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Episode: 064

Title: iphones iphone iphones

Hosts: Glenn Goodman, Michael Seamons, Jayson Walmsley


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First Weekend Sales Top 10 Million

Apple announced that 10 million iPhones were shipped over the first 3 days, thats twice as many as the iPhone 5 sales 2 years ago.

iPhone 5 sold 5 million the weekend of availability. Compare that to iPhone 5S & 5C sold 9 million over the first 3 days of availability

Imagine how many if they could build them quicker?


I’m a bit upset over the iWork challenge.

Being unable to access iWork , ie the show notes on my Mac, is a BIG oversight.

When I go to my iCloud account and login it says I can’t use Keynote even though I have not as yet upgraded to iCloud Drive.

I can’t upgrade to iCloud Drive because we don’t have Yosemite yet.

Whats a poor boy to do?

AND to rub salt into the wound apparently Windows user have access to iCloud Drive!


iDevice User Guide For iOS 8

Apple iBooks Store

The iBooks Store has some really good iOS 8 guides for current & previous model iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.

Were talking 400+ pages of info, FREE


This Weeks D’OH Tip

In response to “I upgraded to iOS8 and my photos have gone, HELP!”

Apple still stores your Photos in Photos BUT now they are in Collections which is all your Photos.

You can tap, Albums on the bottom right side of the display and choose Recently Added or Videos or Bursts or even Recently Deleted.

Unfortunately, this presents a problem for third-party apps — like Facebook — that haven’t been updated with the new photo storage in mind. Those apps will show the Recently Added album as though it were the Camera Roll, so the only way to share older photos is to create a new album and manually move the shots over.

Apple’s A8-powered iPhone 6 & 6 Plus impress, outperform competing phones in benchmarks

The new silicon at the heart of Apple’s recently-released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has increased the company’s lead in smartphone application processor performance, according to data released on Monday, with the A8 improving on the already industry-leading 64-bit A7.

The iPhone 6 saw an impressive 13 percent bump in performance over the iPhone 5s on the SunSpider browser performance benchmark, according to AnandTech. Other CPU-bound benchmarks followed a similar trajectory, with the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus leading the way in all but one category.

Just like to point out although some Android devices are now 64-bit NO Android software is 64-bit.


Apple Plans To Shut Down Beats Music down-beats-music

Big News today is that Apple is shutting down Beats Streaming.

Apple has told TechCrunch that our report of Beats being shut down “is not true”, but sources familiar with the situation tell Re/code that Apple “may, however, modify [Beats Music] over time, and one of those changes could involved changing the Beats Music brand.” This aligns with what my sources said, which is that the Beats Music brand will be shut down, but that it’s unclear what Apple wants to do in streaming music. It seems quite possible that the Beats Music product could be rolled into iTunes rather than being ‘killed off’, but that’s semantics.

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