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Episode: 069

Title: apple pay and more

Hosts: Glenn Goodman, Michael Seamons, Jayson Walmsley


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Tim Cook: iPod classic was discontinued due to unavailability of parts, engineering a new version wasn’t worth it

iPod classic (four-up)

Apple CEO Tim Cook clarified the recent decision to quietly remove the iPod classic from sale earlier this year during a talk tonight at Wall Street Journal’s WSJD Live conference. According to the executive, some parts needed to manufacture the device were no longer available, and the cost of engineering a new version that didn’t require those parts wasn’t worth the effort due to low user demand.

The device vanished without a mention from Apple’s website last month following a redesign of the company’s website immediately after the iPhone 6 debut. It was the last device Apple still sold that used the “legacy” 30-pin connector, while all other iPod models have moved onto the Lightning connector.


Tim Cook: Apple Pay received over 1 million activations in first 72 hours, bigger than all contactless competitors combined

Apple Pay iOS 8.1

Apple chief executive Tim Cook confirmed just moments ago in a live interview at The Wall Street Journal: Digital conference that Apple Pay received over 1 million activations in the first 72 hours following its launch last week. Cook added that the mobile payments platform is bigger than all contactless competitors combined, presumably including rival service Google Wallet.

Cook also humorously poked fun at Google and other competitors by claiming that it is not “Big Brother” in terms of collecting personal information, adding that “we’ll leave that to others.” The security of Apple Pay has been a major selling point of the service for Apple, with the mobile payments platform closely integrated with Touch ID and the Apple A8 chip to ensure that all contactless transactions are safe and secure.

Apple previously commented that its Apple Pay launch in the United States has beenoverwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic, despite the lack of support from some high-profile retailers such as Walmart and CVS and Rite Aid. The NFC-based service is supported at over 220,000 stores in the United States, with more partners on the horizon, and could launch in other countries internationally as soon as next year.

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