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Show 368 – February 02, 2021

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Story 1 ~  

MS If Google does pull its search engine out of Australia, there are alternatives

The Conversation reports ~ The Australian government’s push to make Google pay news organisations for linking to their content has seen the search giant threaten to pull out of Australia.

Google Australia’s managing director Mel Silva said if the government’s proposal goes ahead, “we would have no real choice but to stop making Google Search available in Australia”.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison pushed back saying he won’t respond to “threats”. Even the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia says Google needs “strong and stringent” regulation because of its monopoly on searching the web.

What if Google pulls out?

Google’s proposal to make Google Search unavailable in Australia means we would need to search the web using other systems and tools. If this really happens, we could no longer go to and to search the web.

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc also runs key web portals such as YouTube, and productivity tools such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Maps (which actually started in Australia). Those services are not going to be removed from the Australian market, even if web search does get pulled out.

Online advertising is another sector in which Google is the market leader and where it makes money. Pulling Google web search out from Australia does not mean businesses would no longer be able to advertise using Google’s services.

But with no Google Search here, those adverts would no longer appear ahead of any other search results and be visited by Australian users.

The issue with this scenario is that Google’s key competitive advantage is the ability to access data from people using its search services. Pulling web search out from the Australian market would mean Google missing out on that data from people in Australia.

The alternatives to Google

Google is the dominant search engine in Australia — it has 94% of the web search market in Australia — but there are other search services.

The second most popular search engine in Australia is Bing, developed by Microsoft and often integrated into other Microsoft products such as its Windows operating system and Office tools.

Another less popular search option is Yahoo, which also offers its own news and email service.

Other alternatives include niche search engines that offer unique tools with special features.

For example, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that has recently risen in popularity thanks to a commitment to protecting its users’ privacy.


Story 2 ~ 

ZK Apple Reports First Quarter Results

Apple reports ~ Revenue up 21 percent and Earnings Per Share up 35 percent to new all-time records.

iPhone, Wearables, and Services set new revenue records

Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2021 first quarter ended December 26, 2020. The Company posted all-time record revenue of $111.4 billion, up 21 percent year over year, and quarterly earnings per diluted share of $1.68, up 35 percent. International sales accounted for 64 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

“Our December quarter business performance was fuelled by double-digit growth in each product category, which drove all-time revenue records in each of our geographic segments and an all-time high for our installed base of active devices,” said Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO.

“These results helped us generate record operating cash flow of $38.8 billion. We also returned over $30 billion to shareholders during the quarter as we maintain our target of reaching a net cash neutral position over time.”



Story 3 ~ 

MS Apple ties executive bonuses to progress on environmental initiatives

Cult of Mac reports ~ Apple made it clear to executives that it won’t be enough to simply talk about protecting the environment. Starting in 2021, the amount of cash bonuses will be impacted by how well each executive lives up to Apple’s values.

A proxy statement filed with the FCC and made available to shareholders on Tuesday says, “an environmental, social, and governance modifier based on Apple Values and other key community initiatives will be incorporated into our annual cash incentive program.”

The statement also spells out what the company’s values are. Aside from “considering the environment in everything we do,” Apple is committed to diversity and accessibility — not just for its employees, but also for users of its products. And there’s also the company’s oft-repeated “Apple believes privacy is a human right.”

Bonus are now tied to how well executives adhere to the values. “This change will further motivate Apple’s executive team to meet exceptionally high standards of values-driven leadership in addition to delivering strong financial results,” the company noted in its proxy statement.

And it won‘t be a token amount. “The Compensation Committee will use the modifier to determine whether to increase or decrease the bonus payouts by up to 10%,” said Apple.




#1 ~ ZK

So this week we are talking about a 64bit gem of an arcade style shootum up called 


I really like these old school style games mostly because I played so many of in the late 80’s early 90’s in the arcade parlour, and chip shop while waiting for a massive bag of chips with BBQ sauce for $1. Lol

I think these game really made the chip shop a hangout I remember going there on my way to school sneaking a few rounds in and a fish cake or a Dimy trying to beat your mates score.

MS I love the description on the Apple Arcade page ~  “Saturday-morning-style action”

#2 ~ ZK 



#1 ~ MS Take a Walk With Dolly Parton, Uzo Aduba, and Others Using Apple’s New Walking Feature

Apple’s Fitness+ just got a celebrity-filled new feature to help encourage people to get their steps in.

Sometimes having a workout buddy can really help your fitness goals, especially if your workout buddy is a celebrity.

On Monday, Apple launched a new experience for the Apple Watch called Time to Walk. This new audio experience is available to Fitness+ subscribers and encourages users to walk more by offering immersive stories, photos, and music from celebrities and interesting people that can serve as motivation to get up and get moving.

The first episodes, all available on the Workout app, of these audio stories are from country music star Dolly Parton, NBA player Draymond Green, musician Shawn Mendes, and Emmy Award winner Uzo Aduba. While you listen to their fascinating stories, all ranging between 20 and 40 minutes, the app tracks your pace and steps

#2 ~ MS Apple Shares Trailer for ‘The Snoopy Show’ Coming to Apple TV+ on Feb 5

Apple has shared a full trailer for “The Snoopy Show,” which is set to launch on February 5, as an unlisted video on the Apple TV YouTube channel.

“The Snoopy Show” marks Apple’s second series made in partnership with WildBrain (formerly DHX Media) and its subsidiary, Peanuts Worldwide. In 2019, Apple debuted faux documentary “Peanuts in Space: Secrets of Apollo 10,” and “Snoopy in Space,” following Snoopy and the Peanuts gang as Snoopy pursues his dream of being an astronaut.

Starring the world’s most famous Beagle, and his best bud, Woodstock. He’s a dog like no other — whether he’s flying high in the sky, or searching for treasure at the bottom of the sea, he’s always up to something fun. So gather your gang, and get ready to follow along with The Snoopy Show, only on Apple TV+.

Apple won an Emmy for Outstanding Children’s or Family Viewing Program for Peanuts in Space, and it has committed to producing a range of new “Peanuts” content in the future.

The Snoopy Show comes to ‌Apple TV+‌ on Friday, February 5, with a season of six episodes.

MS I can’t wait!!


Story 4 ~ 

ZK Dan Riccio begins a new chapter at Apple

Apple again ~ Apple today announced Dan Riccio will transition to a new role focusing on a new project and reporting to CEO Tim Cook, building on more than two decades of innovation, service, and leadership at Apple.

“Every innovation Dan has helped Apple bring to life has made us a better and more innovative company, and we’re thrilled that he’ll continue to be part of the team,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. 

“John’s deep expertise and wide breadth of experience make him a bold and visionary leader of our Hardware Engineering teams.

Ternus takes on the role of senior vice president of Hardware Engineering. Ternus joined Apple’s Product Design team in 2001 and has been a vice president of Hardware Engineering since 2013.

Throughout his nearly 20 years at Apple, Ternus has overseen hardware engineering work on a variety of groundbreaking products, including the first generation AirPods, and every generation of iPad.

Most recently, Ternus led the hardware team responsible for the incredible iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, and he has been a key leader in the ongoing transition of the Mac to Apple silicon.

I want to congratulate them both on these exciting new steps, and I’m looking forward to many more innovations they’ll help bring to the world.”

The one big point of this is “The New Project” Dan will be working on. No one knows what it is!



Story 5 ~ 

MS Kidnapped Texas Woman Rescued by Police Thanks to Her Apple Watch

iDROPNEWS reports ~ The Apple Watch already has a really long and colourful history of saving lives in a bunch of different ways, including detecting potentially life-threatening medical conditions, saving people from car crashes and cycling accidents, and even helping folks call for help when stranded at sea.

Even with such a myriad list of success stories, however, we still continue to see new and interesting tales of how the Apple Watch has helped to rescue people from dangerous situations, and in a recent story, it seems that police in Texas were able to use the Apple Watch to help locate and save a kidnapping victim

As the news report explains, police responded to a call from a girl who reported that her mother had been kidnapped by a man that she was talking to outside her apartment. The girl had heard her mother scream from the parking lot, but didn’t know where she had been taken until about 10–15 minutes later when her mother called from her Apple Watch, telling her that she had been kidnapped by the man, who also “wanted to hurt her.”

Although the call was abruptly disconnected, the Apple Watch remained active and police were able to spring into action and use the Find My feature — or, as the news report puts it, “emergency cellular ping” — to track the victim down in a nearby parking lot, where the kidnapper left the vehicle and fled the scene as he saw the police approaching.

According to the victim, she and the kidnapper had been fighting and when he refused to give up the vehicle, she climbed into to retrieve her personal belongings from the back of the truck, and he jumped in the driver’s seat and drove off with her still in the bed of the truck.

According to the victim, the kidnapper was also allegedly drunk at the time, and as she yelled at him to stop he repeatedly slammed on the brakes, causing her to bounce around painfully in the back of the truck while laughing each time he did so.

The kidnapping incident occurred on December 16, and while the kidnapper had originally run from the scene, he was known to the victim, so the police eventually did track him down on January 20, and he now faces charges of Aggravated Kidnapping. 



Story 6 ~ 

ZK Apple Blows Past Samsung to Become the World’s Top Smartphone Company

iDROPNEWS again ~ Following yesterday’s record-breaking earnings report where Apple announced over $100 billion in revenue — $65 billion of which came from iPhone sales — market research firms are now weighing in with their own estimates of exactly how many iPhone units that represents.

Although Apple stopped disclosing actual unit numbers a few years ago, opting instead to simply list total overall revenue from the “iPhone” category, that doesn’t stop analysts from reading the tea leaves and offering up their own well-educated guesses, and while these can vary quite a bit, it seems that either way you slice it, Apple has just come out on top of the global smartphone market, beating out its chief rival, Samsung.

It’s actually the culmination of a prediction made over a year ago, which foretold that Apple’s first entry into the 5G smartphone race would be such a big deal that it would unseat Samsung as the dominant player with Apple not having to do much more than simply show up to the party. 



How To 1 ~ In our renewed effort to leave you with at least 1 How To each week

MS Apple CarPlay ~ Arranging the screen layout

You can adjust the app order and stats on what screen for Apple CarPlay.

On your iPhone go into




Select your Audio Device

Then using the 3 bars (also known as the hamburger) on the right of the Apps slide the Apps up and down to the order you want.

Other people who use the car can also do this, on their iPhone, for their preferred order of Apps as well!


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