved to the Bay Area.

Forstall said he ended up cooking the fish and eating it that evening, and then went on to work with Steve Jobs at NeXT and then Apple for the next 20 years, before departing the company in 2013.


Story 4 ~ Pic

‘This App is No Longer Shared’ iOS Bug Preventing Some Apps From Opening

An app bug is causing some iOS users to be unable to open their apps, with affected iPhone and iPad users seeing the message “This app is no longer shared with you” when attempting to access an app.

There are multiple complaints about the issue on the MacRumors forums and on Twitter from users who are running into problems. A MacRumors reader describes the issue:

Is anyone else experiencing widespread app crashes? I am suddenly being informed that “this app is no longer shared with you” from several iOS apps. When I follow the prompt to the app’s App Store page, the only option is to “open” which then just puts me back into the same loop.

Dozens of Twitter complaints suggest the issue is affecting people running both iOS 13.4.1 and iOS 13.5, and it’s not clear what’s causing the problem as not everyone appears to be affected. Some users have had the problem occur after updating apps in the last day.

There have been complaints about many apps including YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, LastPass, and more. We updated the WhatsApp app an ‌iPhone‌ on iOS 13.5 prior to writing this article and immediately got the error message.

How to Fix ‘This App is No Longer Shared’

People impacted by the issue have been able to fix their apps by deleting the app that’s not working and reinstalling it.

Offloading the app rather than deleting it will also fix the problem. The benefit of Offloading an app is that you won’t lose any data, and you can pick up right where you left off.

To offload, go to Settings -> General -> ‌iPhone‌ Storage -> Scroll down to the App with the problem -> Tap on the App Name -> Tap on Offload App

Just a Note, Zarn got this on Saturday night when visiting me


Story 5 ~ Pic

Apple’s ‘Bounce’ AirPods Ad Wins ‘Best of Advertising’ Award

Apple’s creative “Bounce” ad designed to highlight the AirPods took top honours in the 99th annual ADC (Art Director’s Club) awards for advertising, earning the “Best of Discipline” award along with two Gold Cube awards in the craft in video and branded content categories.

Released in June 2019, the ad features a bored man who pulls his ‌AirPods‌ off of their wireless charging pad and then pops outside to bounce over street items that are bouncy like a trampoline. The song “I Learnt Some Jazz Today” plays in the background while he bounces throughout town.


Story 6 ~ Pic 

iOS and iPadOS 13.5 now available with COVID-19 contact API, FaceTime and Face ID tweaks

What’s new in iOS 13.5

Macworld informs us ~ What will you find in iOS and iPadOS 13.5? We expect this release to fine-tune a few minor details and fix a few bugs, while also starting to address COVID-19 specific issues.

Face ID for those wearing masks

It would make Face ID a lot less secure for it to work on people wearing masks. But now that so many millions of people are wearing masks every day, Apple has made the fail state a little less painful.

After swiping up to unlock your iPhone, you used to have to wait a second for Face ID to fail before it would display the keypad to enter your passcode. Now, it displays the keypad right away so you can start entering your passcode immediately without waiting a second for Face ID to fail (due to your mask). It’s a very small change, but will be appreciated by those wearing masks all day.

Contact tracing API

This iOS release will include the Apple/Google contact tracing API for developers. That won’t mean anything to regular users until state health agencies release apps that use it, but the developers of those apps can now publish them.

It’s important to note that the Google/Apple exposure notification API protects your privacy in many ways. Data is never uploaded from your device to a central server, your identity is never shared (only a random, and changing, string of letters and numbers), and your location is never recorded or shared. Still, there’s a new privacy setting to prevent logging of COVID-19 tracing data. To change it, go to Settings > Privacy > Health and look for COVID-19 Exposure Logging at the top of the screen.

Group FaceTime face zooming

When you make a Group FaceTime call, iOS automatically zooms in on the person who’s speaking. That may work with three or four people, but in more crowded calls it’s a pain. New in iOS 13.5 is a toggle to disable that. 

Go to Settings > FaceTime and look for the Automatic Prominence heading. There’s a toggle for Speaking there.

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