Apple acquires FoundationDB to improve key apps and software services

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“Apple has bought a start-up company that makes super quick database technology,” Eric Zeman writes for InformationWeek. “The acquisition of FoundationDB points to Apple’s desire to smooth out some of its software services, which have a knack for being flakey.”

“What probably caught Apple’s eye is FoundationDB’s ability to parse ACID-compliant transactions at an enormous scale,” Zeman writes. “According to TechCrunch, which was first to report the acquisition on March 24, FoundationDB offers licenses for 480 cores (via AWS) complete with 24/7 support for $150 per hour. It can complete about 54 billion writes per hour.”

“With no official word from Apple about how it intends to fold FoundationDB into its own offerings, speculation has focused on its cloud-based apps and services,” Zeman writes. “Peter Goldmacher, who works for FoundationDB competitor Aerospike told the Journal, ‘This type of database technology lets companies process information at high speed without incurring the typical huge costs for computer servers and the people to run them. FoundationDB’s technology could boost the efficiency of Apple services like iMessage, which delivers text messages, and iAd, which places digital ads on mobile devices.’”

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