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Show 364 – December 07, 2020

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Story 1 ~ 

MS iPhone 11 Display Module Replacement Program for Touch Issues

Apple has determined that a small percentage of iPhone 11 displays may stop responding to touch due to an issue with the display module. Affected devices were manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020.

Apple or an Apple Authorised Service Provider will replace the display module on eligible devices, free of charge.

Just get your iPhones serial number and head to the website in our show notes.



Story 2 ~ Pic

MS Apple Accessibility website gets major revamp: ‘Make something wonderful’

9TO5Mac reports ~ The Apple Accessibility website has been given a major revamp, in a move praised by accessibility and assisting tech reporter Steven Aquino – who said that it “captures their institutional love for accessibility as a thing.”

Apple heads the page with an invitation to “make something wonderful” …

Built‑in features that work the way you do. Make them yours, and make something wonderful.

The page itself uses large, high-contrast copy to describe the accessibility features in Apple products.

Apple highlights key features in four categories:





In vision, for example, Apple describes the Magnifier, to help read smaller print; the ability to set larger system text; VoiceOver, to read text aloud, and provide an auditory description of visuals; Speak Selection, to read aloud highlighted text; and Audio Descriptions on Apple TV.



Story 3 ~ 

MS Court dismisses lawsuit claiming Sign In With Apple infringed patent

9TO5Mac again ~ A court has dismissed a lawsuit claiming that the Sign In With Apple feature launched as part of iOS 13 infringed a patent held by BlueMail developer Blix.

The court also rejected a second claim that the App Store suppresses competition with Apple’s own iPhone apps…

Bloomberg Law reports.

Stark also dismissed patent infringement claims related to a single claim in Blix’s patent for BlueMail that was central to the parties’ briefings. A two-step process set out in 2012 by the US Supreme Court in Mayo Collaborative Services v. Prometheus Laboratories Inc. should be used to determine whether an idea is patent-eligible, Stark said. 

The challenged claim relies on the abstract idea of using a proxy to facilitate anonymous communications, Stark said. The claim doesn’t fall under an exception to patent eligibility that allows for abstract ideas to be patented if they describe a unique and inventive concept, he wrote. 

Stark declined to decide the eligibility of other claims in the BlueMail patent and directed the parties to confer before informing the court whether additional motions regarding other claims will be filed.

There has been growing concern about overly broad patent claims, and companies claiming ownership of extremely generic (and obvious) concepts. Apple has been the most popular target for patent trolls and others trying to claim infringement of such patents. Fortunately the court in this case sided with common sense.

Blix was equally unsuccessful with its argument that Apple engaged in monopoly-like behaviour in favouring its own apps over third-party competitors.

The US District Court for the District of Delaware dismissed the antitrust claims without prejudice, concluding Blix failed to plead direct or indirect evidence of Apple’s monopoly power or anticompetitive conduct in violation of the Sherman Act.



Entertainment #1 ~ 

MS Apple reveals most popular books, podcasts of the year including first-ever show of the year

Apple ~ 2020 is (thankfully) coming to a close and Apple has shared some handy collections for what it considers the best content from this year. The lists include the most popular podcasts, books, audiobooks, and more like “Biggest Shows of 2020.” And in a first, Apple Podcasts has named a “Show of the Year” with the honour going to NPR’s Code Sw!tch

Apple shared the news on Twitter and across its Podcasts and Books apps in the Browse sections. Check out all the lists below with links to the year’s best content.

Apple Podcasts: Show of the Year 2020 (US)

Code Switch by NPR

As for Apple Podcasts’ first-ever Show of the Year award, here’s a summary of what to expect from Code Sw!tch if you haven’t listened yet. It’s a powerful and important show, particularly in our current climate:

Code Switch has been a leader in dissecting race, identity and culture for 7 years reaching listeners around the world and over the summer, following the global reckoning of racial injustice, the show skyrocketed to the top of the Apple Podcasts Charts. In each episode, co-hosts Shereen Marisol Meraji, Gene Demby and the Code Switch team explore the subject of race head-on and how it impacts every part of society- from politics and pop culture to history, sports and everything in between. Recent episodes include ‘A Decade of Watching Black People Die‘, ‘Puerto Rico, Island of Racial Harmony?, ‘When Xenophobia Spreads Like A Virus‘ and ‘What’s In A Karen?‘

Apple Books: Best Books of the Year (US)

      • The Vanishing Half, Brit Bennett
      • 28 Summers, Elin Hilderbrand
      • Long Bright River, Liz Moore
      • Deep State, Chris Hauty
      • The Last Flight, Julie Clark
      • Reborn Yesterday, Tessa Bailey
      • The Roommate, Rosie Danan
      • The City We Became, N. K. Jemisin
      • Piranesi, Susanna Clarke
      • We Are Not Free, Traci Chee
      • Silver Arrow, Lev Grossman
      • The Velvet Rope Economy, Nelson D. Schwartz
      • Caste, Isabel Wilkerson
      • The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read, Philippa Perry
      • My Autobiography of Carson McCullers, Jenn Shapland

Apple Books: Best Audiobooks of the Year (US)

      • Open Book, Jessica Simpson
      • Memorial Drive, Natasha Trethewey
      • Upstream, Dan Heath
      • The Vanishing Half, Brit Bennett
      • Interior Chinatown, Charles Yu
      • Caste, Isabel Wilkerson
      • The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Suzanne Collins
      • Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You, Ibram X.Kendi
      • Fair Warning, Michael Connelly
      • The Guest List, Lucy Foley
      • Take a Hint, Dani Brown, Talia Hibbert
      • Untamed, Glennon Doyle
      • Think Like a Monk, Jay Shetty
      • Devolution, Max Brooks
      • The City We Became, N. K. Jemisin

Apple Podcasts: Biggest Shows of 2020 (US)

  1. 1.Stuff You Should Know by iHeartRadio
  2. 2.This American Life
  3. 3.The Daily by New York Times
  4. 4.Crime Junkie by audiochuck
  5. 5.My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
  6. 6.The Ben Shapiro Show by The Daily Wire
  7. 7.Up First by NPR
  8. 8.Call Her Daddy by Barstool Sports
  9. 9.Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
  10. 10.Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

Apple Podcasts: Biggest New Shows of 2020 (US)

  1. 1.Unlocking Us with Brené Brown
  2. 2.Nice White Parents by New York Times & Serial
  3. 3.CounterClock by audiochuck
  4. 4.Red Ball by audiochuck
  5. 5.SmartLess with Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes
  6. 6.Blood Ties by Wondery
  7. 7.Supernatural with Ashley Flowers
  8. 8.Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders by WarnerMedia
  9. 9.Park Predators by audiochuck
  10. 10.Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction with Dr. Sanjay Gupta by CNN

Apple Podcasts: Our Favorites This Year (US)

      • California Love by LAist and KPCC
      • Canary by The Washington Post
      • Dying for Sex by Wondery
      • FANTI by Maximum Fun
      • Floodlines by The Atlantic
      • Ghost Tape by QCODE
      • How to Citizen with Baratunde Thurston by iHeartRadio
      • In The Bubble with Andy Slavitt by Lemonada Media
      • Louder Than a Riot by NPR
      • Nice White Parents by New York Times
      • Rabbit Hole by New York Times
      • You’re Wrong About with Michael Hobbes & Sarah Marshall



Entertainment #2 – Pic

MS Apple TV+ ‘For All Mankind’ mission patch set signed by Ronald Moore launch for second season

Also starting on December 4 ~ The popular sci-fi drama series “For All Mankind” returns to Apple TV+ with season 2 on February 19, 2021. A genius marketing campaign has launched ahead of the season premiere that includes a new mission patch set autographed by the legendary Ronald Moore.

Most missions to space in the real world are commemorated with unique patches that include key aspects of the mission. That’s what the people behind this “For All Mankind” patch set are honouring. Each mission patch is created for fictional missions that occur in the second season of the alternative history sci-fi series.

The set includes 19 different patches, each one measuring in at about 3.5 inches and made from a combination of cotton and polyester. On the back of each patch is an iron-on material, making it easy to attach them to things like clothing or bags. To top it all off, the tin holds the patches is autographed by Ronald D. Moore, the show’s creator and writer.

The alt-history mission patch set should make for a great holiday gift for space enthusiasts and Apple fans alike; the tin includes Apple TV+ branding as well.

Space Explored founder and managing editor Zac Hall had the opportunity to chat with former NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman, a consultant on For All Mankind, on 9to5Mac’s Happy Hour podcast. Reisman was interviewed on the podcast to talk about what it’s like working behind-the-scenes on the show as well as being an astronaut.

100 sets available only AND you will need to know someone in the US or Canada as that’s were they ship to

available at


Things here in the new OS’ ~ Pic

MS iPhone 8 and later now support 1080p FaceTime calls with iOS 14.2

9TO% Mac again ~ It turns out Apple included a stealthy update with iOS 14.2 that didn’t appear in the release notes. With the latest public release, iPhone 8 and later have gained support for 1080p FaceTime HD video calls on Wi-Fi and for iPhone 12, on 5G and Wi-Fi.

Discovered by MacMagazine (via Google Translate), Apple didn’t detail the upgrade in resolution for FaceTime calls that has arrived for iPhones all the way back to iPhone 8. However, it looks like the support came with the public release of iOS 14.2

After some digging, MacMagazine noticed Apple quietly updated the specs pages for devices like iPhone XR shortly after iOS 14.2 debuted in November:

And going further, Apple highlights the FaceTime HD 1080p support on its iPhone comparison tool with the iPhone 8 and later offering the higher-res support over Wi-Fi.

The only advantage of the iPhone 12 lineup when it comes to FaceTime HD is support for the resolution over both Wi-Fi and 5G.

MacMagazine notes in its tests that the improvement to FaceTime HD on supported iPhones is “quite noticeable.”

For now, FaceTime HD is not supported on iPad.


Story 4 ~

MS Video details ARM Windows virtualisation on M1 Macs, nearly 2x faster performance than Surface Pro X

ZDNet reports ~ Last week we saw the first successful virtualisation of ARM Windows 10 on an M1 Mac. The good news is that it even appeared to be “pretty snappy.” Now we’ve got a look at a helpful walkthrough and peek at real-world performance in a new video, including the M1 Mac mini blowing away Microsoft’s Surface Pro X.

Alexander Graf was the first to successfully run an ARM Windows virtualisation on an M1 Mac. He used the QEMU open source machine emulator and an Insider Preview of Windows.

Now, based on the work by Graf, there’s a new build of the open source ACVM launcher (by Khaos Tian and 3 others) that works with QEMU to run ARM Windows on ARM Macs.

How to run ARM Windows on M1 Macs

YouTuber Martin Nobel shared a useful video of the process to run an ARM Windows virtualisation on Apple Silicon as well as a real-world look at the overall impressive performance considering it’s an unofficial workaround.

Impressively, the Martin’s M1 Mac mini benchmarked much higher than Microsoft’s Surface Pro X…almost doubling the single-core score, and coming in almost 2,000 higher in the multi-core score. Sure it’s not a desktop like the Mac mini, but you can get about the same performance from the $999 M1 MacBook Air, a closer competitor to the $999 Surface Pro X.



Story 5 ~ 

MS iPhone zero-click Wi-Fi exploit is one of the most breathtaking hacks ever

ars TECHNICA reports ~ memory corruption bug in the iOS kernel that gave attackers remote access to the entire device—over Wi-Fi, with no user interaction required at all. Oh, and exploits were wormable—meaning radio-proximity exploits could spread from one nearby device to another, once again, with no user interaction needed.

This Wi-Fi packet of death exploit was devised by Ian Beer, a researcher at Project Zero, Google’s vulnerability research arm. In a 30,000-word post published on Tuesday afternoon, Beer described the vulnerability and the proof-of-concept exploit he spent six months developing single-handedly. Almost immediately, fellow security researchers took notice.

Beware of dodgy Wi-Fi packets

“This is a fantastic piece of work,” Chris Evans, a semi-retired security researcher and executive and the founder of Project Zero, said in an interview. “It really is pretty serious. The fact you don’t have to really interact with your phone for this to be set off on you is really quite scary. This attack is just you’re walking along, the phone is in your pocket, and over Wi-Fi someone just worms in with some dodgy Wi-Fi packets.”

Beer’s attack worked by exploiting a buffer overflow bug in a driver for AWDL, an Apple-proprietary mesh networking protocol that makes things like Airdrop work. Because drivers reside in the kernel—one of the most privileged parts of any operating system—the AWDL flaw had the potential for serious hacks. And because AWDL parses Wi-Fi packets, exploits can be transmitted over the air, with no indication that anything is amiss.



Story 6 ~ Pics

MS Apple product announcement tipped for December 8 — what to expect

A leaked AppleCare memo suggests that there could be a hardware announcement from Apple soon

Tom’s guide reports ~ Maybe there’s one more One More Thing coming from Apple in 2020. According to a new leak of an internal Apple memo, the company has told service providers that AppleCare changes will be coming next Tuesday, December 8.

These sorts of changes, as MacRumors reports, have historically coincided with product announcements. And in this case, the time will be 8:30 am ET. That’s about the same time Apple has announced some products via press release — without an event attached.

So what could Apple possibly announced on Dec. 8 after three big events this year that saw the launch of the Apple Watch 6, iPhone 12 and MacBook Air M1? Our bet is on AirTags, a new kind of product tracker that leverages Ultra Wideband to help locate your items. We’ve heard that AirTags will work with an augmented reality app as well.

However, it’s possible we could also see the launch of Apple’s first over-ear headphones in the AirPods Studio. The AirPods Studio are expected to offer active noise cancelling and challenge the very best headphones from Sony and Bose. Other leaks point to swappable parts and a retro-like design. 

We’ve also been hearing rumors about a new Apple TV 4K, which may come with a new gaming controller to better take advantage of the wide range of titles available in Apple Arcade. You can also count on a faster new Bionic chip inside.

If this rumour is legit, then we will bring you all the news as it happens next Tuesday. There likely won’t be a virtual event at this stage; the products will just appear in the Apple Newsroom and in the Apple Store. Stay tuned.



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