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THE MOST COMPELLING case you can make for the Apple Watch is that it frees us from our phones: the ones Apple sold us. No longer will we have to pull them out to hail Ubers, check Instagram, or send texts. As TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino  elegantly points out, “There are very few products that allow you to hand someone cash and be given back time. This will be the Apple Watch metric to track: time saved.”

That makes sense. Consumer electronics have always evolved in stages. First comes increasing power, then increasing portability, then increasing ease of use, and then, finally, increasing invisibility. We wanttechnology to become an afterthought rather than the foreground. We want not be dominated by our technologies, but rather, to control them.

All of which might be good enough reason to buy the thing. But there’s more at stake for Apple.

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