Aussie Mac Zone – Episode 107

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Story 1

New attack infects Macs in seconds, even without internet

Apple computers have always been touted as more secure than other PCs because their firmware couldn’t be penetrated. Unfortunately, that’s no longer true, as a newly created self-replicating worm has shown.

Wired reports that security researchers Xeno Kovah and Trammell Hudson demonstrated a proof-of-concept worm they’re calling Thunderstrike 2, that’s capable of infecting the BIOS of a Mac and can’t be removed by flashing the operating system or even replacing its hard drive.


Story 2

Apple’s the No. 1 IoT company, despite not making any devices

Reported by Cult of Mac  ~  Google may have poured billions into buying smart thermostat maker Nest Labs, but according to a new piece of consumer research, Apple’s the company most people think of when it comes to Internet of Things devices.

Conducted by ThroughTek, a leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions provider, almost half of consumers (48 percent) aware of IoT devices on the market are said to be familiar with Apple’s devices in the category, while just 22 percent know Samsung’s, 15 percent know Amazon’s, and 13 percent know Google’s.

Despite, you know, the fact that Apple’s not really an Internet of Things company at all!


Story 3

BatteryBox: Chrome browser kills your MacBook battery the fastest

If you’re a MacBook user, you’re losing an average of 1 hour of total battery life by using Chrome. Firefox is a little better, but Safari is the clear winner. You’ll want to use Safari if you want to get the most battery out of your laptop.


Aussie Tech Heads Podcast



Story 4

Apple said to be mulling its own virtual network service for the U.S. and Europe

Apple is reportedly looking at launching its own mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service in both the U.S. and Europe, and is said to be in talks now to make it happen.


Story 5

Mac apps we use / tried

Michael – iMovie

iMovie 10 is a bit of a fiddle to get used to

What I mean is when you need to create an event there is no command BUT you need to control click on you project.

I use it to make videos of still photos with music in the background.

I also use it now to prepare the Aussie Mac Zone video podcast after recording.


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