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Episode: 014

Title: Not long now…


Hosts: Glenn Goodman, Jayson Walmsley


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Apple Stores to show off iPhone 5s Touch ID feature using demo app


One of the cornerstone features of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5s is the Touch ID fingerprint scanning system. The feature allows an iPhone 5s user to unlock their iPhone or authenticate iTunes/App Store/iBooks downloads with the touch of their fingerprint on the device’s Home button. During the hands-on time with the device following Apple’s September 10th presentation, Apple demonstrated Touch ID with Apple employees carrying around iPhone 5s units that are programmed to their distinct fingers.

Japanese Customers Withstand a Typhoon to Stand in Line for the New iPhone

So, you say you’ve stood in line for the iPhone, braving the hot sun, the cold winds, and the occasional downpour. Do you know what that makes you? A wuss! Customers camped out in Tokyo awaiting this Friday’s iPhone launch braved a freaking typhoon for the privilege! A typhoon! Now then, aren’t you just a little ashamed of yourself?


Rumour: Next Apple Media Event Will be Held on October 15th


A new report, from a semi-reliable source, says Apple’s next media event will be held on Tuesday, October 15th. Apple is expected to introduce several new products before the end of the year, including new iPads, updated and new Macs, the new OS X Mavericks operating system, and yes, we’re holding onto the hope of hopes, a new Apple TV.

We know the completely redesigned Mac Pro will be debuting before the end of the year, and most of the Macs in Apple’s lineup, including the iMac, MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini are due for a refresh. Most likely with some Haswell-infused love. And of course, the  iPad is expected to be updated with a new full-sized model, and most likely an iPad mini with a Retina display.

Listener Question

I recently had my iphone changed over at the apple store and it did not restore to how I left it from the backup.  What is the best way to restore a phone? from icloud or from hard drive backup.  Also itunes kept saying during the restore that the phone was disconnected?

If you guys could tell me the best way to backup, and then when restored I don’t need to download or put any logins passwords into my apps. Thanks.

Consider backup to local computer as with iCloud most people have the free 5 Gb – most people have more on their phone than this.

In the summary tab tick the box that is Encrypt Backup. Type in a password THAT YOU WILL REMEMBER. This will backup everything, messages, mail, passwords, all. Has always worked perfect for me.





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