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Show 369 – February 08, 2021

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Story 1 ~  

MS continuing on from last weeks story about “if Google take there search engine away”

The Daily Mail reports ~ Bing makes a huge change to their homepage after Google threatened to leave Australia – as Microsoft offers to let advertisers switch for free and promises to pay its fair share.

The Microsoft-owned web competitor has linked to Australia’s best known news sites to the bottom of its homepage – after Google threatened to leave Australia in objection to newly introduced legislation around news websites.

The proposed law, introduced to the Australian Parliament in December, will force Facebook and Google to negotiate fees with news companies whose stories appear on their platforms.

Google has claimed the law – known as the News Media Bargaining Code – would ‘break the way search works’ and would mean the company has ‘no choice’ but to exit the Australian market.

But Bing has backed the code as as it aims to erode Google’s market dominance.

‘While other tech companies may sometimes threaten to leave Australia, Microsoft will never make such a threat,’ President Brad Smith said in a statement.

‘We appreciate what Australia has long meant for Microsoft’s growth as a company, and we are committed to supporting the country’s national security and economic success.’



Story 2 ~ 

ZK Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t convince Aussie Treasurer to back down on new media code

ZDNet reports ~ Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has revealed that he spoke directly with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the Media Bargaining Code that is making its way to law down under, saying the social media chief didn’t convince him to back down.

“Last week, the minister Paul Fletcher and I had a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook who reached out to talk about the code and the impact on Facebook,” Frydenberg said, speaking on ABC’s Insiders on Sunday.

“They do [take it seriously] … it was a very constructive discussion. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t convince me to back down.”

“I don’t dismiss those threats, but I’m not intimidated by them either,” Frydenberg said Sunday.

“We’re in detailed discussions with Google, with Facebook, with the other players across the industry because this is not been a short conversation that we’ve had with these companies over these issues, this is been the product of an 18 month inquiry, world leading inquiry, by the ACCC, and at every step of the way, these businesses have been consulted.”



Story 3 ~ 

MS Older Apple TV will require AirPlay for YouTube video playback starting next month

9TO5Mac reports ~ YouTube will soon require AirPlay for video playback on older Apple TV streaming boxes. This means users will need to start video playback on another device like an iPhone or iPad to view content on the Apple TV.

The change doesn’t affect the two Apple TV boxes currently being sold today. Apple TV HD (fourth generation) and Apple TV 4K (fifth generation), the two models that run tvOS and have a built-in App Store, will continue to have supported YouTube apps. Rather, the AirPlay requirement for playback is coming to third-generation Apple TV streaming boxes that were first introduced in 2012.

Reader Niels O’Man shared the message currently being displayed before viewing videos from YouTube on the third-gen Apple TV:

Starting early March, the YouTube app will no longer be available on Apple TV (3rd generation). You can still watch YouTube on Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, iPhone, or iPad. With AirPlay, you can also stream YouTube from your iOS device directly to any Apple TV (3rd generation or later).

Apple has long put development support into the most recent two Apple TV hardware versions which run a full operating system based on iOS. Older Apple TVs relied on special arrangements between Apple and video providers for app support.






This is a crazy puzzle game which you use light to solve the problems at hand.

I this this was a really cool concept the game was fun to play and it get those delicious delicious brain juices flowing. And we all know this is important so we don’t get the tired brain happening.

I love a good brain game and this one is great so 3.4 apples. 


Story 4 ~ 

ZK Warning: Microsoft now charging Outlook and Hotmail users to keep old emails

Tom’s guide reports ~ Microsoft has sent out warning messages to free users of its Hotmail and Outlook services warning them that they are reaching a new storage limit. 

The new limit appears to be set at 15GB. And according to our colleagues over at TechRadar, such alerts have stoked the ire of long-term users of Microsoft’s email service. If users wish to boost that capacity to hold onto archived emails, then they’ll need to pay about AU$100 a year. 

Hotmail was effectively phased out in 2013, when Microsoft started migrating people over from the Hotmail service to its new email client, though it let people keep their old Hotmail addresses. 

Now this limit of 15GB looks like another move to potentially shake legacy users to either purge their old emails or sign up to the Microsoft 365 suite, which will boost the capacity of an Outlook account and provide access to other Microsoft services. 

Forking out nearly AU$100 to ensure you don’t lose access to what was initially a free Outlook account, which you may simply have used as a secondary email address like this writer, may seem a little steep. That being said, Microsoft’s move has put the free Outlook email storage limit in line with the amount of free storage Google provides for one account across all its Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. 



Story 5 ~ 

MS Apple releases Chrome extension for iCloud passwords

The Verge reports ~ Apple has released an official extension for the Windows and Mac versions of Chrome that lets you use passwords stored in your iCloud Keychain. For anyone who uses Chrome as their browser and iCloud Keychain in lieu of a dedicated password manager, this could make bouncing between Windows and Mac computers much easier.

The release of the extension means that if you’ve used Safari to automatically generate strong passwords on other platforms, those can now be available to you in Chrome when you’re prompted for a login. Passwords created in Chrome for Windows will also sync back to iCloud so they’ll be available on Apple devices as well.

The extension is called iCloud Passwords and is available now in the Chrome Web Store. Details of the functionality were prematurely revealed last week in an update for the iCloud Windows 10 app, which listed “Support for iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension” as a new feature, despite the extension not having been released or otherwise announced. 



Story 6 ~ 

ZK Is that app spying on you? Here’s how to read iPhone privacy labels.

The Washington Post ~ You’ve figured out how to read the nutrition labels on packaged food. But what’s the equivalent of too much fat or sugar when it comes to the health of your apps?

In December 2020, Apple added “nutrition labels” for privacy to product page listings in its iPhone and iPad App Store. Located in boxes near the bottom of app listings, the labels are an alternative to those long privacy policies that nobody reads.

It matters, because data harvested from your phone can be used by not only annoying advertisers but also politicians to manipulate you and governments to track you. 

If you take the time to read the labels, you might make some surprising discoveries.

What are you looking for? In short, apps grabbing more of your data than they need to get the job done. Try pitting apps with similar functions against each other.

You can see, for example, that the Zoom video chat app says it takes six kinds of data linked to your identity, while rival Cisco Webex Meetings says it collects no data beyond what’s required for the app to run.



How To 1 ~ Again in our renewed effort to leave you with at least 1 How To each week

MS Safari for iPhone Lets Advertisers Track Your ‘Clicks’ — Here’s How to Disable It

Thanks to Gadget Hacks ~ Apple wants to support the advertising economy, but its primary focus of late has been user privacy and security.

In Safari, cross-site tracking, which lets content providers track you across websites and apps to show you more targeted ads, is disabled by default.

However, content providers can get around that using less privacy-invasive ad measurements, but you can stop that too in iOS 14.5.

The feature in question is called Private Click Measurement, or PCM, which is something Apple has been working on for years and hopes will become a web standard that all web browsers will implement, not just Safari. 

Mozilla has been actively discussing the project with Apple, and it could be included in Firefox one day. And Apple is also talking with Brave, Chrome, and Edge about it.


How to Delete the Stored Clicks

The new feature definitely helps support advertisers and app and website owners by not blocking ads, but it also protects user privacy. Still, if you want to clear the stored ad measurements clicks in your Safari browser, you can.

Stored clicks can be deleted whenever you delete website data, and that can be done by navigating to Settings –> Safari –> Advanced –> Website Data. Here, you can tap “Remove All Website Data” to start clean. You could also delete them from Settings –> Safari –> Clear History and Website Data, but that will also erase your browsing history.


MS Lastly in last weeks release of iOS 14.5 beta iPhone unlock when wearing a mask was released.

It has a condition that you a wearing an Apple Watch and has a passcode activated.

But so far it works great!

MS Now really lastly! If you want to give your partner easier access to your iPhone / iPad.

Go Settings

Face ID & Passcode

Let them setup the Alternative Appearance

Been working great on my wife’s and my iPhones.


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