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Episode: 063

Title: a week on and what do we know?

Hosts: Glenn Goodman, Michael Seamons, Jayson Walmsley


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 iPhone 6 (inc 6 Plus), 4 million pre-orders on first day

Apple announced that 4 million iPhones were ordered on Friday, thats twice as many as the iPhone 5 pre-orders 2 years ago.
They sold 5 million the weekend of availability.
Compare that to iPhone 5S & 5C sold 9 million over the first 3 days of availablity
Waiting times have blown out to 3-4 weeks for all iPhone 6’s, here and in the States
Imagine how many if the websites worked?
Apple US site was very intermittent from Midnight Pacific time until about 4.45am
As were Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile
Apple au site was intermittent for about 2 hours


China, No iPhone 6 for you today.

Apple is still waiting for the iPhone 6 to be approved in China.
Not sure if this is part of the Chinese government punishing US companies or just poor performance in getting the paperwork through on time.
Wondering if Apple can ship those iPhones out to other countries while the delay is in progress ~ SO I GET MINE FASTER


Also comp now have some BIG specials at the moment.
Up to $2000 off MacBook Pro


iOS 8 available Wednesday!

So please do a backup of your iPhone via USB cable to your computer.
It has been known for updates to be get corrupted during downloading and a full restore to be needed to get back a working phone.
We are talking just 0’s and 1’s remember.
OR many take this as a time start again from scratch with there apps, etc, because it is easy to download ONLY what you want.


Quick Roundup


PayPal questions Apple Pay security in new ad, uses iCloud celebrity photo debacle as ammunition.

Ahead of Apple’s Apple Pay release, mobile and online payments stalwart PayPal on Monday took out a full-page ad in The New York Times, warning consumers of Apple’s security practices by alluding to the recent leak of photos stolen from celebrity iCloud accounts.


With eye on Apple Pay, Apple joins secure chip technology non-profit GlobalPlatform

Ahead of the iPhone 6 debut, Apple’s first device to incorporate NFC and Apple Pay, the company has become a full paying member of GlobalPlatform, an association looking to standardize infrastructure relating to secure applications and smart chip technology. And just a note re the previous story ~ PayPal is not a member of this Secure Payments Group


Apple releases new OS X Yosemite betas for developers, public beta participants

With the next version of Apple’s flagship desktop operating system nearing release, new preview versions of OS X Yosemite were seeded to both registered Mac developers as well as participants of the public beta program.


Apple creates dedicated portal for users to remove unwanted U2 album

With hordes of iTunes customers loudly voicing their displeasure at having received 22-time Grammy-award-winning rock group U2’s latest album for free in recent days, Apple responded to the cacophony on Monday with a new single-purpose web portal that will allow disgruntled users to remove the album from their iTunes accounts.


Apple’s HealthKit powering ambitious new medical trials at Stanford, Duke

Apple’s new HealthKit tools in iOS 8 are the centerpiece of two separate medical trials about to kick off at prominent U.S. hospitals, aiming to help in treatment of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.


5, yes 5 Samsung Ads poke fun at Apple


One ad calls the iPhone 6 Plus a “Copy Cat” Samsung Note

Another ad points out the “Live Stream” issues

And there are 3 other ads with various themes having a dig at Apple
In Apples defense ~ Na Na Na.
But really to my knowledge that was the biggest LIVE Stream ever. Apple never say, were first to market.
But have been proved to get it RIGHT.
There are about 40 wearables out there at present, time (pardon the pun) will tell what happens.


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