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Show 396 – Oct 01, 2021

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Remembering Steve Jobs

So yes I am very biased with regards Steve Jobs. He is one of my heroes, and Apple products have kept me earning income for over 30 years!

October 5 was the 10th anniversary of his passing.

Apple released a video, link below, of Steve talking at various events with some great footage of the early Apples and Macs.

There was also a Wall Street Journal piece by Jony Ives, former long time head designer at Apple, where he says “Since giving Steve’s eulogy I have not spoken publicly about our friendship, our adventures or our collaboration. I never read the flurry of cover stories, obituaries or the bizarre mischaracterisations that have slipped into folklore.

But I think about Steve every day.”

So do I! Thanks Steve



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Tim Cook Explains Why Apple Supports Shine Mental Health App

iPhone in Canada reports ~ During his first trip to New York in two years, Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey, the co-founders of mental health app Shine, which Cook believes is the best of what Apple devices can facilitate.

In a 15-minute conversation with Bustle, Cook explained why the company is supporting Shine. “I think mental health is a crisis. And it’s one that has been stigmatised so much. It was for so long that people suffered in silence and in isolation,” he said.

“Shine have done this incredible job, bringing together community and stitching together a number of different things that will make [change] systemic in nature instead of a slogan. So I’m super impressed by what they’re doing and how they got started,” Cook continued.

“It’s the being out in nature and feeling so insignificant in the world, and a lot of the problems tend to seem a little smaller. And I do talk about that freely. I think it’s important.

You know, I don’t have an S on my chest and a cape on my back. I suffer from the pandemic lows as much as everybody else does. I know that I’m privileged in so many ways, but none of us are privileged to the point that mental health is not a key factor in life.”

In 2019, Shine was selected for the first Apple Entrepreneur Camp, a two-week program in which founders from underrepresented communities are given exclusive access to Apple engineers, strategists, and business leaders.

Beyond Blue

Head to Health

more to the story


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Apple says apps must offer a way to delete your account starting in early 2022

engadget reports ~ Developers who let users create an account in their iOS, iPadOS and macOS apps will soon have to offer people a method of deleting their accounts in apps too. Apple says that as of January 31st, all app submissions (including updates) will need to include the option.

The company announced this requirement alongside other App Store guideline changes at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June as part of a push to give users more control over their data. As The Verge notes, Apple is only requiring developers to let people “initiate deletion of their account from within the app,” so apps might send you to a website or even a chat with an agent before you can actually close your account.

It remains to be seen how useful this requirement will actually be in practice, given the tricks many developers employ to encourage you to remain as a user.

Still, if you have an account in an app, deleting it will be slightly less of a headache, which can’t be a bad thing. This will hopefully make it easier for people to ditch subscriptions and apps they aren’t actually using. 

Elsewhere, App Store pages on iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey (which is still in beta) now have a Report a Problem button, so you can flag any issues or concerns you have with an app to Apple.

The feature is available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US for now. Apple will roll out the button to more regions later.




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Checkers Royal+

So from Apple Arcade this week I played Checkers, that’s right Checkers. 

This game was great. It was relaxing, fun and different from what I would normally play. 

But it was definitely what I was looking for.

I played a few different skill levels ( I was bad at all of them )

They were all just as great as each other. 

Over all I’m giving this game 5 out of 5 apples. 

This is because the game does exactly what it says it does plays checkers. No glitches no bells and whistles just checkers. 

‎Checkers Royal+ on the App Store – App Store – Apple › app › checkers-royalmt=12

G#2 ~ ZK 

Apple begins appeal of Epic Games Fortnite case, seeks delay to court-ordered App Store changes



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Ted Lasso gone for another season

What a great last episode with little tid bits of the next season.



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Apple celebrates Siri’s 10th birthday with new jokes and responses

9TO5Mac again ~ Ten years last week, Apple announced its brand-new personal assistant Siri. At the time, it was able to show you the weather, add an appointment to the calendar, and more.

Now, you can celebrate Siri’s birthday by saying “Happy Birthday” to the personal assistant.

Many things changed over the last 10 years, but for most users, Siri doesn’t appear to be one of them. Of course, the personal assistant has gotten smarter and can do more than ever before. It also has multiple new voice options and no longer defaults to a female voice.

Siri still falls behind the competition: Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa can understand context, get more useful results, but with a cost: They know more about you and are used to track you online. Apple, on the other hand, focused a lot on privacy, and it makes Siri dumber.

For example, only with iOS 15, the personal assistant can perform some tasks without an active internet connection. Siri processes your speech under your Apple device and doesn’t use your personal requests to track you. Even still, there’s a lot Apple’s personal assistant can do to improve.

Say “Happy Birthday” to S i r i

But then, when you say, “Yes, tell me,” the personal assistant says, “That’s what I thought.” Well…

Siri also gives you alternative answers, for example:

“Thanks… Wow! 10 years since I made my first appearance. How time flies… At a constant rate that we only perceive to be speeding up because of how our memories work.”

To celebrate its birthday, TNW interviewed Siri, and as you may know, it didn’t go that well. Here’s a piece of it:

Me: So, Siri, how does it feel to be ten years old?

Siri shows me a list of websites, the top of which is about developmental milestones for ten year old children.

Me: Uh, happy birthday?

Siri: Aww! It’s hard to believe that in only a decade I’ve gone from a newborn beta to a virtual assistant who can tell you the time, tell you a joke and tell you thanks for the birthday wishes!

Me: Are you happy being ten?

Siri: Hmm… I don’t have an answer for that. Is there something else I can help with?

If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out Siri’s first appearance in an iPhone 4S ad:




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US will bring together 30 countries to tackle ransomware

engadget again ~ The meeting is the latest effort by the Biden administration to address the growing problem.

The Biden administration plans to bring together 30 countries later this month to discuss the threat ransomware attacks pose to global economic and national security. Per CNN, the virtual meeting is part of what the president says will become an ongoing multilateral initiative to tackle the cybersecurity problem.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told the network the goal of the meeting is “to accelerate our cooperation in combatting cybercrime, improving law enforcement collaboration, stemming the illicit use of cryptocurrency, and engaging on these issues diplomatically.”

The alliance marks the latest effort by the Biden administration to tackle the issue of ransomware following a year in which one such attack on the Colonial Pipeline led to gas shortages across parts of the US.

In the aftermath of the incident, the president signed an executive order that called for greater cooperation and information sharing between disparate federal agencies. More recently, the Treasury Department imposed sanctions on the SUEX cryptocurrency exchange for allegedly facilitating several attacks.



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Hundreds of scam apps hit over 10 million Android devices

ARS Technica reports ~ GriftHorse campaign used clever techniques to avoid detection in Google Play.

Google has taken increasingly sophisticated steps to keep malicious apps out of Google Play. 

But a new round of takedowns involving about 200 apps and more than 10 million potential victims shows that this longtime problem remains far from solved—and in this case, potentially cost users hundreds of millions of dollars.

Researchers from the mobile security firm Zimperium say the massive scamming campaign has plagued Android since November 2020.

As is often the case, the attackers were able to sneak benign-looking apps like “Handy Translator Pro,” “Heart Rate and Pulse Tracker,” and “Bus – Metrolis 2021” into Google Play as fronts for something more sinister.

After downloading one of the malicious apps, a victim would receive a flood of notifications, five an hour, that prompted them to “confirm” their phone number to claim a prize.

The “prize” claim page loaded through an in-app browser, a common technique for keeping malicious indicators out of the code of the app itself.

Once a user entered their digits, the attackers signed them up for a monthly recurring charge of about $42 through the premium SMS services feature of wireless bills.

It’s a mechanism that normally lets you pay for digital services or, say, send money to a charity via text message. In this case, it went directly to crooks.

“These attackers are organised and professional. They set this up as a business, and they’re not just going to move on,” says Shridhar Mittal, Zimperium’s CEO. “I’m certain this was not a one-time thing.”

And please tell family and friends!



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Here’s how to turn on the new AirPods Pro Conversation Boost feature in iOS 15

9TO5Mac helps us with ~ After first announcing Conversation Boost as coming with iOS 15 back in June, Apple officially released the feature with the latest AirPods Pro firmware update.

However, the toggle is quite buried in Accessibility settings, here’s how to turn on AirPods Pro Conversation Boost with iPhone.

We got our first look / listen at AirPods Pro Conversation Boost in August when Apple included it in the AirPods Pro firmware beta 4A362b.

While the company says the feature is mostly aimed at those who are hard of hearing, it can be used by anyone.

Essentially, the feature is a proxy for hearing aids (although not a complete substitute), but can also be useful in noisy environments. Here’s how Apple describes it:

Conversation Boost focuses your AirPods Pro on the person talking in front of you, making it easier to hear in a face-to-face conversation.

Now in a firmware update that landed on October 5th for all AirPods Pro users, Conversation Boost is available for everyone.

How to turn on AirPods Pro Conversation Boost

  • Make sure your AirPods Pro are updated to firmware 4A400 (check via iPhone Settings > Bluetooth > tap “i” next to your AirPods Pro > About > Version)
    • Unfortunately Apple just says the latest firmware will install when AirPods are connected via Bluetooth to your iPhone – there’s no way to manually force it
  • On iPhone, open the Settings app, swipe down then tap Accessibility
  • Swipe down and choose AirPods (under Physical and Motor)
  • Now tap Audio Accessibility Settings
  • Choose Headphone Accomodations at the top
    • Tap the toggle at the top if it’s not already enabled
  • Choose Custom Audio Setup
  • Follow the prompts for the headphone audio customisation
  • At the end, under Customise Transparency Mode swipe to the bottom and toggle on Conversation Boost
  • Tap Done



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