Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 018 – Show Notes

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Episode: 018

Title: Running on empty…


Hosts: Glenn Goodman, Jayson Walmsley, Michael Seamons


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  • Lost Dr Who eps on iTunes

  • Be vigilant about your phone bills – Michael is now saving ~ $960/year

  • Michael ordered his new iPhone 5S today ~ 4-6 weeks delivery

  • Using Siri to navigate iPhone –  Open “Podcast app” or “Launch Keyboard Preferences”

  • Women buying multiple iPhones to go with different outfits – confirmed today by a telco sales person

  • What Apple Retail Store can teach Obamacare Health:


Apple Store employees are trained to hide the complexity of technology and to clearly explain the benefit behind the products. They’re also trained in communication to make sure shoppers understand their choices and walk out of the store having made the choice that best fits their needs. Counihan knows this, which is why Connecticut will be the first, and perhaps the only state, to open physical brick and mortar stores where anyone can walk in, learn about health insurance, and enroll in a plan. The stores are directly inspired by the Apple Store model, right down to the ‘Genius Bar’ in back of the store where employees — dressed in orange instead of blue shirts — will troubleshoot more complicated requests and issues.”

  • Apple’s flagship iPhone 5S outselling iPhone 5C – two to one


  • 12″ retina laptop coming in 2014! 


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