Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 062 – Show Notes

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Episode 062 – Aussie Mac Zone Shownotes

Just straight off the bat ~ quality of the live stream was lacking

The quality of the live stream was very intermittent initially.
It got better BUT not perfect. The US also suffered because I was also watching
This is just to show we are balanced Apple Fan Boys


Where do we start?
Watch, Phones, Payments, U2

Watch ~ Apple Watch (available early 2015)

First new product NOT announced by Steve Jobs
Requires iPhone (5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus)
2 sizes ~ 3 models
Slide on bands, silicon, metal, blokey, girly
Silver, Gold, Rose and Black
Sapphire Face
Touch Interface & Digital Crown ~ magnifies screen

Wireless Charger (think MagSafe)
Stainless Steel, Aluminium & 18ct Gold
New Form of Communication
(tap your contact, then draw or send emojis)
Fitness App
Workout App
Starts at US$349
Battery time ~ ???? will need to charge overnight
AND use for payments

2 New Phones ~ iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 plus

4.7″ & 5.5″ Screens
Retina HD Display
Dual-domain pixels for wider viewing
NFC & AC Wireless
Faster Processor
A8 chip with 64-bit architecture
(twice the transistors of the A7)
M8 motion coprocessor

Better Cameras
iSight Camera
(improvement on 5S)
Optical Image Stabilisation 6+ only
New 8-megapixel camera
Panorama (up to 43 megapixels)
FaceTime Camera
(improvement on 5S)
Auto HDR for photos and videos
Improved face detection
1080p HD video recording
(30 fps or now 60 fps)
Slo-mo video
(120 fps or now 240 fps)
Cinematic video stabilisation
Continuous autofocus video
Improved face detection

Bigger Capacity
16Gb & 32GB
6 & 6 Plus
16Gb & 64GB & 128GB
Pricing ~ AU$
iPhone 6
$869 & $999 & $1129
$155 & $175 & $195 more than US
iPhone 6 Plus
$999 & $1129 & $1249
$176 & $196 & $206 more than US
Unfortunately the exchange rate was 88c this morning.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is more secure than keeping cards in a wallet.
If you lose your iPhone, you won’t have to cancel cards. Simply use Find My iPhone to suspend payments just for that device.
Photo your card to add to Passbook.
When you add a card to Passbook, its number is never stored or shared on your device or Apple servers.
Retailers never see your details.
Apple doesn’t know what you bought, where you bought it, or how much you paid for it.
It generates a dynamic security code, replacing the static security code from the back of your card.
Each transaction is authorised with a one-time unique number.
AMEX, MasterCard & VISA are onboard.
Starts in US in October, other countries still in discussion.


A reminder for those who have an iTunes account ~
U2 & Tim Cook announced that U2’s new album Songs of Innocence is available FREE form the iTunes Store until October.
And A reminder for those who do not have an iTunes account ~
Sign up for an account before October to download the Album for FREE
Michael, being the cynic that he is suggested perhaps this is a way of getting some more credit card information before Apple kick off their new Apple Pay system!


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