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Episode: 033

Title: Flappy birds


 Hosts: Glenn Goodman, Michael Seamons, Jayson Walmsley


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iTunes Radio officially in Australia


If it is not showing up in Music on your iDevice you need to close the app by sliding up in a home screen and relaunch or in iTunes on your Mac or PC quit the app and relaunch.


More Americans choose smartphones over sex
“A new poll shows that while 20% of Americans claim they couldn’t live without sex, a full 26% say they couldn’t live without using their smartphones,” Robert Wilde reports for Breitbart. “It also shows that Americans prefer internet access, cars, laptops, and TV to sex.”
“The study by Harris Interactive also discovered that almost three quarters of adults say technology enriches the quality of their lives, and almost half of the people surveyed believe it improves their relationships with friends and boosts their social lives,” Wilde reports. “About 40% of those polled thinks technology makes them happier.”



‘Flappy Bird’ Removed from App Store by Developer
As promised, Dong Nguyen, the developer of Flappy Bird, has removed the popular game from the App Store. Flappy Bird has been the number one downloaded free app on Apple’s App Store for almost a month. The game was generating $50,000/day in revenue from in-app ads.
Nguyen had previously expressed frustration at the attention he has received since the sudden popularity of his game. In a tweet last week he said “Please give me peace.”, and yesterday, he announced that the game would be removed from the App Store today.
BUT reports today suggest that he may have gamed the iTunes store with a Bot to get to Number 1 and does not want to get caught so he can do it again!
For the on road business ~ Mobile payment systems are about to be upgraded in Australia

PayPal, Flexigroup and any others are about to be upgraded to meet the new Australian laws regarding Credit Card payments. I am led to believe that as of April 1st swiping a card will no longer be legal. The devices PayPal, etc use that plug into your phone, which we talked about last week, will need a chip reader and the customer will need to use a pin.

MacWorld Australia iPhone Competition

iSNAP ………. so interested listens should head on over AFTER the show to

Bitcoin-Stealing Mac OS X Trojan Discovered

A new Mac OS X trojan horse that monitors web browsing traffic in order to steal Bitcoins has been discovered by SecureMac. The trojan, called OSX/CoinThief.A, is disguised as an innocuous Bitcoin app called StealthBit that purports to send and receive anonymous payments.

Is Siri jealous??

I discovered this week that Siri gets jealous!
When I ask her to “call my Darling Wife”, she replies I cant find Darling in you contacts.
But when I ask her to “call my Wife, the bitch” she calls.
May I also point out “call my Wife, the bitch” WAS FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY!!!






Bluetooth and Charging Adaptor for old Docks

I bought both off eBay.
First I bought the bluetooth adaptor, BUT it didn’t work on my dock, it was to old. (Apple change the power pins for later 30 pin dock connectors)
So then I bought a charging adaptor which then put the power to the new pins on the Bluetooth adapter. 


It works!!!!


eBay links ~ only suggestions
Bluetooth Music Receiver Apple 30pin Connector for iPod iPhone Speaker Dock




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