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Episode: 007

Title: iPhones are Forever


Hosts: Glenn Goodman, Jayson Walmsley, Garth Humphreys, Jason Oakley (WauloK)


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iOS 7 Beta 4 Tidbits: Lockscreen Redesign, Notification Center Improvements and New Search Options


Apple today released the fourth beta of iOS 7, which begins a number of improvements, changes, and bug fixes to the operating system, including a designed lockscreen, Notification Center improvements, an updated look for Safari’s bookmark menu, and more.


iOS 7 beta 4 also brings a slew of minor interface tweaks and improvements that make the fourth version of the beta feel both faster and more polished. Our forum members have noted multiple enhancements that have been bundled into the release:


Lockscreen – Slide to Unlock has been updated with a shifting highlight color and an arrow that draw attention to the area on the lockscreen. The arrow that denoted the Notification Center is now a line shape.

Mail – Swiping to delete inbox messages from the Mail app is quicker thanks to a smoother delete animation that eliminates slight lag.


NotificationCenter – The different sections of the Notification Center can now be switched between by swiping left and right. There is also a new notification for completed uploads.


AirPlay – There are new AirPlay icons.


Siri – Siri’s help menu now includes suggestions for question and answer queries.


Apps – The camera includes a relocated HDR button and the Reminders app now offers Search functionality.


Icons – Safari and Mail appear to have slightly tweaked gradient designs.

Folders – The fade animation for folders located in the dock has been updated to function properly.


Phone – The Call button has been slightly altered to take up less of the phone’s screen and the Answer/Decline buttons have also been updated.

Messages – Messages app now uses the first name and last initial of a contact in a chat conversation rather than the full name.


Search – The iPhone’s search functionality (initiated with a downward swipe on the screen) now includes a “Cancel” option.

Safari – Buttons for Bookmarks, Shared Links, and Reading List have been redesigned with icons rather than labels.


Screenshot API – As noted by 9to5Mac, iOS 7 Beta 4 includes a new screenshot detection API that solves an issue preventing Snapchat from detecting screenshots.


Apple TV – iOS 7 includes a feature that allows an Apple TV to be automatically set up using an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth.


iOS 7 Beta 4 Code Points to Home Button Fingerprint Sensor for iPhone 5S

Following its 2012 acquisition of mobile security firm AuthenTec, which specialized in fingerprint sensors, Apple has been rumored to be looking to incorporate its technology into its future products. Rumors have indicated that such a sensor could be adifferentiating feature for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S, although there has so far been little in the way of solid evidence that such a feature is in the works.


But as noted by Hamza Sood (via 9to5Mac), Apple’s developer release of iOS 7 beta 4 today has brought a significant clue that Apple is indeed planning to bring the technology to the iPhone later this year.


The evidence arrives in the form of a new code bundle in the Accessibility portion of iOS 7. The bundle, named BiometricKitUI, contains text strings related to a tutorial on how to use a fingerprint sensor on an iPhone. The relevant strings include:


– Photo of a person holding an iPhone with their left hand while touching the Home button with their thumb


– Photo of a person holding an iPhone with their right hand while touching the Home button with their thumb


– A fingerprint that changes colour during the setup process.


– Recognition is %@ complete


Severalreports have indicated that incorporating a fingerprint sensor into the iPhone 5S has proven difficult for Apple, potentially limiting launch supplies of the device as production bottlenecks are worked out.


Apple releases iTunes 11.1 beta to developers with iTunes Radio

Alongside iOS 7 beta 4, Apple has provided developers with iTunes 11.1 beta. The biggest new feature is built-in iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio is Apple’s upcoming streaming music service that is also integrated into iOS 7.


Is this Apple’s new, cheap iPhone?

The Chinese website has published a photo of a large bucketful of plastic iPhone boxes, all of them with “iPhone 5C” printed clearly on the sides. The boxes certainly look real, though of course it’s not unheard of for Chinese companies to make iPhone knock-offs, with varying degrees of verisimilitude.


The designation “C” isn’t Apple’s usual one for its off-year phones. Every other year, when it couldn’t be bothered with a major upgrade to its phones, Apple releases an “S” version, with relatively minor tweaks compared to a full-blown upgrade with an incremented number.


So the thinking is that “C” could be the designation for the (C)oloured, low-cost iPhones that everyone is expecting.


Listener Question


Dave from St Lucia (Brisbane) Qld:


Should I choose to put my imac hard disks to sleep when possible in the Energy Saver section of System Preferences? If I do then Time Machine on my MacBook Air cannot backup to the external hard drive attached to the imac. But if I do not ever put my hard drive to sleep am I hurting the drive, limiting lifespan?




Setting the drives to sleep when not in use shouldn’t prevent them from spinning up again as needed. Sleeping drives will happily wake when they’re needed.


In fact, it’s so much the case that often times drives never get to sleep because some process or another always feels like they need to read or write to one of your disks, especially the boot drive.


Time Machine should still work fine.


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