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Episode: 012

Title: Home is where the heart is


Hosts: Glenn Goodman, Jayson Walmsley, Jason Oakley (WauloK)


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Apple launch iPhone trade-in scheme

Apple in the US has launched an iPhone trade-in program through Apple retail stores, just ahead of the expected September 10 reveal of two new iPhones.

According to CNBC, Apple in the US will accept previously owned iPhones that still power on. Depending on the condition of the smartphone, iPhone users could receive up to $280 toward a new iPhone model

According to the CNBC report, models as old as a 16-GB iPhone 3Gs are worth up to $70 on Amazon. A 16-GB iPhone 5 carries a buy-back value north of $300 at US retailers such as RadioShack, Best Buy and Amazon.

Prior to the retail store buy-back option, Apple gave customers the chance to recycle Apple electronics in exchange for an Apple Store Gift Card equal to the value of the recycled item, a service the company still provides, according to its website. If the item is not reusable, Apple recycles it free of charge to the customer.


“It will appeal to late adopters of the iPhone,” Narut said. “It will dangle a carrot in front of them, cause them to inquire and maybe make a move.”

Narut said customers that tend to keep a smartphone for three to four years are the ones most likely to be tempted by Apple’s newest offer……………..Tom Narut, director of regional sales at Compsee.


Photos claim to show ‘iPhone 5C’ packaging, color-matched wallpapers

A few new photos claiming to show packaged “iPhone 5Cs” and accompanying materials have surfaced online. The first photo comes from website, and it purports to show several “iPhone 5C” units in packaging. The “iPhone 5C” is what many are calling Apple’s upcoming lower-cost, plastic-backed iPhone. The packaging in these photos appears to line up with a purported packaging leak from earlier this year


Apple inadvertently asking developers for iOS 7-optimized app icons


Apple seems to be asking developers to submit larger app icons. As part of iOS 7′s dramatic interface changes, the Home screen icons have been slightly enlarged compared to the iOS 6 icons.

In order to avoid this interface issue, developers will need to include larger icons in their applications. iOS 6 icons on the iPhone come in at 114 x 114 pixel resolutions, while iOS 7 icons are slightly larger at 120 x 120 pixel resolutions. For the iPad, iOS 6 icons are at resolutions of 144 x 144, and on iOS 7 they come in at a resolution of 152 x 152.


Irate French wine snobs warn Apple not to release ‘champagne’ iPhone 5S

A trade association for French wines is preemptively warning Apple against doing using the term champagne to describe the new iphone 5.  


Any company wanting to use the name ‘Champagne’ would be doing so [only] to attract all the benefits that surround [the label.]


Charles Goamaere, legal director for the Interprofessional Committee for Champagne Wine is among the biggest defenders of the champagne brand. If you’re a sparkling wine producer located outside of the Champagne region of France, you have to call your beverage something else.”



Brisbane Apple Store construction back on track after delays and rumors of cancellation

Apple was thought to have scrapped the store after the project was delayed by a bankruptcy filing from a major contractor in 2012 and reported issues with modernizing the innards of a historic building. The MacArhur Chambers building dates back to the 1930s and was used by U.S. General Douglas MacArthur in World War II as the allied forces’ South West Pacific Area headquarters.


According to the revised landscape plan, Apple is planning to remove a number of structures on the sidewalk in front of the store, like a large pedestrian bench, as well as relocate a tree to create symmetry with the store’s front entrance.


While the recent filing did not indicate a concrete opening date, it is thought that the Brisbane Apple Store could be operational as early as October.



Listener Question

Rose from Maitland NSW


Hey guys – really enjoying the rebooted Aussie Mac Zone and loving the content and listener question section the most!


My question is a simple one, Why are there no manuals when you buy apple mobile devices?


…well there is –


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