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Show 343 – July 13, 2020

Run Sheet ~ Zarn & Michael


Our Aussie Apple Ramblings 

Story 1 ~ 

iOS14 and iPadOS14 are now available as Public Betas

I personally have been using iPadOS14 since about a week after it was released as a Beta, without any issues!

I installed iOS14 last Friday and have also had no issues and al my apps I have used so far have worked.


Story 2 ~ 

Gmail iPad App Update Adds Support for Split View Multitasking

MacRumors tells us ~ Google has updated its Gmail app for iPad to add long-awaited Split View support, meaning the app can now be used in Apple’s multitasking split screen mode alongside another app.

Google announced the introduction of Split View support in a blog post, saying the feature is available now to all users.

When using an ‌iPad‌, you’re now able to multitask with Gmail and other iOS applications. You can use Gmail and Google Calendar at the same time with Split View to check your schedule before replying to an email to confirm a meeting time. Or, you can easily drag and drop pictures from Google Photos into an email without leaving Gmail.

Before you attempt to use Split View, make sure multitasking is enabled on your ‌iPad‌: Launch the Settings app, go to Home Screen & Dock > Multitasking and select Allow Multiple Apps.

To use Split View when the Gmail app is open, bring up the Dock with a short swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then touch and hold another app icon and drag it up, over to the left or right edge of the screen, then release your finger.


Gaming #1:


Now you might recognise the animation style from older arcade games such as Pilgrim‘s. 

Because Amanita designs are at it again. This company is great at dark and quirky games.

So running through this puzzle games dark animation was just great. I love the style of everything around my character there is so much that catches the eye.

Getting through the levels and trying to work out the puzzles to be honest. I’m not far into it again with these puzzle games are an awesome brain workout. I will try to get through some more before I go to bed to night because I really want to keep playing.

So I’m going to give this 4 out of 5 apples. 


Entertainment #1 ~ pic

Apple Signs Deal to Create Shows Based on Where the Wild Things Are

MacRumors reports ~ Apple has inked a deal with the Maurice Sendak Foundation and plans to create Apple TV+ kids shows and specials based on the popular book Where the Wild Things Are, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Under the terms of the deal, Apple and The Maurice Sendak Foundation will “reimagine new children’s series and specials based” on the author’s illustrations and books, which include “Where the Wild Things Are,” “In the Night Kitchen,” “Outside Over There,” and “The Nutshell Library.”

This is the first time that the Maurice Sendak Foundation has established a multi-year overall agreement with a streaming television service. Writer, director, and Sendak collaborator Arthur Yoinks will work with Apple to develop various projects.

There’s no word on what Apple paid for access to Maurice Sendak’s characters, but Apple has also signed overall content deals with the Jim Henson Company for a Fraggle Rock series, Sesame Workshop for various TV shows like “Helpsters,” and WildBrain (formerly DHX Media) for Peanuts content like “Snoopy in Space.”

Back in 2009, director Spike Jonze worked with Maurice Sendak for a “Where the Wild Things Are” film, and it sounds like Apple’s deal will focus on television content rather than another movie.


Entertainment #2 –

Apple Music Real-Time Lyrics Now Available on Samsung Smart TVs

Again from MacRumors ~ Apple and Samsung partnered to launch an Apple Music app for Samsung smart TVs in April, and from today the app also supports real-time lyrics (via

Real-time lyrics lets ‌‌Apple Music‌‌ listeners view song lyrics in a karaoke-style while songs are playing, allowing them to sing along to the music. ‌Apple Music‌ synchronous lyrics are available for Samsung Smart TV models from 2018 to 2020.

Samsung was first to feature ‌Apple Music‌ on a smart TV, and the app looks similar to the Apple TV version of ‌‌Apple Music‌‌.

Many of Samsung’s recent smart TVs also support the ‌‌Apple TV‌‌ app, which offers access to ‌‌Apple TV‌‌+, ‌‌Apple TV‌‌ channels, and movie and TV show rentals and purchases.

Samsung Smart TV owners can download ‌Apple Music‌ from the Samsung Smart TV App Store, log in to an existing account with their Apple ID, or start the subscription process directly from their TV.

Samsung Smart TV owners can also trial ‌Apple Music‌ for three months for free, with subscription plans available for individuals, families or students.


Entertainment #3 

Lucy Mangan from The Guardian reviewed Little Voice, now on AppleTV+ and said it hits a bum note!

When I checked what else this “ TV “ critic had reviewed it looked like this celebrity MasterChef, 

Miss America pageant,

And the babysitters club. 

So forgive me for saying maybe a musical dramadey might not be in her wheelhouse? 

So I suggest you check it out for yourself before jumping on this little red wagon.


How To #1 ~ 

Apple warns customers not to close its laptops with a camera cover attached

The Verge reports ~ Though it might strike some people as obvious advice, Apple has published a support page that warns MacBook owners not to close their laptop with a camera cover in place. Damage like a cracked display could result, according to the company, because “the clearance between the display and keyboard is designed to very tight tolerances.” MacRumors spotted the advisory, which Apple posted on July 2nd.

Those little plastic camera covers with a sliding mechanism are super common nowadays. Heck, I remember getting one as a holiday gift from The Verge’s parent company, Vox Media. But they could spell disaster for your laptop screen if you shut the laptop with the cover still on, and Apple’s laptop repairs are extremely costly. Even with AppleCare+ accidental coverage, the deductible isn’t cheap.

Instead of using a cover, Apple says that customers can trust the green LED beside the camera on a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air that illuminates whenever the camera is active. “The camera is engineered so that it can’t activate without the camera indicator light also turning on,” Apple’s support document says. That’s all well and good, but sometimes it’s not so much about privacy as it is just having that layer of separation between you and your co-workers on a video conference; I never like popping up on camera unexpectedly during that first cup of coffee in the morning.


Story 3 ~ 

Apple promises faster software update installation with macOS Big Sur

9t05Mac reports ~ Apple announced macOS Big Sur with a redesigned interface and new features, including widgets, Control Center, and more. The update also brings some important changes that weren’t mentioned on stage at WWDC 2020, such as a system capable of installing software updates faster in the background.

Users are currently unable to use the Mac during the update installation process, which can take up to an hour depending on the update. Both the preparation and installation process are done on boot, so the system remains inaccessible until the update is complete.

According to a note from Apple’s website, macOS Big Sur makes the software update process faster by running part of the process in the background.

Once macOS Big Sur is installed, software updates begin in the background and complete faster than before — so it’s easier than ever to keep your Mac up to date and secure.


Good Products for when were Stuck Indoors


Story 4 ~

Apple Shares New ‘Behind the Mac’ Video Featuring James Blake

Apple has shared a new video in its “Behind the Mac” series, which provides a look into the Apple tools used by musician James Blake to create his work.

GRAMMY(R) award winner, James Blake, takes us into his home studio as he works Behind the Mac to put the finishing touches on his latest song, “Are you even real.” Editing, looping, pitching, and layering the track in Logic Pro X on his MacBook.

Blake uses Logic Pro X on a MacBook Pro to edit his music after recording it. Apple has been sharing various “Behind the Mac” ads since 2018, with the ads featuring artists, musicians, app developers and other creatives who do their work on Apple’s Macs.


Story 5 ~ 

A range of apps on iPhones and iPads stopped working on Friday, with Facebook admitting it was to blame.

The firm told the BBC that “a code change triggered crashes for some iOS apps” but that the issue was “quickly resolved”.

Apps such as Spotify, TikTok, Tinder and Waze were unusable for a few hours.

Angry users took to social media while DownDetector, which monitors net blackouts, reported widespread outages.

A similar issue happened in May, affecting services for part of a day.

Of this latest failure, Facebook said in a statement: “Earlier today, a code change triggered crashes for some iOS apps using the Facebook SDK [software developer kit]. We identified the issue quickly and resolved it. We apologise for any inconvenience.”

The issues occur because app developers are encouraged to integrate the “login with Facebook” feature, in order for the social network to take advantage of the data the apps collect on users. It means that any updates will directly affect them.

The two incidents have led some to question whether Facebook has too much power over independent apps.

MS Facebook does not really have power over the apps


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