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Show 351 – September 07, 2020

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Our Aussie Apple Ramblings 

Story 1


The Independent reports ~ Apple has published its “commitment to human rights”, a document that states the company is in favour of freedom of information and expression.

The move follows criticism that it acquiesces to the Chinese government with regards to censorship.

The document claims that Apple is “deeply committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights in our business operations”, basing its policy on United Nations principles.

“We conduct human rights due diligence to identify risks and work to mitigate them. We seek to remedy adverse impacts, track and measure our progress, and report our findings. We believe that dialogue and engagement are the best ways to work toward building a better world”, it continues.

When national law and international human rights standards “differ”, it says, Apple will aim to follow the higher standard.



Story 2 ~ 

Apple’s new Over Sharing ad reminds us it really wants to be seen as a privacy protector

THE VERGE reports ~ A man yells in a bus full of people that he browsed eight sites for divorce lawyers.

A woman blithely tells her log in information to strangers in a movie house. 

A pair of coworkers has an unflattering conversation out loud about a nearby colleague (including verbal descriptions of “puke emoji”) and a woman uses a megaphone to broadcast her credit card information to anyone within earshot.

Some of them are embarrassing, some are potential privacy violations, but they’re among the examples in Apple’s new Over Sharing ad, which re-emphasises the company’s focus — or at least its image — of being a protector of online privacy. 

The ad’s tagline, shown at the end, reads “Some things shouldn’t be shared. iPhone helps keep it that way.”

It doesn’t mention any of its tech rivals who have made headlines for breaches, large-scale hacks, and otherwise questionable privacy practices, but it’s clear who Apple’s winking at.




Gaming #1 ~ 

So to start with I want to talk about the year past, it’s almost been exactly 12 months to the day. And We have enjoyed every moment.

We have been able to play some fantastic games from arcade, 

On multiple Devices. Without losing and saved Data. We are going to look at some of the great games we have reviewed & played. 



Entertainment #1 ~ 

Apple TV has all of The Harry Potter videos, to rent, on special this week

All should be under $10.

Binge them on the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Mac or watch on the Apple TV


Entertainment #2 –

Maria Carey is doing her Christmas Special on Apple TV+ this year


Things coming in new OS’ ~ Pic

iOS 14 introduces privacy ‘nutrition labels’ for apps, here’s how developers can prepare

Again 9TO5Mac ~ After announcing new iOS privacy requirements back at WWDC in June, Apple has shared a new detailed document for developers as they prepare to create privacy “nutrition labels” for apps.

The new iOS 14 feature will apply for all apps that are available in Apple’s App Stores with the goal to better inform consumers with a clear overview of an app’s privacy practices.

The new developer resource for app privacy details several important categories to consider like data types, data use, data linked to users, tracking, privacy links, and how to answer app privacy questions (via MacRumors).

Notably, when it comes to the aspect of app and website tracking, Apple has just pushed back the feature so it won’t roll out until early 2021.



Story 4 ~

Apple closes above $2T the day after tech industry sell-off

Apple on Friday regained a market valuation above $2 trillion after briefly losing it Thursday in a large-scale tech industry stock sell-off.

Apple’s reclaiming of a $2 trillion valuation comes the day after it bled nearly $180 billion in market capitalisation ( MS by comparison Australia has committed $130 billion for the Covid crisis ). On Thursday, Apple’s share price was down nearly 8% in intra-day trading amid a broad sell-off of tech stocks. It marked the worst day of trading for technology stocks since a coronavirus plunge in March, in which Apple saw a 12.5% drop.

According to MarketWatch, Apple’s plunge was the worst one-day loss in value for any company ever. Tech stocks led the self-off, and all three major indices showed major losses across other segments.



Story 5 ~ 

iOS app economy creates 300,000 new US jobs as developers adapt during pandemic

App Store ecosystem now supports over 2.1 million jobs across all 50 states of the US.

The iOS app economy has created nearly 300,000 new jobs since April 2019, helping to provide opportunities for Americans of all ages even as COVID-19 continues to create immense challenges and uncertainty for communities across the country.

Developers nationwide — including companies such as Caribu, H‑E‑B, and Shine — have adapted their businesses to make sure they can keep supporting their customers during a challenging time.

Since the App Store launched in 2008, the iOS app economy has become one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy. 

Despite the pandemic, the App Store continues to provide economic opportunities for entrepreneurs of all sizes, helping anyone with an idea reach customers around the world and take advantage of new opportunities that would never be possible without it.

The App Store ecosystem now supports more than 2.1 million US jobs across all 50 states — an increase of 15 percent since last year — as part of the 2.7 million jobs Apple supports across the country.

Apps have become even more critical to Americans’ everyday lives as they seek out new and safe ways to learn, work, and stay engaged with friends and family during the pandemic. 

The App Store provides support for remote ordering from restaurants, vibrant and impactful remote learning for students, telehealth for patients and doctors, and digital commerce for small businesses.

For the entrepreneurs who create these apps and the teams that design them, this produces lasting and sustainable economic opportunities, as evidenced by the double-digit growth in new app economy jobs across dozens of states since last year.



Story 6 ~ 

Are we getting an Apple Event tomorrow?


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