The Answer To Poor iOS Email Clients Is… Outlook?

The Verge’s Vlad Savov has, like many people, been looking for a replacement email client for iOS, and this week he may have found a surprising answer. Outlook:


I narrowed down my shortlist to a pair of practical, clean, and functional email apps: CloudMagic and Acompli, the latter of which is today being rebranded as v1 of Outlook for iPhone. Both let me quickly access my folders and switch between accounts, both provide informative email previews in the Notification Center, and both keep their extra features optional.

Where Outlook pulls ahead is in the smoothness and speed of its interactions. To delete or archive an email, I need just a single, fluidly animated swipe. CloudMagic takes a swipe and a tap. Sure, it’s a small difference, but when you add up all those small delays over the course of a full working day, the difference between the two apps starts to feel a lot more tangible. Outlook also consumes less of my iPhone’s battery power when syncing in the background, which settles the choice for me.


Microsoft acquired Acompli at the end of 2014, and has wasted no time in rebranding the client for iOS (and Android). This is part of the ‘cloud first, mobile first’ view of the digital world from CEO Satya Nadella. Outlook joins Microsoft’s growing app suite on iOS, which now includes the Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, One Drive, and Xbox Music.


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