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Episode: 049

Title: WWDC

Hosts: Glenn Goodman, Michael Seamons, Jayson Walmsley


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Full Transcript of Apple’s WWDC 2014 Keynote: OS X 10.10, iOS 8, and More

11:57 am Keynote is over, everyone standing up.
11:57 am “Enjoy the week! Thank you very much!”
11:57 am Tim is thanking Apple employees back in Cupertino and all over the world.
11:57 am Crowd cheering.
11:57 am Tim asking Apple employees to stand up for a round of applause.
11:56 am “You’ve seen a few people on stage this morning, but there’s thousands of people who made today possible.”
11:56 am “This is something only Apple can do.”
11:56 am The goal is to create an unparalleled seamless experience.
11:56 am And how developers can create better apps, faster and easier, than ever before.
11:55 am Mentioning how all of the Apple products will offer a continuous experience.
11:55 am Tim seems to be bringing the keynote to a close, further summing up what was covered today.
11:54 am “An incredible set of features and an incredible release.”
11:54 am Tim is back on stage.
11:54 am Coming to everyone else in the fall.
11:54 am iOS 8 beta available TODAY.
11:54 am Extensions, Metal, Swift, etc.
11:53 am Craig is summing up all the features they went over today.
11:53 am “iOS 8 is a huge developer release and a great end user release.”
11:53 am Day one you can submit apps written in Swift when IOS 8 is available.
11:53 am A Swift language guide is available now in iBooks.
11:53 am Swift has complete Xcode support, Swift will be ready for primetime out of the gate.
11:52 am “I think you guys are going to absolutely love it.”
11:52 am SceneKit being shown now, 3D version of the same demo game appears on screen.
11:51 am A timeline at the bottom of the screen allows you to go forward and back in the execution of your game to see how the effects all interact.
11:51 am In Playground, you can see immediate feedback live in your game as you tweak the code.
11:50 am A simple change, and the whole visualized path reflects it.
11:50 am Can visualize the entire history of a value, shows the equation used to control a blimp will cause it to sink.
11:50 am Showing positioning a blimp in game.
11:49 am With Swift you can get a lot done with very little code.
11:49 am Loading a resource, image shown inside Xcode in the sidebar.
11:49 am Currently writing a simple casual 2D game.
11:49 am You can build anything with Swift, social media apps to high-performance games.
11:48 am Code is run as you type it, result displayed in sidebar on the right.
11:48 am Writing some new Swift code in Xcode.
11:48 am Demo now.
11:47 am Swift allows for a feature called Playgrounds.
11:47 am Swift code can fit along side Objective C and C code in the same application.
11:47 am Totally native to Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.
11:47 am Large classes of common programming errors aren’t possible.
11:46 am Crowd is very excited for new features.
11:46 am Swift is 3.9x faster than Objective C
11:45 am It’s fast, modern, designed for safety.
11:45 am “It totally rules.”
11:45 am Swift.
11:45 am Crowd goes “Whaaaaat?”
11:45 am New programming language.
11:45 am “Objective C without the baggage of C?”
11:45 am “It has served us well for 20 years.”
11:44 am Central to Xcode is Objective-C
11:44 am Last version was downloaded 14m times.
11:44 am Xcode
11:44 am Physics engine, particle effects, and more.
11:44 am 3D scene renderer designed for casual games.
11:44 am SceneKit
11:43 am Enhanced with light sources, field forces, per-pixel physics, inverse kinematics
11:43 am It’s been a big hit with casual games.
11:43 am SpriteKit
11:43 am Zen Garden will be available as a free tech demo as soon as iOS 8 is available
11:42 am “A stunning breakthrough.”
11:42 am They’re amazed by the amount of objects they can render at once.
11:42 am Demo was crazy, definitely watch the video if you can.
11:42 am This demo looks and navigates a lot like Infinity Blade with how it pans around.
11:41 am Metal freed up so much resources each fish in a Koi pond can have its own AI.
11:41 am All sorts of visual effects being shown, water effects, etc.
11:40 am Looks INCREDIBLE.
11:40 am Running on an iPad.
11:40 am Using Metal gives them an order if magnitude of detail improvement.
11:40 am Showing a live zen garden, built on a high-end mac.
11:40 am *Sweeney
11:40 am Tim Sweeny from Epic is coming on stage.
11:39 am Up to 10x the performance before.
11:39 am Crytek was able to bring their console engine to iOS, 4,000 draw calls per frame.
11:39 am Using Frostbyte console engine on mobile.
11:39 am 1.3m triangles at a time with depth of field effects.
11:39 am Showing the console Plants vs Zombies.
11:39 am Have been working with leading providers, unity crytek, epic, etc.
11:38 am Get access to compute power of the GPU, pre-compiled shaders, multithreading, etc.
11:38 am Up to 10x faster draw call rates.
11:38 am Metal reduces that overhead.
11:38 am OpenGL ends up being an overhead between game and hardware.
11:38 am OpenGL is the standard-based way for 3D graphics.
11:37 am Metal?
11:37 am 1PB assets, 10TB database, 5TB/day asset transfer
11:37 am *With limits*
11:37 am CloudKit is “effectively free.”
11:37 am CloudKit takes over all the cloud stuff, adds client side programming model.
11:36 am CloudKit
11:36 am Triggers a whole system of garage door closed, lights off, etc.
11:36 am Even works with Siri, “Get ready for bed.”
11:36 am Even works with Siri, “Get ready for bed.
11:36 am Secure pairing, control individual devices, AND group them in to scenes.
11:35 am Locks, lights, cameras, doors, etc.
11:35 am Worked with leaders of home automation.
11:35 am Showed non-Nest thermostat.
11:35 am Companion apps for all sorts of things.
11:35 am Showing Philips Hue bulbs.
11:35 am HomeKit!
11:34 am Photo kit API is faster, read/write to photo library, non-destructive edits.
11:34 am Manual control of exposure, light balance, and focus.
11:34 am Camera API’s
11:34 am Still protects fingerprint data, it’s never exposed anywhere outside the A7 processor.
11:34 am Protects data, unlocks keychain items
11:34 am Showing the Mint app.
11:34 am Third party apps can use TouchID as well.
11:34 am Passcode usage before TouchID was less than half, 83% via Touch ID on iPhone 5s.
11:33 am Discussing popularity if Touch ID.
11:33 am Next up, Touch ID API.
11:33 am You can give it access though.
11:33 am Keyboards have the most restrictive sandbox, no network, etc.
11:32 am Something that looks like Swype is being shown.
11:32 am You can also install system-wide third party keyboards.
11:32 am Can select your board and other Pintrest settings.
11:32 am And now sharing that via Pintrest.
11:31 am Very cool.
11:31 am Translating in real time, in line, via Bing.
11:31 am Showing text being translated directly inside of Safari.
11:31 am Can bid direct from Notification Center.
11:30 am Widget for ebay shows all active bids.
11:30 am Also works for the iPad.
11:30 am Tap edit, adds Sports Center to the notification center.
11:30 am Pull down notification center, says “one new widget available.”
11:30 am Very seamless.
11:29 am Tap edit, top left is an extensions button, Waterlogue pops up and turns photo in to a watercolor. When you’re done it’s back in photos.
11:29 am In photos, have a photo of a flower.
11:29 am Now a demo.
11:29 am Third party apps can also do Today screen widgets.
11:28 am Third party document providers.
11:28 am Photo filters are supported.
11:28 am Bing could offer translation inside of Safari.
11:28 am Add new sharing options, like Pintrest can offer a share sheet to Safari.
11:28 am Apps can reach out and talk to extensions, apps can project UI.
11:28 am Building on the same sandbox model.
11:27 am Apps are in sandboxes, can access own data but not other apps without your permission.
11:27 am Apps from the App Store can extend the system, offer services to other apps.
11:27 am Extensibility.
11:27 am 4,000 new developer APIs
11:26 am Craig is back on stage.
11:26 am “Biggest release since the launch of the App Store.”
11:26 am Now discussing the SDK.
11:26 am Everything coming in the fall.
11:25 am Devs can invite users to beta test their app.
11:25 am New beta test service called… Test Flight.
11:25 am App previews, developers can embed videos in iTunes creenshots.
11:25 am At a discounted price with just one tap.
11:24 am Users can buy multiple apps.
11:24 am App Bundles!
11:24 am Related searches, and new Editors’ Choice logo users can find the best apps.
11:24 am Faster searches through continued scrolling lists.
11:24 am Top-trending searches.
11:24 am All kinds of sub-categories.
11:23 am Adding an “explore” tab to help users find apps.
11:23 am Rolling out new features on the App Store.
11:23 am 75b apps downloaded.
11:23 am Not just browsing, but downloading.
11:23 am 300m people visit the App Store every week.
11:23 am 1.2m apps available.
11:23 am All apps delivered via the App Store.
11:22 am The second part of the story is what iOS 8 provides for developers.
11:22 am Tim back on stage.
11:22 am That’s a look at the CONSUMER part of iOS 8.
11:22 am China is getting better, vector based maps, navigation, lunar calendar support, improved predictive input, and weather.
11:21 am 22 new languages are coming.
11:21 am Siri hooks in with Shazam, can be triggered by saying “Hey, Siri.”
11:21 am Siri up next.
11:21 am Not clear but that might be limited to photo storage only.
11:20 am First 5GB free, 20GB for 99c a month, 200gb for 3.99 a month.
11:20 am New iCloud tiers.
11:20 am All photos and videos, original format and resolution.
11:20 am Also will be in Windows via the web.
11:20 am Photos coming to Yosemite in the future.
11:19 am Showing another photo being corrected, works surprisingly great, almost magical.
11:19 am Edits are there as well, all the same adjustments.
11:19 am All the same gestures, etc.
11:18 am Looks a lot like photos from iOS, but on the Mac.
11:18 am Now showing sneak peek.
11:18 am Working on a new photo solution for the Mac shipping early next year.
11:18 am Changes are reflected live on multiple devices pretty quickly.
11:18 am Showing the ability to favorite a photo, and how the same functionality exists on the iPad.
11:17 am Edits immediately get sent to the cloud.
11:17 am Before and after is very dramatic with a few simple swipes.
11:16 am Color works similarly.
11:16 am Automatically doing all these different settings based on detailed image analysis for exposure, shadows, etc.
11:16 am Tapping light, you get a live display of what’s being modified in the photo.
11:16 am Showing a dark/washed out photo.
11:15 am Now showing demo.
11:15 am Smart editing controls for light, color, auto-straightening and cropping.
11:15 am Location, time, albums, etc.
11:15 am Following the Spotlight theme, you can search photos in al sorts of ways.
11:14 am Device has access to more photos in the cloud than it can store locally.
11:14 am Preserving common organization and edits.
11:14 am Photos and iCloud, every photo you take is on all your devices.
11:13 am Next: Photos.
11:13 am Adult account gets a notification that their kid tried to buy something.
11:13 am Kids get prompted to ask adults for permission before buying something.
11:13 am Up to six family members who all share the same credit card.
11:13 am Can share media, apps, and all the purchases of your family.
11:12 am Automatically can share photos, calendars, reminders, etc and auto-configure Find My friends, find devices, etc.
11:12 am Can do a “Family Setup”
11:12 am “The easy way to share what’s important.”
11:12 am Family Sharing up next.
11:11 am Mayo Clinic thinks this will revolutionize how the health industry works.
11:11 am Also working with Mayo Clinic, with HealthKit they can figure out personalized thresholds for readings, notify doctors automatically, and more.
11:10 am Can link in to third party apps.
11:10 am Corresponding app, “Health” monitors all your fitness metrics.
11:09 am Provides a single place for health apps to compile a profile.
11:09 am HealthKit
11:09 am Showing health devices, fitbit, weight, blood pressure, etc.
11:09 am White icon with small red heart.
11:09 am Health!
11:08 am Management includes books and PDFs for education users.
11:08 am 3rd party documents providers, OneDrive, Box, “More…”
11:08 am All sorts of new Exchange stuff.
11:08 am Passcode protection for all data types.
11:08 am in iOS 8, this continues.
11:07 am Even can download all your enterprise apps.
11:07 am Device Enrollment Program allows you to get a new iPhone/iPad and have it auto configure for your enterprise.
11:07 am All because of great applications and security technologies.
11:06 am 98% of Fortune 500 uses iOS.
11:06 am iOS is a huge hit in enterprise.
11:06 am Next up: Enterprise.
11:06 am Have access to all of this on your Mac.
11:06 am Edits are saved to original location.
11:06 am Say you’re in an app like Sketchbook, you can open compatible documents through iCloud Drive.
11:05 am iCloud Drive is up next.
11:05 am Craig is back on stage.
11:05 am Lower iPhone, message sends.
11:05 am Can reply to it in the same way.
11:04 am Raising your iPhone to your ear plays an audio message.
11:04 am Similarly, this all works from the lock screen.
11:04 am There’s a “keep” button next to each one.
11:04 am Audio/video messages self destruct unless you tap to keep them so they don’t take up loads of space.
11:03 am “Super duper easy.”
11:03 am When you get an audio message, you just tap to play it.
11:03 am All super easy.
11:03 am Taking a selfie on stage, sending it to the group.
11:03 am Showing sending a quick audio message.
11:02 am All attachments show up in one place, can view all the photos instead of scrolling forever.
11:02 am Do not disturb toggle also in this view, or you can leave.
11:02 am Location sharing can be shared for an hour, the rest of the day, or longer.
11:01 am All these group settings are managed through a “Details” button.
11:01 am Doing a brief demo now.
11:01 am “A rich and powerful platform for communication.”
11:01 am Can also do video in the same way.
11:00 am Shows up sort of similar to Find My Friends.
11:00 am Can share your location with people in a conversation.
11:00 am You can leave a thread yourself.
11:00 am Do Not Disturb on a per-thread level.
11:00 am Can name threads, add/remove people from conversations.
10:59 am Group messaging enhancements.
10:59 am Messages is the most frequently used app on iOS.
10:59 am Can also answer calls from iPad if phone is nearby.
10:59 am Continuity is next, briefly going over what was shown on the Mac side of things.
10:59 am Multiple language models, not just English.
10:59 am It learns how you type, offers buttons that say “epic”, “awesome” etc if that’s how you type.
10:58 am Context sensitive, if someone asks if you want to go to dinner or a movie you get buttons like “dinner” “a movie”
10:58 am QuickType is predictive typing suggestions.
10:57 am Special keyboards,character sets, dictation, handwriting, etc.
10:57 am Showing how the iPhone changed mobile keyboards.
10:57 am Keyboard enhancement: QuickType.
10:57 am Safari bar works very similar.
10:57 am Seems to work like Yosemite Spotlight but iOS-ized.
10:56 am Search for news, restaurants, movies, etc.
10:56 am Searching for apps will show apps on the App Store if you don’t have them.
10:56 am Yosemite enhancements also have made their way over
10:56 am “Let’s talk about Spotlight.”
10:56 am “We’re all going to love doing mail this way.”
10:56 am Showing email composing, all works super fluid with sliding the draft down, pulling up different email, selecting, copying, tapping to restore the draft then paste.
10:55 am Also showing off gestures you can do to messages like flagging, unread, deleting, etc.
10:54 am Mail from Open Table, offers intelligent suggestion to add reservation to your calendar.
10:54 am iPad mail enhancements being shown now.
10:54 am Double tap home button, see a group of recent people, you can call, iMessage, Facetime them, etc.
10:53 am Flicking up still works to dismiss notifications.
10:53 am Gets tagged on Facebook, can swipe down and like.
10:53 am Getting an iMessage, swipe down to reply without leaving app.
10:53 am Gets a notification for a meeting request, can swipe to accept/decline on lock screen.
10:52 am Now demoing the new features.
10:52 am Can swipe a message down in mail, and access the rest of your mail.
10:52 am Can mark messages unread or flag through different gestures.
10:51 am Birds eye view coming to iPad from Yosemite Safari tabs.
10:51 am Double tap shows recent people as well as multitasking apps.
10:51 am Also works on the lock screen to get action buttons.
10:51 am You can pull down and reply to a iMessage without needing to leave the app you’re using.
10:50 am Notification center is refined, new interactive notifications.
10:50 am With enhancements to iPhone and iPad.
10:50 am Builds on design of iOS 7.
10:50 am Going over end user features of iOS 8 with Craig.
10:50 am Great end-user features, and incredible developer features.
10:49 am “A giant release.”
10:49 am Announcing iOS 8 today.
10:49 am Tim couldn’t be happier with iOS 7, but they’re not standing still.
10:49 am “Android fragmentation is turning devices into a toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities.”
10:48 am Android “dominates the mobile malware market.”
10:48 am These customers are not getting great new features, run new apps, or security updates.
10:48 am “That’s like ancient history.”
10:48 am 1/3 of Android users are running a version from four years ago.
10:48 am 9% on KitKat.
10:48 am “This is in stark contrast to Android.”
10:47 am 89% of install base are running iOS 7.
10:47 am People love iOS because updates are available to as many customers as possible.
10:47 am Customer satisfaction ratings “no one gets.”
10:47 am 97% overall satisfaction for iOS 7.
10:47 am iOS 7 took the iOS experience to a higher level.
10:46 am “And then sought a better experience and a better life and decided to check out iPhone and iOS.”
10:46 am “They had bought an Android phone… by mistake.”
10:46 am Many were switchers from Android.
10:45 am 130m totally new customers in the last year on iOS devices.
10:45 am “This is incredible.”
10:45 am iPhone 500m units.
10:45 am iPad 200m units.
10:45 am iPod touch, 100m units.
10:45 am Sold over 800m iOS devices.
10:45 am Next up is iOS.
10:45 am “I’m glad I’m in the beta program.”
10:44 am Tim is back on stage now.
10:44 am
10:44 am This summer there will be a public beta.
10:44 am Yosemite will be FREE.
10:44 am Everyone else will get it in the Fall.
10:44 am Available to developers TODAY.
10:43 am Craig is summing up everything he just showed off.
10:43 am “And that’s Continuity.”
10:43 am (Says Dr. Dre)
10:43 am “I can’t wait to get to work with the team at Apple.”
10:43 am “New employee orientation starts at 9:00” says Craig.
10:42 am Craig welcomes Dr. Dre to Apple, crowd goes nuts.
10:42 am “Hello?” says Dr. Dre.
10:42 am Ringing.
10:42 am Ringing.
10:42 am Calling Dr. Dre.
10:42 am Going to call a new Apple employee instead.
10:41 am Looking up a restaurant in Safari.
10:41 am Showing how we can make a phone call.
10:41 am Can accept/decline calls on the Mac.
10:41 am Getting a phone call on the Mac.
10:40 am Flick up, and you’ve got the same link open.
10:40 am Picks up iPad, in bottom left is Safari.
10:40 am Clicking a URL from iMessage on a Mac.
10:40 am Starts writing email on phone, click Mail on the Mac, it’s all there.
10:39 am Currently demoing this functionality on emails.
10:39 am “Call xxx-xxx-xxx on iPhone” pops up in Safari.
10:39 am Even works on web pages.
10:39 am Contacts from Mac can dial directly on your phone.
10:39 am “Even works if your phone is across the house in a charger.”
10:38 am If your phone is nearby, Mac will show caller ID and you can use your Mac as a speakerphone.
10:38 am Also make and recieve phone calls.
10:38 am SMS now show up on your Mac.
10:38 am “We have these green bubble friends who have inferior devices and insist on sending us messages.”
10:37 am “We all love iMessage.”
10:37 am SMS is next.
10:37 am Incredibly seamless.
10:37 am Mac sees your phone, prompts you to connect to it if you need to to get online.
10:37 am Instant Hotspot when your phone is nearby.
10:37 am Prompts come from the dock though.
10:36 am Similarly, email works the same way.
10:36 am Swiping up opens the numbers document you have open on your Mac.
10:36 am iPad gets a camera-like icon in the lower left of the screen
10:36 am When you’re working on a Mac, your devices nearby are aware of what you’re doing.
10:36 am New feature, Handoff.
10:35 am AirDrop now works with the Mac.
10:35 am Looking to make the transitions between these devices seamless.
10:35 am Showing iPhones, iPads, and Macs.
10:35 am Next up is Continuity
10:34 am Scribbly speech bubble gets refined in to what looks like a comic book speech bubble.
10:34 am When Markup recognizes you trying to draw a shape, it makes it nicer.
10:34 am Can also add text via markup.
10:33 am Err an arrow rather.
10:33 am Showing sending an image to a new email, using Markup to circle a few climbers in the photo.
10:33 am The new share button in Safari allows you to click a button and send a link/image/etc to a huge variety of services.
10:32 am Tab view gives you a bird’s eye view of all the open tabs, when you get a bunch tabs from similar sites stack in to what looks like piles of cards.
10:32 am You can now scroll through tabs regardless of how many you have open.
10:31 am “It’s super convenient.”
10:31 am Spotlight suggestions for searches show snippets from Wikipedia and more.
10:31 am New URL bar combo search field looks great.
10:31 am Tab view looks really cool, smaller title bar gives you a huge view for whatever you’re looking at.
10:30 am Now showing a quick demo of Safari.
10:30 am 6.5x faster on Javascript.
10:30 am Now showing performance graphs, Safari is faster than ever.
10:29 am Using the new HTML 5 video, you can get up to 2 hours longer streaming Netflix.
10:29 am WebGL, SPDY, IndexedDB, Javascript Promises, CSS Shapes, HTML5 premium video.
10:29 am Also made privacy settings better, adding something similar to Chrome’s Incognito mode.
10:28 am New tab view, gives you a expose-style look at all your tabs you have open.
10:28 am Likely also significantly snappier.
10:28 am Spotlight suggestions show up in the URL bar/smart search field.
10:28 am The top bar has been shrunk even more, favorite bar gone (but can be brought back), smart search field shows all favorites instead.
10:27 am Safari is next.
10:27 am Showing how you can doodle on emails, PDFs, images, etc.
10:26 am Markup is next.
10:26 am Attachments can be up to 5GB in size.
10:26 am Attachments can be sent encrypted via iCloud, it’s seamless on a Mac otherwise they get a link.
10:26 am “Mail Drop”
10:26 am Addressing a problem with email, large attachments.
10:25 am Mail has a new UI, “Focus on the basics”
10:25 am Mail is next.
10:25 am Windows support as well.
10:25 am Synched across all your Macs seamlessly, also available in iOS.
10:25 am Browsable photos on your Mac for apps you might not even have.
10:24 am iCloud drive looks sort of like Dropbox?
10:24 am Crowd goes “Ooooh?”
10:24 am iCloud Drive is next.
10:24 am Similarly, searching for “Godz” shows all kinds of Godzilla stuff from showtimes locally to Godzilla content in iTunes and more.
10:23 am Information seems sourced from Yelp.
10:23 am Can search for “sushi” to find local sushi places right inside of Spotlight.
10:23 am “Yose” shows Yosemite entry from Wikipedia, news from various sources, and a map to Yosemite.
10:23 am Showing how Spotlight can convert from Miles to kilometers and other things.
10:22 am Can search for “num” to see recent documents opened by Numbers.
10:22 am Searches for “Phil”, finds all sorts of results between meetings, emails, and more.
10:21 am Showing Spotlight, just a few characters are required to get it to start looking things up.
10:21 am Showing 3rd party widget, ESPN Sports Center being dragged in.
10:21 am Apps can export widgets which can be dragged in.
10:21 am In Notification Center’s Today View it has stocks, reminders, clocks, weather, and can be edited by clicking an “edit” button.
10:20 am “It’s really cool.”
10:20 am Showing Messages, dragging the window around to show transparency.
10:20 am Calendar has a new day view.
10:19 am Maps looks great, title bar is transparent and has a neat effect as the map scrolls under it.
10:19 am (Using those iMacs on stage mentioned earlier.)
10:19 am Now doing a quick demo.
10:19 am Also loops in Wikipedia and all sorts of other online data sources for searches.
10:18 am Looks exactly like Quicksilver and Bartender.
10:18 am In Yosemite, Spotlight has a new interface that pops up in the middle.
10:18 am Next up is Spotlight.
10:18 am Notification Center has a iOS-like today view with calendar views, weather, and customizable widgets from the Mac App Store.
10:17 am Dark mode looks like notification center does now basically.
10:17 am Sidebar apps like Messages get a new look too, with sidebars consistent across Reminders and other apps with similar UI elements.
10:17 am Window design maximizes the space for content.
10:17 am Blackish instead of white.
10:16 am Menu bar goes dark, etc.
10:16 am A new dark mode will be included.
10:16 am Also focused on precise and consistent typography throughout the whole OS.
10:16 am Going over icons, “Check out that trash can.”
10:16 am Transparent windows look really cool, the dock got similar treatment.
10:15 am “Your windows take on the personality of your desktop.”
10:15 am Transparency lets you see content as you scroll.
10:15 am Toolbars and windows have been refined.
10:15 am Focus is on clarity and utility.
10:15 am “I think the team has done some remarkable work.”
10:14 am Calendar looks just like iOS 7.
10:14 am Transparent finder views, looks awesome.
10:14 am New icons across the board, all flat and iOS 7-like.
10:14 am Looks very iOS-7-y.
10:14 am Now showing a video of the design changes of Yosemite.
10:13 am And how it has evolved to Mavericks.
10:13 am Discussing the “bold design” of Aqua.
10:13 am New interface, big enhancement to popular apps, and new “Continuity” feature.
10:13 am OSX Yosemite it is!
10:12 am “Strangely this one had large pockets of support.”
10:12 am OSX Weed? Crowd goes nuts.
10:12 am OSX Oxnard? Crowd laughs.
10:12 am “Another year, time for another name.”
10:12 am Discussing the shift from cats to places in California.
10:11 am Making jokes about OSX naming, “averting a crisis”.
10:11 am Crowd clapping like crazy.
10:11 am “Good morning!”
10:11 am Craig is coming on stage now to talk about the Mac.
10:11 am “We could not be happier with Mavericks and the momentum of the Mac.”
10:10 am Wild applause.
10:10 am Tim, “Need I say more?”
10:10 am Crowd goes “Awwwwww”.
10:10 am Windows 8 at 14%.
10:10 am “You may wonder how that compares to Windows.”
10:10 am Fastest adoption of a PC OS in history.
10:10 am Over 50% of the install base (51%) uses Mavericks.
10:10 am Most in Apple’s history.
10:10 am Since release in October, 40m copies of Mavericks have been installed.
10:09 am With loads of features for power users, better battery, etc.
10:09 am Mavericks release has done “really great.”
10:09 am Despite industry decline of 5%, Macs grew by 12%.
10:09 am “We’re shipping the best Macs in our history.”
10:09 am Starting with OSX and the Mac.
10:09 am An entire section of the presentation will be just for this.
10:08 am Also going to see the “mother of all releases” for developers.
10:08 am We’re going to see how they’ve been “engineered to work seamlessly together.”
10:08 am Great new features and updates for both.
10:08 am Here to talk about “two powerful platforms”, OSX and iOS.
10:08 am 9m registered developers, 47% increase from last year.
10:08 am “We’re going to be seeing apps from them for a long time.”
10:07 am The youngest developer in the audience is 13.
10:07 am “Special shout out” to the student scholarship winners.
10:07 am Tim is going over what WWDC is going to be about this week, attendees from 69 countries, 70% are first timers.
10:06 am This is the 25th anniversary of WWDC, the first one was to talk about system 7.
10:06 am Mentioning all of the lives that have been enriched by apps and developers, thanking all developers for doing this.
10:06 am Tim is welcoming all the developers.
10:05 am “Good morning!”
10:05 am Tim Cook takes the stage.
10:05 am Video is over, massive applause.
10:05 am Back to people talking about how magical developers are and how they’re changing the world.
10:05 am The video is now shifting to a montage showing all these different apps used everywhere like cockpits, concerts, and more.
10:04 am Now they’re showing an app controlled robotic hand used by a man.
10:04 am “This has become as essential as my guitar,” in regards to music apps.
10:03 am “Now it’s easy for them to focus on dreaming.”
10:03 am Apps are used my baseball players at all, breaking down the swing of a batter for improvement.
10:02 am Other people are listing off games, Candy Crush, Words with Friends, etc.
10:02 am “The best app of all time has to be Tinder.”
10:02 am In the same video, a scientific sailing vessel uses apps to help with the study. Navigation apps, data collection apps, etc.
10:01 am Instagram, tumblr, Pintrest, etc.
10:01 am Now people are discussing the apps they can’t live without.
10:01 am Now demoing Paper to draw on an iPad in this same video.
10:01 am A bunch of different people talking about how the apps developers make let them do amazing things.
10:00 am Starting a video talking about what a developer looks like.
10:00 am Music is lowering.
10:00 am Everyone is cheering.
10:00 am Lights dimming.
9:58 am Everyone is cheering for the camera that is panning around as we get closer to starting.
9:54 am Announcer just said the presentation is starting shortly, asked everyone to make sure their phones are on silent.
9:51 am Connectivity is predictably pretty bad in the hall, lots of people mentioning not being able to get online at all to tweet or post photos.
9:51 am Apple employees are going around making sure all the seats near the front are full, trying to squeeze the last few people in.
9:48 am Music still playing, most people are seated now.
9:47 am Two iMacs are on the left of the stage set up for likely keynote demos.
9:45 am Cameras on cranes are panning all over the audience.
9:44 am Apple employees wearing orange shirts are doing everything they can to keep people from standing on their chairs to take photos.
9:43 am Music is still playing as people continue to file in to their seats.
9:24 am Photo of on-stage Macs running OS X 10.10 via @LanceUlanoff

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