Apple Keynote September 7, 2016

070916 Apple Announcement

Apple Events – Keynote September 2016 – Apple

TC Car Pool Karaoke

TC sing One Republic song

TC, JC & Pharel  Williamssing sweet home Alabama

Apple Music update

17 Million subscribers

70 releases – first on Apple

10th Apple Music Festival

App Store

140 Billion downloads

Last 2 months 100% growth Yr on Yr

Last qtr 2 as much revenue than largest competitor

Gaming biggest  and popular

Super Mario coming to App Store

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Demo

One Handed play – first time

Set price release – pricing to come, released in time for holidays

Super Mario stickers for Messages for iOS 10



Connect Ed commitment

TC visited ConnectEd schools

Apple support 114 schools

Everyone Can Code – Swift Playground teaching system


P, K, & N

REAL-TIME Collaboration


New Product


2015 2nd in world by sales revenue (8 months)

Whats Next

watchOS 3

Pokemon Go coming to watch

Pokemon Go demo

500M + downloads, 4.6 Billion Ks walking playing game

Shipping before end of year


appleWatch series 2


swim proof

speaker ejects water from itself

swimming simulator

fitness lab used to setup swimming algorithms

S2 System in a Package (SIP)

50% faster, new GPU 2 times graphics

2 times brighter display (1000 nits)


viewranger app demo – hiking app

Aluminium, SS, NOW White Ceramic

appleWatch Nike+ Late OCT

4 colours of special band and face

motivation invites

Running Club

starting at US$369

current  model upgraded CPU   series 1    Available September


integration hardware, software & services

iOS 10


This year 100+ products coming to market


iPhone 7

Best we have ever created

Johnny Ive video

Simply & Improve

Antenna disappears

HIGH Gloss Black

Phil Schiller

1/  Jet Black

Black – 2nd new Black

Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

2/   Home button

redesigned – force sensitive, Taptic feed back

3/   Water & Dust resistant   IP67 standard

4/   Camera – all imaged stabilised

6 element lens

F1.8 aperture

60% faster

flash 50% more light

12mega pixel

new signal processor

100 Billion operations in 25 milliseconds


7 mega pixel FaceTime camera with stabilisation

5/   2 x 12MP on 7 Plus  2nd Telephoto wide angle

10 x zoom using hardware and software


shadow depth of field


New Portrait Mode

Software update for iPhone7 Plus later this year


6/ retina HD display, 25% brighter

end to end colour gamut

3D touch

New Instagram demo

7/ Audio

Speakers  STEREO  bottom & top, twice volume iPhone 6




Why move on, COURAGE

SPACE & Vision for Audio

Wireless  –  Apple AirPods

Johhny Ive Video

5Hrs listening

Case is also charger

W1 chip Apple first wireless chip

Beats also releasing 3 headphone taking advantage of new W1 chip


9/  Apple Pay

10/ Performance  A10 Fusion 64 bit 4 core, twice as fat as iPhone 6

Oz Working kingdom game demo

Longest battery life, about 2 hours from iPhone 6


iPhone 7 US$649  32GB   128GB   256GB    (Jet Black only in 128GB,  256GB)

iPhone 7Plus US$769  32GB   128GB   256GB  (Jet Black only in 128GB,  256GB)

32GB & 128GB iPhone 6 & 6S


shipping Sept 16, order Sept 9

Sept 13 iOS 10 release date

AirPods US $139

Sia performing her songs Broken Glass, first time live and  ???


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