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Episode: 059

Title: iphone 6…now very soon

Hosts: Glenn Goodman, Michael Seamons, Jayson Walmsley


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Purported photos of 5.5-inch ‘iPhone 6L’ show 2915mAh battery, wider display panel


Asia-based rumor site Apple Daily has acquired photos of what it claims are the next-generation iPhone, including the 5.5-inch model we’ve seen much less of in recent weeks. The two photos above show the larger device (with the purple interior) paired with a 4.7-inch version. The wider 5.5-inch model is to the right and the 4.7 display panel is on the left. While some may note that the part on the right does not appear much larger than the part on the left, it is possible that the image’s perspective does not highlight the size differentiation well.

The larger model, which Apple Daily claims will be called ‘iPhone 6L’ also sports a larger 2915mAh battery (seen below), compared to the 1810mAh in the 4.7-inch device and 1560 mAh in the iPhone 5s. The larger display area and form-factor allows Apple to squeeze a much larger battery pack into the phone, but it is currently unclear if this will mean stronger battery life. It’s uncertain if the larger display and more powerful chip rumored for the bigger phone will counterbalance the effects of the bigger battery pack…

The new iPhones are scheduled to debut at an Apple Media Event on September 9th, and Apple is also preparing new iPad models and awearable fitness device for launch later this fall. In addition to larger displays, the new iPhones willinclude thinner and rounder designs as well asdisplay covers built from sapphire crystal and afaster A8 chip.

Components for the upcoming 5.5-inch model’s display began leaking out from the Asia supply chain in June, and parts for the 4.7-inch model have been appearing on the web for months. Both models are now in mass production.

Part of the “iPhone 6L” display panel, which features a similar design to the 4.7-inch variant with more rounded corners, is shown off in one of the photos below. Other internal components, including more photos of the logic board for both handsets, are on display in the photos below:


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