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Episode: 010

Title: Episode X


Hosts: Glenn Goodman, Jayson Walmsley, Jason Oakley (WauloK)


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iPhone 5S will come in gold & likely sport fingerprint sensor, iPad iOS 7 running behind


As Apple’s September 10th event iPhone event approaches:


GOLD – While many have called this new iPhone color “gold,” our source says that the color is more inline with the yellow fifth-generation iPod touch, but slightly lighter in texture. Some have called this “champagne” and that sounds about right. We’ve also heard that this gold model has a white front-face, so it won’t be a black and gold device, but rather a white and “gold/champagne” phone. It looks elegant, not cheap, the source said.


FINGERPRINT SCANNER – As discussed in analyst reports and affirmed by code strings left behind in early iOS 7 betas, we’ve heard multiple hints from sources indicating that the iPhone 5S will include a fingerprint scanner on the Home button. Despite speculation (albeit based in science) to the contrary, we’ve heard that it works well compared to the run-of-the-mill scanners found on household items and smartphones like the Motorola Atrix. However, the sensor won’t be suitable for handling payments (at launch). Some industry watchers have also been wondering why there has been so much analyst talk about an iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner, but not much hard evidence. We’re told that early iPhone 5S internal prototypes lacked the fingerprint scanning feature. Instead, the scanners were externally tested over a cable system.


iPad iOS 7 DELAY – Many developers have noted that the iOS 7 builds for iPad feel unstable and unreliable compared to the iPhone-optimized betas. There’s chatter Apple about the potential of holding back the iPad version for an iOS 7.0.1 release between late September and October; perhaps alongside fresh new iPad hardware.


Apple Asks Foxconn to Ship High and Low-End iPhones in Early September


Apple has asked Foxconn to begin shipping new high-end and low-end iPhones in early September, claims The Wall Street Journal. The report echoes previous rumors that Apple will release a new iPhone 5S and a lower-cost iPhone 5C that comes with a plastic back available in numerous colors.


Rear Shell of Silver iPad 5 Appears in New Photos



The images appear to show a silver casing, and are also consistent with a previous report that the next-generation full-sized iPad would use the same touch panel technology like that of the current generation iPad mini to achieve a smaller size. The images also show a rear shell for an iPad mini, although it is unclear whether the part is intended to be for the current iPad mini or a second-generation model.


Mac Sales Remain Flat in July, 5% Year Over Year Drop Expected for September Quarter


Apple’s Mac sales continue to come in flat year over year, according to a new report from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster who looked at July data from market research firm NPD.


Based on the data, he maintains his outlook of a 5% year over year drop in Mac sales for the September quarter and continues to note that Mac sales are becoming less significant in light of iPhone and iPad sales, representing just 15% of Apple’s total revenue.


Study: Apple Takes More Consumers From Samsung Than Samsung Does Apple

A new study from CIRP, reported by Fortune, shows Apple winning three times as many smartphone customers away from Samsung as Samsung does from Apple.



Listener Question


Matt from ‘planet earth’:


What’s the easiest way to take a screenshot of my Mac?

I’ve used, but it’s a bit annoying just to get a quick screenshot. Is there a faster way?



It’s easy on the Mac. No other software is needed:


cmd + shift + 3 take screenshot of full screen.


cmd + shift + 4 take screenshot of selective screen.


cmd + shift + 4 + space take screen shot of each windows (you must press space after use cmd + shift + 4)


Add control to the shortcuts above to place the screen shot on the clipboard instead of saving it to the desktop…though you may be running out of fingers by then!


Pick of the Week


Splash colour


Now something of a photographic trope, splash colour photos are strangely compelling. Any time you see a photo that’s mostly black and white with just one element in full colour – imagine a bright red apple sitting in a still life photo that’s otherwise a completely de-saturated grey – that’s splash colour. In olden times, creating such a scene required painstaking work with Photoshop layers and masks. Now, you can do it in seconds on your phone.


One of the best splash colour apps is called, appropriately enough, Color Splash ($0.99). You can open a photo from your camera roll or shoot a new image within the app. The photo appears entirely in grey, and you can use an adjustable brush to indicate where you want to add the colour back in. It’s easy to do and the results are far better than you’d expect from a smartphone app.



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