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Episode: 003

Title: Revenge of the Siri


Hosts: Glenn Goodman, Jason Oakley (WauloK), Jayson Walmsley, Garth Humphreys  


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iOS 7 includes the ability to control your iPhone or iPad using head movements


Discovered by an anonymous tipster, iOS 7′s “Accessibility” section now includes a feature that allows you to control your iPhone or iPad with left or right head movements. We’ve tested this ourselves and found it to be quite accurate, but it’s quite tedious to control your device this way since it cycles through all of the options on the screen and you move your head when it is bordering around the option you want.You can also make the left or right head movement act as a home button, start Siri, open Notification Center, open the App Switcher, decrease volume, increase volume, or simply tap.

Apple files application to register ‘iWatch’ trademark in Japan


Yahoo Japan noticed that the company sought the “iWatch’ trademark in Japan on June 3rd. That goes along with a patent application for a watch-like AMOLED device we saw earlier in the year that proposed a slap bracelet, kinetic energy charger and so-called end-detection user sensor, among other features. In addition, other rumors from Bloomberg back in February suggested that “100 people” were working on a wrist-worn Apple device.

Microsoft gives OneNote for iOS an overhaul, ground up rebuild with refreshed interface


Microsoft continues to show its iOS portfolio some attention with todays launch of a major update to their OneNote application for iPhone and iPad. Following the — albeit limited — launch of Office for iOS, OneNote has been redesigned from the ground up with a mostly new codebase and a new, cleaner interface that is more consistent across platforms, as well as a more consistent, rich editing experience. So, the notes you create on your Windows 8 computer will look virtually identical when you open them up on your iPhone or iPad.

The update also adds SkyDrive Pro and Sharepoint syncing, important for those users who rely on OneNote as part of their business solution. The iPad version gets the Office Ribbon UI along the top of the display, instantly familiar to anyone who’s ever used Microsoft Office for any length of time. The update also puts an end to the 500 note limit for free users. From now on, create as much as you like, for as long as you like.


E-tax for Mac launch stumbles on developer certificate


Yesterday’s launch of the Australian Taxation Office’s electronic tax return lodgement software E-tax for Mac ran into trouble with some users unable to install the software because the ATO omitted a developer certificate from the release.

Users attempting to install the software were greeted with a warning message from Apple stating that the install package could not be opened because it was from an unidentified developer.

The Gatekeeper feature is enabled by default by Apple since Mountain Lion as a means to prevent users from installing malware and viruses on their computer. Apple prefers that users download software through the Mac App Store but allows developers to get an ID to sign their apps so that the software can be seen to have been approved by that developer.

The ATO has been advising some users of how to get around the Gatekeeper system to install the software, but the agency told ZDNet today that a new version has been put into production with the digital certificate.

“The ATO became aware on Saturday that the certificate had been omitted from the deployment. This was corrected overnight with the fix deployed to production this morning,” an ATO spokesperson said.

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