Apple Event Part 2

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PC Sales dropping BUT Mac still going up

Apple Challenged themselves to re-invent the notebook


MacBook ~ Phil Schiller

Trackpad = bigger, Click Anywhere, pressure sensitive, “Force Click” to do choices based on pressure sensitivity, tactile feedback

Thinner = 13.1mm thick

Light = 2 lbs

Keyboard = full sized AND 40% thinner AND 4 times more stable AND better backlight

Display = 12″ Retina Display, .88 mm thin, 30% less eng. for same brightness level

Logic Board = 67% smaller, highest density Apple board ever

Fan Less = silence

Batteries =ALL DAY, 9hours wireless web,  terraced shape to get 35% MORE Battery in same space

Port = USB “C” = power, video out,¬†connectivity

Colour = Silver, Space Grey & Gold

Worlds most energy efficient

Cost = US$1299 1.1 CoreM / 8Gb / 256Gb

Shipping 1 month

MacBook Air & MacBook Pro updated, shipping today

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