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Show 367 – January 25, 2021

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Story 1 ~ A few quick stories to get us started


androidcentral reports ~ iMessage on Android and Windows

This app brings iMessage to Android, and you can sign up to use it right now

The app will let you search, snooze, and archive messages across 15 different chat networks.

A new universal chat app called Beeper promises to bring you a unified inbox for 15 of the most popular messaging services out there, including Apple’s iMessage.

The app has been developed by a team that includes Eric Migicovsky, founder of former smartwatch brand Pebble.

Announcing the launch of the app on Twitter, Migicovsky said the app makes it possible for iMessage to work on Android, Windows, and Linux devices “using some trickery.”

Until now, iMessage has been available only on Apple’s own devices. However, it is important to note that Beeper is a subscription service with a $10 monthly fee.

South Australian government commits AU$6.5m to launch its own satellite in 2022

ZDNet reports ~ The low-orbit satellite will be used to support improvement of state emergency, environment, water monitoring, and bushfire mitigation services.

The South Australian government has announced a AU$6.5 million SASAT1 space mission that will see the state launch its own small satellite into low orbit in 2022.

The state government has appointed SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre to lead the mission, while IoT satellite startup Myriota has been contracted to provide data collection about weather events, including rainfall and bushfires, from the ground-based sensors and Earth observation imagining.

Satellite manufacturing company Inovor Technologies will also be involved in the project and has been charged with designing and building the satellite.



Story 2 ~ 

ZK Happy 40th Birthday to the Most Important Rule in the History of Apple

Inc reports ~ ‘Apple is an innovative company,’ the memo said. ‘We must believe and lead in all areas.’

Steve Jobs first appeared on a major business magazine cover almost 40 years ago. 

That magazine? Inc., which put Jobs on the front of its October 1981 issue, with the headline “This Man Has Changed Business Forever (What personal computers can do for you).” 

As it happens, a detail in that article means we’re hitting another 40th anniversary. December, is in fact: 40 years since Apple (then Apple Computer) officially began eating its own dog food.

We can mark the date by a memo that Apple’s then-CEO had circulated throughout the company, which was supposed to take effect exactly four decades ago in December 1981.


Apple is an innovative company. We must believe and lead in all areas. If word processing is so neat, then let’s all use it! Goal: by 1-1-81, NO typewriters at Apple…

We believe the typewriter is obsolete. Let’s prove it inside before we try and convince our customers.



Story 3 ~ 

MS Medical study suggests iPhone 12 with MagSafe can deactivate pacemakers

9TO5Mac reports ~ When Apple revived MagSafe with the iPhone 12 lineup, one question brought up was how these latest devices with more magnets would interact with medical devices like pacemakers. Apple’s official word was that iPhone 12/MagSafe wouldn’t interfere more than previous iPhones. Now one of the first medical studies has been published that shows a pacemaker being deactivated by the iPhone 12.

Apple has never said that iPhones or the iPhone 12 lineup doesn’t present a risk of interfering with medical devices like pacemakers (implantable cardioverter defibrillators or ICDs).

But Apple officially says that the iPhone 12 and MagSafe “are not expected to pose a greater risk of magnetic interference to medical devices than prior iPhone models” in a support document:

Now one of the first medical studies has been published by the Heart Rhythm Journal that saw a Medtronic pacemaker deactivated by holding an iPhone 12 near it (via MacMagazine).

It doesn’t sound like there is concrete evidence that iPhone 12 and MagSafe do pose a greater risk of increased interference but with this study out now, we may see more testing in the medical field to find out for sure.

Of course it’s not just iPhones or smartphones that can create interference issues, it can be any item that contains magnets strong enough create a problem.




#1 ~ ZK




#1 ~ MS Apple again extends Apple TV+ free trials, subscribers now get free access until July 2021

Apple is again extending the free period for the Apple TV+ 1-year free trials given out with hardware. With the latest announcement, anybody with an Apple TV+ subscription that was set to expire from now until June will instead expire in July 2021.

This means customers who took advantage of the ‘year free’ deal back when the service first launched will now be getting an additional 9 months of free access to Apple original shows and movies.

#2 ~ MS My wife and I have been enjoying Dickenson Series 2 and Servent Series 2

And apparently so have a lot of people with twice as many people watching S2E1 as watched the last of Series 1

#3 ~ MS Apple TV+ picks up new ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ drama with Brie Larson

A new drama series is set to debut on Apple TV+ called Lessons in Chemistry. According to Variety, Brie Larson will executive produce as well as star in the new series.

Based on an upcoming novel from writer Bonnie Garmus, the show will be set in the early 1960s and follow Elizabeth Scott, played by Larson.

The character has aspirations of becoming a scientist, but that quickly becomes unrealistic due to the times and expectations for women to stay at home. 

Elizabeth later ends up pregnant and fired from her job but decides to work her way toward her dream of being a scientist, regardless of gender norms.



Story 3 ~ 

ZK IDC: Mac shipments rise industry-leading 49% in Q4, Apple boosts market share to 8%

9TO5Mac again ~ A new report out today from IDC features the firm’s latest estimate for worldwide PC shipments for the holiday quarter. Very notable, the analyst says that Apple led all other PC manufacturers in quarterly growth as Mac shipments increased a huge 49%. Apple still sits behind Lenovo and HP for overall shipments and market share, but the holiday quarter appears very impressive for Mac sales.



Story 4 ~ 

MS iPhone wins Christmas, claims top 9 spots for new smartphone activations in the US

9TO5Mac again ~ Apple once again dominated Christmas day smartphone activations in the US, according to new data from Flurry Analytics. The data indicates that the iPhone accounted for nine of the top ten smartphone activations on Christmas day this year, although total activations were down compared to 2019.

Interestingly enough, the iPhone 11 was the most popular iPhone activated on Christmas day, followed by the iPhone XR and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Compared to the prior 7-day average of activations, however, the iPhone XR was flat, indicating that it was not necessarily a popular gift, but that it remains a strong seller in Apple’s lineup.

So the top 10 ~ 




Story 5 ~ 

ZK Sorry about the language

Tech By Vice reports ~ ‘Your Cock Is Mine Now:’ Hacker Locks Internet-Connected Chastity Cage, Demands Ransom

Turns out giving an internet-connected device control of your penis may not be the best idea ever.

A hacker took control of people’s internet-connected chastity cages and demanded a ransom to be paid in Bitcoin to unlock it. 

“Your cock is mine now,” the hacker told one of the victims, according to a screenshot of the conversation obtained by a security researcher that goes by the name Smelly and is the founder of vx-underground, a website that collects malware samples. 

In October of last year, security researchers found that the manufacturer of an Internet of Things chastity cage—a sex toy that users put around their penis to prevent erections that is used in the BDSM community and can be unlocked remotely—had left an API exposed, giving malicious hackers a chance to take control of the devices.

That’s exactly what happened, according to a security researcher who obtained screenshots of conversations between the hacker and several victims, and according to victims interviewed by Motherboard.   

A victim who asked to be identified only as Robert said that he received a message from a hacker demanding a payment of 0.02 Bitcoin (around US$750 today) to unlock the device. He realised his cage was definitely “locked,” and he “could not gain access to it.” 

“Fortunately I didn’t have this locked on myself while this happened,” Robert said in an online chat. 



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