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Show 372 – March 03, 2021

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Sorry no Zarn again this week!

Our Aussie Apple Ramblings 

Story 1 ~  

MS Facebook Facebook Facebook

So did Australia beat the Global tech Giant?

Facebook has started to enter into agreements with Australian Media Outlets and is putting back the group pages that went away last week.


Story 2 ~

ZK Apple is the most relevant brand to consumers for 6th year in a row

9TO5Mac reports ~ Apple has been found to be the most relevant brand to consumers for the sixth year in a row. The result was announced after surveying the views of 13,000 US consumers on 228 brands.

Prophet, the company behind the survey, said that relevant brands had six key characteristics…

It said brands need to be both adaptable and authentic.

Relevant brands find their way into people’s hearts by continually doing what seems impossible. They adapt quickly to customers’ changing needs and expectations. But they do so by remaining ever more true to themselves.

Four more specific characteristics were identified.

Customer obsessed. These companies know what matters to customers, finding new ways to meet their most important needs.

Ruthlessly pragmatic. These are the brands that have our backs, making life easier by delivering consistent experiences. And they always make good on their promises.

Distinctively inspired. Modern, trustworthy and inspirational, these are the brands that have a larger purpose, helping people live out their own values and beliefs.

Pervasively innovative. These companies never rest, always pushing for better products, services and experiences. They outperform competitors with new solutions for unmet needs.

Apple was named No. 1 for relevance, ahead of Peloton, KitchenAid, Mayo Clinic, and LEGO.

Apple takes the top honor again as No. 1 in our survey, with near-perfect scores in all four drivers of relevance. This year, it continues to earn adoration with innovation, dependability and inspiration.

Among the first retailers to proactively close stores, the April launch of a lower-priced iPhone landed at just the right moment for cash-conscious consumers. Updated Macs and iPads dazzled homebound workers and students. And with Apple TV (we love you, Ted Lasso) it’s establishing itself as a content genius, too.



Story 3 ~ PIC

MS Today at Apple Product Skills sessions are now available online for anyone

9TO5Mac again ~ Today at Apple is bringing more of its free creative sessions online for anyone to attend. Beginning in March, Product Skills sessions covering the basics of iPhone, iPad, and Mac will be available in a new virtual format.

COVID-19 has kept Today at Apple out of US Apple Stores for nearly a year, but creativity never stopped online. Virtual sessions hosted on Webex are a growing alternative that are more accessible for customers anywhere.

Apple says the virtual versions of its popular Product Skills sessions are designed for those who are new to their device, have recently upgraded, or simply want to learn more on how to get the most out of their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The sessions will cover hardware and software basics, tips for staying productive while working at home, and resources for going further with your devices. Apple began offering similar sessions in Australia in January for students preparing for the new term.

All virtual Today at Apple sessions include an interactive Q&A segment. Your voice, face, and name won’t be visible to other participants, but you can submit questions through the session chat. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad to join, download the Cisco Web Meetings app ahead of time to avoid missing the start of your session.

Apple is also highlighting upcoming artists hosting sessions throughout March in collaboration with It’s Nice That. 

The sessions are part of New World, a series that celebrates the role of creativity in rebuilding a better world.





Celebrating 25 years of Pokemon ~ P25 Music Presents: Post Malone Virtual Concert Experience!

Check out the music and moments from our virtual concert experience with Post Malone! Spot your favourite Pokémon? Hear your favourite Post Malone song?

the video



#1 ~ MS PIC

Billie Eilish teaming up with Apple Music for live performance ahead of documentary debut on TV+

9TO5Mac again ~ Billie Eilish and Apple have been collaborating for a few years now, and the company announced today the artist is going to perform live on Thursday, February 25, in the Apple Music app, the Apple TV app, and on YouTube. This comes before the premiere of her documentary on Apple TV+, The World’s a Little Blurry.

This event will include an exclusive performance and conversation with the artist, a discussion with director R.J. Cutler, and other surprises, says Apple.

The live event will start at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET on February 25 and will be available to stream for free through the Apple TV app, Apple Music app, and Eilish’s own YouTube channel.

Immediately following the event, Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry will debut on Apple TV+ for all subscribers. 



Story 4 ~ PIC

ZK Google finally reveals the terrifying amount of data Gmail collects on iPhone

BGR reminds us ~ Apple’s new iOS 14 privacy features sent shockwaves through the advertising industry last fall when they started rolling out. Apple will not stop advertisers from tracking users across the web and services, but it now forces developers to indicate all the personal data an app can collect and the purposes for said data collection. iPhone and iPad will also force developers to ask for permission to track users across apps and services. 

Facebook’s massive attack on Apple in mid-December is proof that the privacy changes are a big deal for companies that make money off of highly personalised ads. Those ads are based on the data users allow Facebook, Google, and others to collect about them in return for free access to their services. It’s the kind of trade-off that works in the trade industry.

But users might not be aware of the scope of the data they give third-parties access to. That’s where Apple’s App Privacy labels in iOS 14 will help.



Story 5 ~ 

MS Apple says it has already beaten new M1 Mac malware

TechRadar reports ~ Apple has moved to squash the threat of another new malware strain threatening its own-brand M1 Mac silicon devices.

The malware, dubbed “Silver Sparrow” by researchers at security firm Red Canary, was thought to have already infected around 30,000 Apple M1 Macs, as well as targeting some earlier Intel-powered Macs too.

However Apple says it has now stepped in, telling TechRadar Pro it revoked certificates for developer accounts used by the malware’s creator to help deliver the malware packages onto victim devices – effectively stopping any new devices from being infected.

Silver Sparrow was the second identified M1 Mac malware in a matter of weeks, after an earlier threat was also uncovered recently – although this was found to be fairly standard adware.

Red Canary had estimated that Silver Sparrow infected about 30,000 macOS computers in over 150 countries. It was flagged as particularlt novel for the way it used JavaScript for execution—something the company said it hadn’t previously encountered in other macOS malware 

The malware calls a command and control server every hour from the infected machine to check for further instructions. Till now the researchers haven’t noticed the malware downloading any malicious payloads, which adds to the mystery of the malware’s true intent. 



Story 6 ~

ZK Apple Bought Another Company Every 3 to 4 Weeks for Last 6 Years, Tim Cook Says

GIZMODO reports ~ part of its corporate acquisition spree, CEO Tim Cook told shareholders at a virtual meeting on Tuesday.

According to Bloomberg, Cook said that Apple has been buying small companies at a rate of about one every three to four weeks. Notable acquisitions for Apple in the last year alone included VR/AR startups NextVR and Spaces, a weather app called Dark Sky, mobile payments service Mobeewave, and others. Apple has always tried to keep details of its acquisitions in the dark, but prices in the hundreds of millions for some of the firms have been suggested. Apple reportedly bought 20-25 companies in the six months preceding May 2019 alone.

“We’re not afraid to look at acquisitions of any size,” Cook told shareholders, according to MacRumors. “Focus is on small, innovative companies that complement our products and help push them forward.”

Last year, Cook told CNBC that Apple had evaded antitrust questions about its buyouts because its “strategy has been to buy companies where we have challenges, and IP, and then make them a feature of the phone,” rather than simply taking over the competition.

At the meeting on Tuesday, Cook also claimed that Apple (which soared to a $2 trillion market cap in 2020) somehow doesn’t have a dominant position in any markets



How To 1 ~ Again in our renewed effort to leave you with at least 1 How To each week


1 Do you know you can use any Apple USB-C charger to Fast-charge your iPhone or iPad

It does not matter that the chargers are a lot bigger and have a higher Wattage rating

than the little charger Apple used to give you.

Apple says the following iOS devices are compatible with the 18W, 20W, 29W, 30W, 61W, 87W, and 96W adapters for fast charging:

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and later

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st generation and later)

iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation and later)

iPad Pro 10.5-inch

iPad Air 3rd generation and later

iPad mini 5th generation

Apple notes you can use its USB-C to Lightning cable or that “a comparable third-party USB-C power adapter that supports USB Power Delivery (USB-PD)” will also work like Anker’s Powerline series.

1 How to delete all old messages from iPhone

Messages take up a lot of your iPhone’s storage space. Here’s how to delete them all quickly and free up some gigabytes

Our iPhone was carrying 2.2GB of messages because it was set (as a default) to Keep Messages “Forever”. Follow these simple steps to clear all messages from your iPhone at once.

        1. Open the Settings app.
        2. Scroll down to Messages and tap it.
        3. Under Message History, tap where it says Keep Messages.
        4. There are three options: 30 Days, 1 Year, and Forever: choose the first or second option.
        5. Confirm that you want to delete the old messages and attachments by tapping the Delete button.

If you select the 30-day option you’ll delete the majority of messages on your iPhone and make substantial storage savings. If you want to finish the job, you can open the Messages app, hit Edit, select the small number of remaining conversations and tap Delete.



Lastly did you see that the Mars Rover Landing had a coded message on the parrachute

One of the group designed the message into the parachute design and announced it at a press conference after the landing.

It took the internet, started by a Farther and Son in Europe and England, 6 hours to decode and share it.

Dare Mighty Things and the co-ordinates of the landing

Congrats to the whole team!


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