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Show 395 – Oct 04, 2021

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2 items before we start

I posted more email scam info and pictures this weekend AND my wife and I have started getting sms scams as well, with click here to ……….

Also I posted how to put your COVID-19 Certificate in your Apple Wallet, with screen shots for each step.

Takes about 3 minutes.

So check out Apple News ~ Aussie Mac Zone

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NSW shows support for local game sector with new tax rebate

A 10% post, digital, and visual effects tax rebate will be available for NSW-based game developers from October 1.

ZDNet reports ~ Video games developed in New South Wales will soon be eligible for the state government’s 10% post, digital, and visual effects (PDV) tax rebate.

Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney Stuart Ayres said in a statement that the PDV rebate, which is currently available for the local film industry, would be extended to the digital games sector from October 1.

He believes the move would help give a boost to the local sector while also ramp up export potential.

“Our world-renowned universities and technical talent were already drawcards for the industry, and this incentive is the level-up that will make NSW the most desirable place for digital games companies to set up and export to the world,” he said.

“As an export-focused sector, this initiative will help NSW-based digital games developers showcase their skills and innovation to a global audience. It will also help them create more jobs as they look to take on the world in this highly competitive industry.”



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ACCC slams Google for creating ‘systemic competition concerns’ in ad tech space

Google has been accused of fuelling systemic transparency issues in the ad tech space due to not providing the total fees and charges to advertisers and publishers.

ZDNet again ~ The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has found Google has a dominant market position when it comes to the ad tech sector, which it said has created “systemic competition concerns”.

Published as part of its final report [PDF] for its ad tech inquiry, the ACCC’s findings state that competition for supplying ad tech services has become ineffective due to Google’s dominant market position.

“In 2020, we estimate that over 90% of ad impressions traded via the ad tech supply chain passed through at least one Google service. Google is by far the largest supplier of each key ad tech service,” the report said.

“Over more than a decade, Google’s vertical integration and strength in ad tech services has allowed it to engage in a range of conduct which has lessened competition over time and entrenched its dominant position.”

From analysing open display ads — which are online ads except for those shown on a general search engine or classifieds websites traded on open channels — the regulator found Google’s share of impressions for the four main ad tech services used in Australia was between 70-100% and, for those ad tech services where revenue information is available, Google’s share of revenue was between 40-70%.

The remaining amount of revenue was primarily split among eight other demand-side platform competitors, the report said.



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Doctor uses iPhone 13 Pro’s Macro camera to check patients’ eyes

9TO5Mac reports ~ One of the new features of the iPhone 13 Pro is the addition of a new Macro mode for capturing very close-up photos and videos with the camera. While most users have been using the new mode to capture details of nature, Doctor Tommy Korn has discovered that the iPhone 13 Pro’s Macro camera can also be useful for eye treatment.

In a LinkedIn post, the ophthalmologist shared the story about how he has been using his new iPhone 13 Pro Max to check a patient’s eye with the new camera. Thanks to the Macro mode, Korn can take extremely detailed photos of the eyes, which lets him observe and record important details about patients’ health.

The doctor shows the case of a patient who had a cornea transplant and now needs to constantly check if the abrasion is being healed.




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So Apple Arcade this week I played Doodle God Universe. 

So far I’ve played the elements part of the game. Matching different elements to make new ones. 

I’ve had a lot of fun with puzzle game and there are loads of tutorials online to help you get through it. I’ve made vampires, cars, cows, houses. And heaps more. It took me about 5 hours to finish this part of the game.

Over all I think it was really interesting. And I think everyone will love the voice over. 

I’m giving this 4 out of 5 apples 




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The Problem with Jon Stewart

Started airing this week with 2 episodes.



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Apple now lets you share how much you love or hate built-in apps via App Store reviews

9TO5Mac again ~ For the longest time, the App Store did not allow users to rate or review Apple’s built-in iPhone and iPad apps, like Mail, Music, News, Stocks and Calculator. However, seemingly since the release of iOS 15 earlier this month, Apple has now lifted that restriction. It is now open season for App Store feedback on Apple’s stock apps.

As you might expect, customer feedback is already flooding in for Apple’s apps, with the Podcasts app currently faring the worst statistically with a 2.0 rating …

Although Apple had no reason to officially announce this policy change, it is possible Apple opened it up due to looming competitive pressure, as third-party apps are not allowed to hide their App Store ratings.

You can rate and review any Apple app that is deletable and re-installable via the App Store, so core system apps like Phone or Messages are exempt as they don’t have App Store listings.



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Apple joins Cyber Readiness Institute to help small businesses become more secure

9TO5Mac again ~ The Cyber Readiness Institute announced this week that Apple has joined as co-chair of the institute to invest in bolstering global small business cybersecurity education and protection. In a blog post, CRI welcomed the Cupertino company and its co-founder, saying they look forward to collaborating with Apple:

As a co-chair of Cyber Readiness Institute, Apple will share best practices and experiences that inform the development of free cybersecurity tools and resources for SMBs(small and medium-size businesses).

CRI also says the Cupertino company will support content development and collaborate with programs that support small and medium-sized businesses in Apple’s global supply chain.

Cyber Readiness Institute includes nearly 90 organisations representing more than two million SMBs, worldwide. It has partnered with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), World Economic Forum (WEF), and The Aspen Institute.



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South Australia uses facial recognition drones to help save koalas

Researchers from Flinders University and the South Australian government believe using drones could help keep count and better understand the movement of koalas.

ZDNet again ~ The South Australian government has teamed up with Flinders University and conservation charity Koala Life to use drones and facial recognition technology to count, identify, and re-identify koalas.

The non-invasive koala monitoring technique will be used as part of a study on koalas at Kangaroo Island and the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges to understand their numbers, movements, behaviour, and physiology, and assess whether koalas will show any signs of stress.

“Drone use in animal research is used a lot across Australia, especially in Queensland to monitor koalas. Until now, potential behaviour and physiological impacts haven’t been extensively researched so we are one of the few groups investigating this,” Flinders University researcher Dr Diane Colombelli-Négrel said.

“Through this research, we’ll be able to determine if this method really is low impact on koalas and whether it is suitable to use over the long-term into the future.

“Koalas are declining in parts of Australia. And while in South Australia numbers are pretty good, the recent fires have reduced the numbers dramatically.

“We need to ensure that we are aware of the new numbers and how they are recovering post fires, so we can then work towards reducing impacts that affect their survival.”

According to Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs, taking this approach will be vastly different to traditional methods that involve capturing and individually marking each koala.

“It is very important for us to develop non-invasive techniques to help monitor animals in a safe way, and facial recognition through drone monitoring is utilising the latest technology to achieve this,” he said.



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You Can Finally ‘Ask Alexa’ From Your iPhone Home Screen

Add a shortcut on your home screen to activate the smart assistant.

Lifehacker helps us with ~ We can all probably agree that Siri isn’t the best smart assistant. Wouldn’t you rather use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa? If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve had the ability to launch Alexa on your device for a while, but it’s not quite as easy as summoning Siri—but it has just gotten a lot easier.

Amazon recently launched a home screen widget called “Ask Alexa” that makes activating Alexa a one-tap endeavour. While it doesn’t allow you to use only a verbal command the way you can with the “Hey S i r i ” function, it’s at least a little bit faster than navigating to the full Alexa app. 



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