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Episode: 044

Title: ibeacons everywhere!

Hosts: Glenn Goodman, Michael Seamons, Jayson Walmsley


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New York City bars to use Apple’s iBeacon for pub crawl promo

“Companies continue to find new and interesting ways of implementing Apple’s iBeacon technology, with one New York City event planning to direct participants on a Lower Manhattan ‘pub crawl’ via location-based notifications sent to their iPhones,” AppleInsider reports.
“The upcoming “BeaconCrawl” scheduled for May 20 plans to “gamify” the experience of a pub crawl — a social event where attendees traverse as a group from one bar to the next for drinks and conversation,” AppleInsider reports. “But the BeaconCrawl event plans bring an interesting tech twist, relying on an App Store application and wireless location-based iBeacons that will provide information and hints to participants.”
AppleInsider reports, “Through an official BeaconCrawl app that is planned to be offered on the iOS App Store starting May 2, users will receive push notifications with special instructions. The event will reportedly include ‘secret locations’ where ‘special drinks’ and discount offers will be available.”


New sunglasses with iBeacon notify you when lost, act as beacons in retail

“The first set of eye glasses with embedded iBeacon Bluetooth LE technology and certified under Apple’s Made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) program are coming soon,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.
“A company called Tzukuri is about to launch a crowd funding project for the new eye glasses that use an embedded iBeacon to track lost glasses within a foot,” Kahn reports. “They also use solar power, so charging is never an issue, and the company has big plans for using the product as a standalone iBeacon when on store shelves.”
“Retail stores have been installing iBeacons in order to beam offers, product info, and more to shoppers in proximity, but it’s possible the product– in this case the Tzukuri glasses– could talk directly to the customer,” Kahn reports. “The company did confirm there are ‘big plans on using the embedded iBeacons inside the glasses when our product is sold in retail environment.’”


Products Just Released

We’ve been notified of more new products available in Australia through tnsdistribution this week. The Native Union JUMP Cable for mobile phones. It syncs your Lightening connector iDevice, it charges itself when connected to your Mac & it gives you 3.5 hours more talk time or web surfing AND it fits in your pocket.


$59.95 RRP



This Weeks D’OH Tip

Get YouTube Audio to play in Background

1. Open YouTube in Safari and head to This trick uses the Safari versions of YouTube. It doesn’t work with the YouTube app.
2. Find a music video. Tap the Search icon in the top right and enter the name of a track or artist you’d like to listen to.
3. Start playing the music video.
4. Press the Home Button. The music video stops playing.
5. Open Control Centre. Slide up from the bottom of the screen.
6. Press Play. Control Centre starts to play the audio again. (Don’t try and skip tracks but!)



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