Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 101

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Story 1

Music industry, including Australian independent labels, complaining about Music free period

Apple changes payments stance after Taylor Swift withholds Album



Story 2

EFF praises Apple



Story 3

iMac owners get replacements for faulty 3TB hard drives

iMacs also made the news when Apple announced that owners of certain 27-inch models qualify for a free replacement hard drive, owing to problems with defective 3-terabyte disks. Affected computers were sold between December 2012 and September 2013.



Story 4

Sydney had a Fashion Hackathon on the weekend

FashHack The Hackathon is a weekend long business building competition and startup bootcamp that will connect the fashion and tech industries together for the first time in Australia. Unlike product focused hackathons, FashHack is startup focused, with exclusive mentorship and guidance from some of the top leaders in the fashion, tech and startups industries to help you bring your startup to life.


The event will see up to 100 participants from the fashion, design, tech and business communities collaborating and competing to create startups over the weekend that will solve some of the toughest challenges in the fashion and retail industries. Participants will pitch, prototype and validate their ideas in preparation for a final pitch in front of an industry panel of judges. Did we mention there’ll be prizes?

Come and connect, build and learn with us.

This will be one intense weekend you don’t want to miss.



Story 5

An Australian man allegedly used emoji to arrange drug deals

As everybody knows, emoji are immensely versatile. They can express the entire breadth of human emotion, be useful as a passcode, and also, perhaps, assist an enterprising young drug dealer.

Queensland police have accused Regan Peter Howett, 19, of dealing drugs and using “lightning bolts and hearts” emoji as references to the drugs MDMA and ecstasy when texting clients, according to the Brisbane Times.

In the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Saturday, Howett was charged with 26 counts of supplying a dangerous drug and trafficking. Police told the court they downloaded Howett’s text messages after he was arrested.

“It will be alleged he used these phones to conduct the business of trafficking drugs,” Sergeant Shane Turner said.

The lawyer for the accused, Brendan Ryan, denied the police claims, and said the drugs found in Howett’s home were merely flour and not cocaine, the newspaper reported.

Whether or not Howett is found guilty when his trial begins in August, the use of emoji to represent less than salubrious habits fits squarely within Aussie trends.

A survey of emoji data by keyboard app SwiftKey in April found Australians use 65% more drug emoji than average. We also are inclined to lavishly text the alcohol-themed emoji — double the global average.

Indeed, Swiftkey wrote in its report that “Australia’s emoji use characterises it as the land of vice and indulgence.”

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