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Show 373 – March 09, 2021

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MS Apple Watch officially classed as a medical device following approval of ECG function

Sky News reports ~ Tech Guide Editor Stephen Fenech told Sky News the Apple Watch is now “officially” classed as a medical device in Australia after the Therapeutic Goods Association approved its electrocardiogram function. 

“Anyone who owns an Apple Watch Series 4 and later will be able to run a software update on their Apple Watch in the coming weeks and they’ll be able to have that functionality.  “So if they do receive an irregular rhythm notification they can then take an ECG.  “So they just simply place their finger on the digital crown on the right hand side of the watch and they’ll see a live readout of their heart rate on the screen”. 

Mr Fenech said the information recorded by the Apple Watch can be passed on to a health professional since the function has been approved by the TGA.  “The Apple Watch is now officially classed as a medial device thanks to this approval”.



Story 2 ~

ZK Apple discontinues iMac Pro, Apple Store says buy ‘while supplies last’

9TO5Mac reports ~ The iMac Pro has been discontinued, with the Apple Store on Friday removed all build-to-order configurations for the product. The only model now available to buy is the $4999 base config and the Apple Store says that is only available ‘while supplies last’. Some other SKUs remain available at third-party retailers for the time being.

The iMac Pro was introduced in 2017 to offer more powerful all-in-ones to high-end customers wanting workstation Intel Xeon CPUs. The chassis was identical apart from a more efficient cooling system and the space grey aluminium finish.

However, it has never been clear if the iMac Pro has sold well. It sits in a niche segment of the market, and much of its place in the limelight for pros has been taken by the 2019 Mac Pro tower. The high-end ‘standard’ iMac models have also encroached on the iMac Pro in terms of performance.

Also, Apple is believed to be introducing an all-new range of iMacs soon, featuring next-generation Apple silicon CPUs and GPUs. The performance and efficiency of the M1X chip (or whatever its called) will likely remove the need for Apple to bifurcate the iMac product line, and simply offer competitive compute performance for all iMacs, hence eliminating the separate Pro model.



Story 3 ~

MS Apple launches ‘Apple for Kids’ website to help parents set up devices for kids

9TO5Mac again ~ Apple launched today a new support page on its website. With “Apple for Kids,” parents and guardians can learn everything they need to know about how to manage a family group, set up a child’s device, and more.

Since it’s becoming more natural for children to have an iPhone, an iPad, or even an Apple Watch, Apple is promoting a new page to help parents and guardians take care of their kids online (via MacRumors).




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Billie Eilish doc sets new viewer record

9TO5Mac again ~ As reported by Deadline, Billie Eilish’s documentary The World’s A Little Blurry that premiered last Friday is Apple’s biggest hit title for young adult audiences so far across its slate of films and TV series.

The doc drew a record-breaking 33% new viewers to the service. Nearly half of the film’s audience came from outside the US and was No. 1 among young adults across the globe, including the UK, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Russia, the Netherlands, France, and more.

It’s not usual for Apple to release Apple TV+ numbers, so while the company says Billie Eilish’s documentary broke a record, it’s unclear how many people watched it. 


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Apple TV+’s ‘Wolfwalkers’ earns 10 Annie Award nominations

Apple TV+ continues to grow. The Golden Globe-nominated Wolfwalkers animation has earned 10 Annie Award nominations, including Best Animated Feature. Stillwater, another Apple TV+ series, also landed a nomination for Best Preschool Series.

According to Apple, in over a year, the company’s original series and films have won 74 awards and earned 287 nominations across its original programming.

Here are the 10 Annie Award nominations for Wolfwalkers by Apple TV+:

        • Best Animated Feature – Independent
        • Best FX – Feature
        • Best Character Animation – Feature
        • Best Character Design – Feature
        • Best Direction – Feature
        • Best Music – Feature
        • Best Production Design – Feature
        • Best Storyboarding – Feature
        • Best Voice Acting – Feature
        • Best Writing – Feature



Story 4 ~

ZK YouTube no longer works on third-gen Apple TV, here are your options

9TO5Mac reminds us ~ The YouTube app is officially discontinued for third-generation Apple TV boxes. The third-gen box was released in 2012 and lacks an App Store. What are your alternative ways to stream to a TV in 2021?

YouTube has ended support for the third-generation Apple TV. If you try and launch the YouTube app on the device, you are now greeted with a message that says the platform is no longer supported.

YouTube only works with AirPlay on this device

The YouTube app is no longer available on Apple TV (3rd generation). You can still watch YouTube on Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, iPhone or iPad. With AirPlay, you can also stream YouTube from your iOS device directly to any Apple TV (3rd generation or later)

When trying to launch YouTube on the third-generation Apple TV going forwards, the error message suggests that users can continue to show YouTube videos on their third-gen Apple TV via AirPlay. This is one alternative, although it requires the use of a secondary phone or tablet to work with the Apple TV only being used as a wireless video output.

MS So we need to shop around for an alternative or wait for Apple to release something soon maybe??

MS I am thinking of getting a Google device for my wifes sewing / nail room as she only watches TV or YouTube



Story 5 ~ 

MS Apple releases updates for Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Motion, and Compressor for Mac

Apple has quietly released the latest versions of its video and motion effects software. Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Motion, and Compressor all have new versions available for Mac users with some minor new features along with stability and performance improvements. 


Apple releases updates for Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Motion, and Compressor for Mac


How To 1 ~ Continuing our renewed effort to leave you with at least 1 How To each week


How to share lyrics from Apple Music on iOS and iPadOS 14.5

iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 offer the ability to share lyrics directly from Apple Music for the first time. You can use the feature to send snippets from your favourite tracks to social media, messaging apps, and more.

We’ll show you how to use it on iPhone and iPad.

In many cases it’s the lyrics that make a great music track, and we all have our favorites. Now it’s easier than ever to share them when using the Apple Music app, thanks to iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5.

Apple has made it so that short snippets from track lyrics can be quickly posted or sent in just a few taps. Here’s how.

Share lyrics from the Apple Music app

Because this feature is new in iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, you will need to have Apple’s latest betas installed to take advantage of it. We have a guide on joining the public beta program if you aren’t already signed up.

If you’re sensible and you would rather avoid installing beta releases, you’ll need to wait until the new updates roll out to everyone in the coming months. Once you’ve updated, you can follow these steps:

        1. Open the Apple Music app and play the track you would like to share lyrics from.
        2. Beneath the volume slider at the bottom of the screen, tap the Lyrics button.
        3. Scroll until you find the lyrics you want to share, then tap and hold until you see the share sheet.
        4. Tap any additional lines you would like to share, or change your selection if necessary.
        5. Use the share sheet to post your selected lyrics to social media or send them to a friend.

Tap and hold on the lyrics you want to share.

Apple allows up to 150 characters, which typically seems to be around five or six lines, to be shared at once. The recipient receives an attractive Apple Music sticker that features all the lyrics you’ve selected.

That sticker also includes a play button, which plays a preview of the song you’ve shared. iPhone, iPad, and Mac users can tap the song title to open the full track in the Apple Music app.

more with pics

How to share lyrics from Apple Music on iOS and iPadOS 14.5


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