Apple Pay finally coming to UK, “Come On” Australia

Apple is to finally launch its Apple Pay contactless system in the UK, a year after it was announced. But data from the US indicates that many remain sceptical about the system.

The feature lets people make payments by waving their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch over the contactless payment terminal. But since it works using agreements with banks and credit card companies, Apple must make agreements with partners in each country, and that is thought to have held back the release in the UK.

Apple is expected to make the announcement that it is coming to Britain at its Worldwide Developers Conference, held tomorrow, according to the Telegraph. It will then be available in about two months.

The system was announced almost exactly a year ago, at last year’s WWDC. But most shops are still not taking the payment system, according to data reported by Reuters.

Fewer than a quarter of the top 100 US shops take the system, and nearly two-thirds said that they won’t be accepting it this year, according to the Reuters data. Only four companies have plans in place to join the programme.

Apple Pay is one of many attempts to make contactless payment systems using phones work as standard, after years of infighting, problems with getting everything working on the same standards, and a lack of demand from customers. Apple hopes that its system can catch on because of the widespread use of iPhones, and Tim Cook said at the beginning of the year that 2015 would be “the year of Apple Pay”.


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