Aussie Mac Zone ~ Eisode 193

Show 193 – June 6, 2017

Run Sheet ~ Garth & Michael & Nick

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WWDC 2017

great little movie AIMED directly at developers


Best and Biggest WWDC ever

16 Million registered developers world wide

3 million last year alone

10 year old Australian showed

6 apps on app store

82 year old Japanesse?

published first app this year

Apple is doing great – is all updates time allows

1/ tvOS

amazon is

2/ watchOS

#1 smart watch

HEALTH & Fitness

Kevin Lynch introduces watchOS4

Siri powered watch face

based on routine

including 3rd party apps

kaleidoscope face

Woody & Jessie & Buzz faces, with vignettes


monthly challenges

celebrations when closing rings


high intensity

multiple workouts in a single session

Gym equipment data sharing – starting this spring

New Music app in watch

Vera Carr demos

new News app on watch

music starts with workout

Native Core Bluetooth


Release time Spring

3/ macOS

Craig Federighi

what do we call new OS

marketing macOS High Sierra

about deep technologies

Safari worlds desktop fastest browsers

80% faster than Chrome

Autoplay Blocking in Safari, to stop those ads etc

Intelligent Tracking Prevention



split view

35% less disk space


improves faces, SYNCS across devices

new editing tools

edits sync from Pixelmator etc


Apple File System default

Video built in H265 40% better decoding


Metal2 default

10x faster

used for Machine Learning

Metal2 focusing external GPU systems

Metal for VR

Steam, Unity and unreal VR stems working on Mac

Public Beta later this month

works on all systems using Sierra

NEW iMacs

43% brighter

10-bit dithering

Baby Lake CPUs

21.5 up to 32Gb

27 up to 64

27 std Fusion

2 x Thunderbolt 3

Big GPU bumps

80% faster – base model21.5

4K discreet graphics

3 times faster


Radeon 500 series

5.5 Teraflops

VR Demo by Industrial Light & Magic


pricing slides

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 3.51.13 am.jpg


Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 3.52.01 am.jpg

AU Pricing

21.5” iMac with 4K Retina starts at $1899

27” iMac with 5K Retina starts at $2699

MBP updates

Kaby Lake

MBA faster processor as well

AU Pricing

13” MBP starts at $1899 up to $2699 for base models

15” MBP starts at $2999 up to $4099 for base models

12” MB starts at $1899

End of Year iMac sneak Pro

iMac Pro

most powerful Mac ever

Work Station Class Components

Dual Fan

8Core or 10 Core up to 18 Core Zeon

AMD Radeon Vega Graphics 11 Teraflops

up to 128 Gb memory

up to 4TB SSD

10GB ethernet


Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 3.57.27 am.jpg

start config US$7000 non Mac

US$4999 start config



Aussie Tech Radio @

Aussie Tech Security Podcast


Aussie Tech Heads Podcast


Apple News ~ Aussie Mac Zone

(remind ~ how to Favourite)

New Reviews this week


4/ iOS

96% satisfaction rate

86% using iOS10

Android7 7%

Turning UP to iOS11

Craig Federighi

messages draw

apps & stickers

conversations synchronised

end to end encrypted

Apple Pay

50% retailers in US by Christmas

person to person payments in iMessage


375 million devices monthly

Siri voice upgrade

new visual upgrade

new Translation Beta

Siri Kit

Task Management

understand context, what you want next

on device learning, synced across devices


1 Trillion photos per year


HEIF instead of jpegs, reduces size

Portrait mode

improved low light

Depth API


select frame in live photo

various effects in live photo

Control Centre BIG change

single page

more control 3D touch

lock screen


Detailed Floor Plans of Malls


Speed Limit

Lane Guidance

Do Not Disturb while Driving, auto response

Urgent replies get through


Speakers, AirPlay2

Shared upon next, party mode

Apple Music

27 Million Paid Subscribers

shows what friends have been listening too

MusicKit for Apple Music

App Store

Phil Schiller

500 million weekly visit

180 Billion apps downloaded

70 billion paid to date

30% last year alone

faster app review times

phase releases


new tab Today

new tab Games

new tab Apps

new Product Pages


Core Tech

Machine Learning

Vision API

Natural Language API

Core ML on device

Augmented Reality

AR kit

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 4.35.19 am.jpg


Overnight the largest AR platform in the world

Wingnut AR (company)


5/ iPad

Greg (Joz) Joswiack

“A magical piece of glass”

iPad Pro 9.7 most popular

new iPad Pro 10.5”

why 10.5’ full sized on screen and magic keyboard

new display with HDR video

ProMotion = 120Hz refresh rate, 20ms latency and dynamic speed changes to give better battery life

A10x Fusion Chip, 30% CPU & 40% GPU (500 times faster than original iPad)

Demo Affinity Photo

start 64Gb, 256GB, 512Gb

multitasking slide over

multi image selection while dragging


New App Switcher

Drag and Drop

new app Files, supports iCloud and others

Demo iOS11 on iPad

Demo Apple Pencil on iPad

hand written notes now searchable (machine learning)

notes has document scanner

Beta available end of Month

Release date Spring

video iOS11 & new iPad


“One Last Thing” to talk about

Apple Music

40 Million Songs in your pocket

Reinvent Home Music

Breakthrough Home Speaker

1 rock the house

2 spatially aware

3 smart musicologist (Siri)

4 Home Assistant


7” Tall

7 beam forming array tweeters

4” woofer

A8 Chip

6 microphone array

adjusts audio based on where you place it


Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 5.20.00 am.jpg


Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 5.20.24 am.jpg


Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 5.20.52 am.jpg

HomePod is HomeKit base station

US$349 December US, UK, Australia

Michelle Obama tomorrow

closes, over 2 hour presentation

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