Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 379

Show 379 – April 28, 2021

Run Sheet ~ Zarn & Michael


Our Aussie Apple Ramblings 

Story 1 ~  

MS iOS 14.5 is here AND Australia now has the ability to take an ECG using your Apple Watch Series 4, 5 or 6

I have linked to Taking an ECG with the ECG app.

So please stop listening and set this up now

So if you feel you are having an issue it will be ready.

It is NOT conclusive BUT has already proven to be life saving!!



Story 2 ~

ZK So one of the things that was overlooked last week

is that the new 24” iMac is 11.5mm thick. That is 0.1mm thinner than the original iPhone.



Story 3 ~ Pic

MS Apple packaging like you’ve never seen it before reports ~ Photographer Johann Clausen sheds rare light on Apple’s product packaging in a captivating new series

Clean lines, whiter-than-white elegance and direct, no-fuss ultra-minimalism. These are the qualities that give Apple its unmistakable Apple-ness.

But Apple’s product packaging, though the source of less limelight, seems to involve almost as much artistic consideration as the device it shrouds. Every inch is considered: superfluity is a sin, and simplicity provides ecstasy in a messy world. 

In photographer Johann Clausen’s new personal project, it’s Apple’s packaging, not its products, that have been given the floor. The series came about, as many interesting things do, by accident. ‘The inner part of the packaging of my AirPods was flying around the studio and looked kind of interesting. So I held it in front of the camera and started playing around with it,’ he says. 

‘They are well-engineered and well-designed white cardboard objects which are negative shapes of the objects they contain’

Liberated from their function to conceal, protect and generate anticipation, the packaging becomes sculptural, exaggerated and abstracted, taking on a life of its own. ‘You don’t usually pay attention to the packaging: it’s hardly noticeable when you’re excited about your new product’, explains Clausen, who has brought his delicate and daring approach to collaborations with the likes of BMW, Cartier, Hermès and Wallpaper*.

‘They are well-engineered and well-designed white cardboard objects which are negative shapes of the objects they contain. These supposedly unimportant objects convey the “spirit” of the Apple products that have taken so much importance in many of our lives. They speak the same visual language and give off a familiar, comforting aura.’ 

more, including lots of photos

Gaming ~ Pic


This brain teaser is so much fun.

The boys and I spent ages playing it. 

They really enjoyed it cheering each other on when it was their turn. 

So what do you have to do I hear you ask. 

Well good question I’m glad you’re paying attention.

So you have to feed these little green frog like creatures lollies. 

Is that it? Of course not! 

Each level is a puzzle you have to solve to collect stars and feed our little hero. 

So for family friendly fun I’m giving this game 5 apples.

It’s not the most complex game on the market but the kids loved it and we all had a really good time together.

So that’s a win in my book. 


How To ~

A couple of How To’s this week


Did You Know You Can Record Videos and Take Pictures with Your iPhone Simultaneously?

iDROP News reports ~ Have you ever taken a video and wished you could snap a picture at the same time? If you are an iPhone owner, you are in luck. Your phone can already do it. And you don’t need to purchase any fancy recording software, either. The Camera app in iOS is already capable.

Read on to find out how.

Start Recording a Video

Before you can record video and take photos simultaneously, you need to start with the video recording feature in the Camera app.

      1. 1.Open the Camera app.
      2. 2.Tap on (or swipe to) Video to select the video recording option.
      3. 3.Tap on the red button to start recording.

Check the timer and make sure it’s counting up. If it timer is increasing, you know that your iPhone is recording video.

Take a Photo While Recording Video

Once your video is recording, you can snap a photo without interrupting the video.

You should see a new white-coloured button appear next to the red recording button. This white button is the camera shutter button.

Tapping the white button will capture a photo while the video continues to record.

If you don’t immediately see this camera button, you should swipe right on the video recording screen to see if it will appear.

Now just look on your Photos timeline and they should be together.



How To ~ 


How to easily colour calibrate your Apple TV with an iPhone

Cult of Mac tells us ~ Apple just added a brand-new feature to Apple TV that works with your iPhone to colour calibrate your TV. It’s really simple to use and the results can be terrific. What’s more, you don’t need the newest Apple TV.

The new Colour Balance tool is available on Apple TV models released in 2015 or later. Here’s how to use it.

If you’ve ever tried to adjust colours on your TV with the naked eye, you’ll know it’s incredibly difficult to find a good balance. You might end up with what seem like good results … and then you watch something different and everything looks either washed out or way too saturated.

Fortunately, Apple has made colour calibration super-simple for those with Apple TV. It uses the advanced sensors in your iPhone to measure colours displayed on your set, then makes the adjustments necessary to achieve perfect colour balance. It’s quick, easy, and incredibly effective.

To use the new Colour Balance tool, you’ll need an Apple TV released in 2015 or later running the latest tvOS 14.5 software. You will also need an iPhone with Face ID running iOS 14.5 or above.

You can then follow these steps:

  1. 1.Unlock your iPhone and keep it nearby, then open the Settings app on your Apple TV.
  2. 2.Select the Video and Audio menu.
  3. 3.Select Colour Balance.
  4. 4.The Colour Balance tool should pop up on your iPhone. Tap the Continue button to proceed.
  5. 5.Turn your iPhone around so that its screen faces your TV and position it within the outline shown on your TV set.
  6. 6.Wait for Colour Balance to work its magic.

It’s as easy as that.

Colour Balance for Apple TV in iOS 14.5

When it’s done, you’ll see a popup on your iPhone that confirms your Apple TV has been calibrated. On Apple TV itself, you can switch back and forth between original and balanced colours to see the difference.

Note that colour calibration works only for Apple TV. It doesn’t calibrate your TV set itself so you won’t notice any changes when watching content from other sources.

We did this together on my Samsung TV and there was a noticeable different.

Remember this is only adjusting the output of the AppleTV, not your TV settings.



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